Chapter 110: How Pitiful! I Want To Hug Her!

When the filming of the show was about to start, the crew had taken the guests’ money and phone. Currently, Su Shengjing was penniless. However, he needed to buy a birthday present for Little Jiu.

He urgently needs it?

Yang Fangping’s sharp instincts told him that this was going to be a highlight of the episode. Hence, he feigned indifference and denied the man. “No. The production crew has a rule saying that we can’t give money to the guests.”

Su Shengjing felt troubled. “Alright, then. I’ll think of a way myself.” He then left.

The cameraman tailed Su Shengjing and noticed that he was heading toward a watermelon patch in the village. Su Shengjing walked to a villager who was fertilizing the plants. “Hello!”

The dark and skinny villager raised his head and enthusiastically greeted him. “Hi! You’re here to film a show, right?”

Su Shengjing nodded, then requested the villager. “Buddy, you’re fertilizing the plants now, right? How about this? I’ll help you with the farmwork, and you can pay me in return. Even a dollar will do. It’s my daughter’s birthday today, so I want to buy a cake for her.”

Once again, comments flooded the video broadcast’s comment section. “What the heck? It’s Su Jiu’s birthday today, so he wants to buy a cake for her. No wonder he woke up so early in the morning!”

“Ahhhh! Su Shengjing’s fatherly instincts are exploding. He suddenly looks so charismatic!”

“Well, we can’t possibly hate on him for this, even if we want to.”

“His attitude is so humble. Is he afraid that the villager will refuse his request and he won’t be able to buy a cake for his daughter?”

“I feel a bit touched.”

The nice villager agreed to Su Shengjing’s request. “Alright, help me then.”

Su Shengjing suddenly grinned. He pushed his sleeves up to his elbows, walked into the watermelon patch, and started working.

As the bright, golden sunlight cascaded on his handsome face, he looked extremely attractive when focused on his work.

The cameraman thought that since Su Shengjing doted so much on his daughter, he should film him in a way that accentuated his handsomeness as much as possible.

The watermelon patch was huge. By the time Su Shengjing finished fertilizing the plants, he was exhausted and profusely sweating.

The villager whipped out ten dollars from his pocket and passed it to him. “You want to buy a birthday cake for your daughter, right? I’ll give you ten dollars.”

“Thank you… Thank you so much!” Su Shengjing thanked the villager again and again as he gratefully accepted the money.

Without any delay, he sought other villagers to work and earn money.

Back in the run-down house, Su Jiu dazedly woke up. She realized that she was all alone at home, with her father nowhere to be seen.

Even after she waited for a while, her father did not return. He has probably left to attend to something else.

Su Jiu knew that at a time like this, the audience would pity a child who tried her best to appear strong despite being extremely terrified.

Hence, she dressed herself up, clumsily tied her shoelaces with her chubby hands, and walked out. When she did not see her father, a confused look crossed her face. A trace of panic crept into her large and dark eyes.

“Daddy?” She called out with her cute voice.

However, silence greeted her.

She looked at the cameraman in front of her and softly asked, “Uncle, did you see my father? He’s missing.”

The cameraman felt sorry for the little girl. He consoled her. “Your dad has gone out. He’ll be back soon. Don’t get scared, okay?”

Su Jiu pitifully sniffled, and her eyes reddened. Feeling terrified and flustered, she could only stand still on the ground and glance around to desperately look out for her father.

The audience wished for nothing more but to capture Su Shengjing and send him to Su Jiu right away.

“How pitiful! I really want to hug her.”

“Ah! Hearing her call out for her daddy breaks my heart. I want to give her a warm hug!

“Seriously, Su Shengjing! Doesn’t he know that his daughter will get scared if he abandons her just like that?”

At this moment, a crew member sent a mission card to Su Jiu and kindly read it aloud for her.

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