Chapter 112: Can We Band Together To Steal This Child Away?

This little cutie has been waiting for him for such a long time. She must be famished by now!

Finally, after the audience’s desperate calls for Su Shengjing, the man finally emerged in front of the cameras.

“Daddy!” When Su Jiu saw him, her eyes lit up. She dashed toward him like a little kitten and dove into his arms. Then, she raised her head and unhappily looked at him, “Daddy, where did you go?”

Hugging Su Jiu with one hand and hiding the box of cakes behind his back with the other, Su Shengjing guiltily said, “Darling, I’m sorry. You must’ve waited a long time for me, right?”

“Yes! I’ve been waiting for so long… I was scared that you won’t come back…”

“Why won’t I come back?” Su Shengjing’s guilt intensified. “I only went to buy a present for you.”

Su Jiu’s eyes sparkled, and a delighted expression appeared on her face. “What is it?”

“The sun is too bright outside. Let’s go into the house, and I’ll show you later.” Carrying Su Jiu with his arm, Su Shengjing walked into the house.

The audience quickly commented. “Oh my God! When I saw how happy she was when she ran toward her father, tears unknowingly streamed down my cheeks.”

“Awww! What an amazing father-daughter pair!”

“How can a bastard like Su Shengjing have such an angelic daughter? What the heck?”

After entering the house, Su Shengjing placed the box on the table and unwrapped the ribbon on top. A six-inch strawberry cake came into view. Su Jiu exclaimed in surprise, “It’s a cake!”

“Darling, it’s your birthday today. Happy birthday! I hope that you can grow up to be a happy and healthy child.” Su Shengjing smiled and stroked Su Jiu’s head. He then stuck the candles into the cake and lit them up. “Come, make a wish and blow out the candles.”

Su Jiu closed her eyes, clasped her hands together, and made a wish with utmost seriousness.

Then, she opened her eyes and blew out the candles.

Su Shengjing asked with a grin, “Darling, what did you wish for?”

With a mysterious expression, Su Jiu replied, “I’m not telling you, Daddy.”

Her wish was for her father to make a comeback and reclaim everything that belonged to him. She did not want him to suffer from so much malice again.

She even hoped that the heavens would be nicer to the little villain so that he could live a good life and not turn evil in the end.

Su Shengjing cut a slice of cake for his daughter and passed her a tiny fork.

When Su Jiu took a bite of the cake, she was delighted by how sweet it was.

“Is it yummy?” Su Shengjing asked in anticipation.

Su Jiu raised her head. Her reddened eyes brimmed with tears. She mumbled with a sob, “Daddy, this is the first time I’ve eaten a cake. It’s very yummy.”

In the past, she did not know when she was born.

When she had been abandoned at the entrance of the orphanage, she had only been a few months old. As she did not have a birth certificate or anything else to prove her identity, the orphanage’s director had designated her birthday as the day she was left at the orphanage.

She had never celebrated her birthday because it was the day when she was abandoned.

She disliked it a lot.

However, right now, Su Jiu was overwhelmed by genuine joy. Tears uncontrollably dribbled down her cheeks.

So, this is what it feels like to have a father celebrate my birthday for me.

It feels so nice.

The audience could not hold their emotions back anymore. “D*mn it, I’m crying. What about you guys?”

“Poor Little Jiu… This is her first birthday. I wonder what kind of a life she lived in the past. I really want to hug her.”

“Ahhhh! Little Jiu, don’t cry! Mommy loves you! Mommy will shower you with affection!”

“Little Jiu, I prohibit you from crying! If you cry, I’m going to cry too!”

“Can we band together to steal the little child away? I want to steal Little Jiu home and stuff her with cakes every day. She won’t have to suffer with a bastard like Su Shengjing anymore!”

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