The Great Surprise Given by His Highness the Ninth Prince

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When Feng Yu Heng came back out, she was wearing the wedding dress made of commoner’s brocade and shoes made of the five treasures. She wore a veil on her head, which covered the phoenix coronet made of yellow crystal.

Although the people were unable to see Imperial Daughter Ji An’s appearance, the lively atmosphere became even more lively. Across the street from Hundred Herb Hall was a restaurant. Back when Feng Yu Heng had gone to get ready, the boss of the restaurant prepared a bowl of noodle soup. At this time, he personally brought it over and said to Xuan Tian Ming: “Your Highness the ninth prince, we Southerners have a tradition. When a bride is getting married, she will have some noodles first. This lowly one is the owner of the restaurant across the street and specifically brought this bowl of noodles over. If Imperial Daughter does not dislike the idea, have a bite for some good fortune!”

Xuan Tian Ming did not say anything. It was Bai Ze, who had always been at his side that stepped forward, bringing the noodles over and giving thanks. While turning around, he quickly tested it for poison. After being certain that it was fine, he brought it to Feng Yu Heng and said with a smile: “Princess, have a bite!”

Feng Yu Heng nodded. With help from Wang Chuan, she had a mouthful to complete the tradition from the South.

The citizens saw her eat the noodles, and their smiles broadened even more. They spoke some more auspicious words. It was only after Feng Yu Heng sat inside the wedding sedan and Xuan Tian Ming’s wedding procession left through the Southern gate that the inside of the city became peaceful once more. But the heated discussion between the citizens continued. The grand wedding between the ninth prince and Imperial Daughter Ji An was a grand occasion for the citizens of Lan Zhou City, especially with all of the unique gifts given by Xuan Tian Ming. When the people opened them up, they found that the gifts inside were actually that good, and they were all so happy that their smiles could not be hidden.

Feng Yu Heng sat inside the wedding sedan and listened to the music outside. The sedan slowly advanced, following the procession out through the city’s southern gate into the desert. Passing through the South, they walked the path toward Sha Ping City.

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan were on the right side of the sedan, while the matchmaker was on the left side. At this time, she was speaking to Feng Yu Heng through the window: “Imperial Daughter, this old servant is just an ordinary matchmaker. His Highness the ninth prince said that everything must be done properly for the wedding. Although the South cannot compare to the capital, the things that ought to be prepared have been prepared, thus this old servant was brought over. I hope that Imperial Daughter will not dislike it.”

How could Feng Yu Heng dislike this sort of thing; moreover, although this matchmaker was dressed as a matchmaker, her appearance was quite good. She also did not have any bad habits, and her words were reasonable. She was to her liking, thus she smiled and replied: “Many thanks for being able to help with this wedding. This Imperial Daughter will reward you later.”

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“Hah, I do not dare receive it!” The matchmaker quickly said: “His Highness the ninth prince has already rewarded this old servant with quite a large sum of money. This old servant cannot ask for more from Imperial Daughter!” After saying this, she did not bring this up any further and began to speak about important matters: “Imperial Daughter, the wedding hall for your and His Highness’ wedding has been set in Jue Ping City, but brides and bridegrooms should not travel at night. That’s why we will be resting in Sha Ping City for the night. Tomorrow morning, we will depart from Sha Ping City for Jue Ping City. That way, we can arrive in Jue Ping City before the sky darkens for the wedding.”

Only then did Feng Yu Heng find out that it turned out that she could not get married today!

The matchmaker seemed to notice her mood, quickly saying: “His Highness said that being unable to have the wedding on the day of Imperial Daughter’s coming of age was a great regret for him. But there is also a pleasant surprise in Sha Ping City. I trust that Imperial Daughter will not be disappointed after arriving there.”

The matchmaker only said that there would be a pleasant surprise; however, regardless of how Feng Yu Heng asked her, she would not reveal what it was. The person sitting in the sedan became restless and began to ponder, what exactly could this surprise be? Unfortunately, no matter how she thought about it, she could not think of what it might be.

The wedding procession arrived in Sha Ping City before evening. Upon entering the city, Wang Chuan and Huang Quan could be heard letting out shrill screams, causing Feng Yu Heng to want to remove her veil to take a look; however, she was stopped by the matchmaker: “Imperial Daughter, you cannot remove it. Although you won’t need to keep the veil on for the entire time, in any case, it can only be removed after entering the residence in Sha Ping City. It will be put back on tomorrow!”

“Wang Chuan, Huang Quan!” She ignored the matchmaker and called for her maidservants: “What are you two screaming for? Tell me what exactly is going on!” She was extremely apprehensive. This sort of feeling of only being able to hear without being able to see was truly terrible.

It was clear that Wang Chuan and Huang Quan had already been shocked to their limits. It was such that they could not even react to their young miss’ question. It was only after Feng Yu Heng asked a second time that she heard Huang Quan say: “Young… Young Miss, you definitely could not possibly have imagined it. You definitely could not have imagined this sort of scene! It’s too shocking. This servant truly does not dare believe that His Highness the ninth prince could actually do these sorts of things!”

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Wang Chuan also said: “That’s right, it’s truly too hard to believe. Young Miss, this is definitely a pleasant surprise. It’s an honest-to-goodness great surprise!”

The words that the two said were the same as if they had said nothing, and Feng Yu Heng’s nose nearly went crooked from the frustration. In the end, what sort of maidservants had she raised? At such a critical moment, they were earnestly trying to trouble her, were they not?! She angrily sat back down in the sedan, her cheeks puffing up. Her breath managed to move the veil by a bit, but she was still unable to see the scene outside.

But there was no need to remain so dejected the entire time. As the procession continued forward, a clearer voice could be heard. She heard a girl speak while laughing: “You guys, take a guess. When A-Heng sees us, will she cry or laugh?”

Once this voice entered her ears, Feng Yu Heng nearly lost control of her emotions, directly standing up inside the sedan. With a “bang,” she bumped her head and had no choice but to sit back down. The matchmaker outside had a troubled expression and said: “Imperial Daughter, you need to be a little more careful. Even if the sedan bearers hold it steady, they can’t handle it if you continue to mess around inside!”

But how could Feng Yu Heng sit still? If it was not for the day being unique, she really would have rushed outside because she had clearly heard that voice just now. It belonged to Xuan Tian Ge! That was Xuan Tian Ge’s voice! Had Tian Ge come? Come to the South? When had this happened? Was this the pleasant surprise that Xuan Tian Ming had spoken of? A look of jubilation appeared on her face, as she clasped her sleeves and rejoiced.

But this was not the end. Just as Xuan Tian Ge finished speaking, another familiar voice could immediately be heard: “Of course, she will laugh. It’s just that this laugh will be accompanied by tears. Crying tears of joy, do you understand?”

“Hah, I say, keep your voices down a bit. Don’t let A-Heng hear you. His Highness the ninth prince wanted to give her a surprise. If she hears us, it won’t be any fun. Especially you, Tian Ge! You’re speaking the loudest”

“Do you think that you’re keeping your voice down? We have been following the wedding procession this entire time. If A-Heng was unable to hear us, she would not be A-Heng!” After this person finished speaking, she suddenly shouted toward the sedan: “A-Heng! Did you hear us talking?! We specifically came from the capital to add to your enjoyment!”

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In an instant, Feng Yu Heng began to tear up and stream down her face. There was also a smile on her face that could not be concealed. The tears burst out, but she was extremely happy, jubilant, and gratified.

She had heard it. It was Xuan Tian Ge, Fung Tian Yu, Ren Xi Feng and Bai Fu Rong. It was her best friends from in the capital, and they had actually all come. Was this the surprise that Xuan Tian Ming had planned for her? It really was too great of a surprise!

She only had time to cry and did not respond immediately. It was the matchmaker that said: “Hah, young misses! The bride cannot reply from inside the sedan. The rules must not be ignored!”

Xuan Tian Ge then said: “Hahahaha! Rules? Don’t joke around, someone that accompanies my ninth brother, how could they follow any rules? My ninth brother is the one that ignores the rules the most in this world. But forget it, forget it, today is A-Heng’s day of celebration. We need to make sure that things are perfect. We just won’t speak. Quickly, quickly, quickly go into the residence. A-Heng, we’ve missed you to death.”

She also missed them. Feng Yu Heng’s heart thumped, and intuition told her that Xuan Tian Ming’s surprise did not end here. There might be another surprise laying in wait in the residence that she would be staying in for the night.

Feng Yu Heng’s guess was correct. She exited the sedan at the entrance of the residence and was helped over the door sill. Xuan Tian Ming personally helped her over, holding her hand and walking toward the backyard. Because they would not be performing the ceremony today, there were not too many rules. Entering the room, he removed the bridal veil from Feng Yu Heng’s head and wanted to drag the girl to take a look outside; however, who knew that Feng Yu Heng would immediately hug him and begin crying.

Xuan Tian Ming had been completely shocked by her crying. Only after taking a while to react, probing: “Were you a little too moved? Hah, Heng Heng, you need to have faith in this prince. This prince said that I would marry you on the day that you became of age. Something that was said would definitely be done. Don’t cry!”

Who knew that this was not the reason for Feng Yu Heng crying. She sniffled and said: “You were too diligent, actually bringing Tian Ge and them to the South. I was thinking that we might be getting married, but I would not have any familiar friends nearby to wish me well, nor would I have any family present. My heart had been feeling down this entire time because of that.”

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Xuan Tian Ming froze for a moment then laughed: “You were crying over this? Then you have cried a little too soon. Come! Follow this prince out for a stroll. Just in this residence, let’s see if you are satisfied with the surprise that this prince has prepared for you?”

Just like this, Feng Yu Heng was led out of the room with her eyes still red and puffy. It was only after exiting her small courtyard that she realized that the main hall was filled with people, and they were all people that she knew. Xuan Tian Ge, Fung Tian Yu, Ren Xi Feng, Bai Fu Rong, her eldest aunt Xu shi, second aunt Qin shi, younger sister Feng Xiang Rong, and actually… her younger brother Feng Zi Rui and third aunt Miao shi were also present. Looking to the other side, there were the fourth prince, Xuan Tian Yi, and the seventh prince… Xuan Tian Hua.

Feng Yu Heng’s tears surged out once more. Unable to hold back any longer, she covered her face and began weeping on the spot.

Feng Zi Rui was the first to rush over to her. Raising his hand, he wiped away her tears. While wiping them away, he said: “Elder sister, don’t cry. Brother-in-law said that getting married is a grand and joyous occasion, and it’s not good to cry. Look, Zi Rui has come. Does elder sister not miss Zi Rui?”

She did! How could she not miss him! Especially when Yao shi and Feng Jin Yuan had both passed away; she doted on and missed this younger brother even more. Pulling Zi Rui into her embrace, she did not care for appearances in the slightest, as she cried without any reservations.

She cried, and Zi Rui also cried. It was as though a valve had broken for the brother and sister pair, and they could not be brought back under control.

Finally, Xu shi and her sisters could no longer bear to continue watching. While wiping away tears, they stepped forward and said: “A-Heng, Zi Rui, be obedient and stop crying! Although there will be no ceremony today, today is still the day of A-Heng’s coming of age. It’s a good thing, and you can’t continue crying like this.”

But how could Feng Yu Heng heed these words? How could she hold back her tears? In just a short period of time, her mother and father had died, and there was something that she had been repressing the entire time. At present, she saw so many of her loved ones, she was wearing a wedding dress, the location was unique, and the situation was unique. Once the tears began to flow, she could not stop them, thus she simply held her three aunts and cried together.

Xuan Tian Ming took a couple steps back and helplessly shrugged. If it was just his bride crying on her own, it would be easy for him to console her, but with so many people crying together, he really was powerless!

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