She Is Feng Yu Heng and Cannot Be Replaced!

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Xuan Tian Hua had always been measured in his actions, and he would not appear in the backyard of this large residence of his own choice, nor would he willingly come to visit a newly-wed bride. When Feng Yu Heng saw him, he immediately said: “Ming’er told me to tell you that he would be staying in the front yard to keep them company for a while longer.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded and did not delve into the matter. She just walked out of her room and received the platter that Wang Chuan had brought over, placing it on the table in the yard. She personally poured two cups of tea then handed one cup to Xuan Tian Hua: “Seventh brother, drink some tea.”

Xuan Tian Hua faintly smiled and received it, downing it in a single gulp. Feng Yu Heng laughed at him and said: “We’re drinking tea, not wine. What are you so anxious for?” After saying this, she poured another cup.

This time, Xuan Tian Hua did not drink and only held it. While staring at her, his forehead faintly twitched. It was not conspicuous; however, Feng Yu Heng was still able to notice it. It was just that she did not say anything. She understood Xuan Tian Hua’s feelings; however, she never exposed them.

“Seventh brother came a long distance. A-Heng thanks seventh brother.” She partially lowered her head, her voice carrying a hint of grief. Ever since she had come to this world, Xuan Tian Ming had been the only one in her heart, but if it came to the one she was distressed over, it would be Xuan Tian Hua alone. For some reason, this person that was like a deity would always be able to arouse a feeling of sorrow. She did not know what the source of this was. This person was clearly someone that looked pure like a spring breeze. Why was it that would always feel this uncontrollable sorrow? “When did seventh brother arrive?”

Xuan Tian Hua said: “Yesterday.”

“Oh, yesterday.” She thought to herself, yesterday, she had been working in Hundred Herb Hall and treating patients and had not heard about a group of carriages passing through Lan Zhou. Xuan Tian Hua had definitely come with Xuan Tian Ge’s group. With so many people, Lan Zhou City should not have been without any information, right?

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“We went around the city and did not go through Lan Zhou. Ming’er said that he wanted to give you a surprise… A-Heng, seventh brother will preside over your wedding tomorrow.” When he called her name, his voice slightly trembled.

Presiding over a wedding, the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua, could not be more suited for such a thing. Feng Yu Heng revealed a smile, “Thank you, seventh brother.”

“You’ve thanked me twice. What is the need for such courtesy between us?” Xuan Tian Hua looked at her and could never bring himself to retract his gaze. He advised himself a few times that he should return to the front yard; however, he could not bring himself to move. He would treat it as sending her off one last time. To put it in a different way, being able to see this girl prosper was what he desired most. “Ming’er will treat you very well. Don’t worry and follow him!” This was the final thing that he said before turning and leaving the yard without stopping.

Feng Yu Heng stood in the middle of the yard for a long time, only recovering when Wang Chuan came over to call her. Wang Chuan’s brow was furrowed, as she faintly sighed, but she did not say much. It was not hard for her to see what the seventh prince felt, but what could be done about it? In this world, there was a matter of who came first and who came later. The order in which one appeared had been arranged by the heavens. If the positions were changed, it would be completely different. No matter how good His Highness the seventh prince was, he was still a step later than His Highness the ninth prince.

“We still need to get up early tomorrow to go to Jue Ping City. Young Miss should sleep earlier! This servant has already prepared water for a bath. Young Miss, soak for a while to relieve your exhaustion.”

Feng Yu Heng did not say anything, turning around and returning to her room. It was only after sinking into the tub that she felt the extreme exhaustion from the day’s events. Even while soaking in the water, she wanted to sleep. She did not know what the end result would be for these people, nor did she know what her own end would be like. Would she need to remain in this era until she grew old? Would she have a large number of children and grandchildren? Watching Xuan Tian Ming until he had white hair and a white beard? She wondered if the purple lotus on his brow would also become white.

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As she wondered, she could not help but laugh. It was as though those sort of days were not too hard to imagine. As long as she married him, and the two walked hand in hand, they would eventually grow old together. It was just… she could not imagine Xuan Tian Hua’s future. She could not imagine that person with a head of white hair. It was as though Xuan Tian Hua’s appearance had been set to this time period. Even when everything else changed he would remain that deity-like person. He would always remain standing at a distance, watching over everything…

The night passed without any dreams, and Feng Yu Heng was dragged out of bed by her two maidservants at the crack of dawn. She was then drowsily sat down in front of a basin to be washed. It was when it came time for her makeup to be done after her face had been washed that she reacted: “No!”

The two servants were given a fright, as Huang Quan blurted: “What’s wrong? Young Miss, if you want to flee this marriage, it’s already too late! Be obedient and listen. After one more day, we will be calling you princess.”

Wang Chuan also said with a smile: “Remembering back to when this servant and Huang Quan just arrived in the Feng manor, we called you princess. It was you that said that we needed to keep a low profile in the Feng family to avoid falling into any traps. It was because of this that we called you young miss for so many years. Now, we’ve already become accustomed to calling you young miss and will need to go back to calling you princess. It’s a bit unfamiliar.” While speaking, she tried to apply some of the makeup to Feng Yu Heng’s face.

Feng Yu Heng quickly stopped their movements and said: “You two, go out for now and wait outside. I will take care of makeup on my own. It will definitely be better than if you did it!” Heavens knew how much she dreaded the way the ancient people applied makeup. Every time there was a banquet, she would always apply her makeup inside her space. She never allowed these maidservants to do it. Moreover, today was her wedding. She had already thought it over. On the day of her wedding, she would definitely make sure to do her makeup in a proper bride’s appearance. The ancient era’s products definitely could not even be touched.

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan also knew that Feng Yu Heng knew how to do her own makeup, but today was different from other days. During the previous banquets, Feng Yu Heng had done a beautiful job with her makeup, but it was far too plain when it came to a wedding’s makeup. Huang Quan was worried and said: “Young Miss, today’s needs to be a bit thicker. Only like this can it look good when paired with the red wedding dress.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, “Don’t worry! You guys go out first. At worst, you can come in later and fill it in a bit more.”

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Hearing her say this, the two servants felt at ease and calmly exited. Seeing the two exit, Feng Yu Heng immediately entered her space. Taking out all of her makeup, from toner to essential creams, she carefully took care of applying the foundation to her face. She then did not linger for an extra moment, as she brought her makeup out of the space and called the two servants inside. “Use these to take care of the makeup for me.”

She herself was not an expert in makeup. She was fine when it came to some simple makeup for daily use, but today was her wedding day. No matter what, she needed to have something of a more ancient flavor. The foundation was something that she had applied for herself. Feng Yu Heng was very satisfied with her technique in applying the foundation. Watching the two servants look at the makeup products and not know how to use them, she patiently explained them.

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan were smart servants, and they were able to quickly learn how to make use of them. Using the sets of modern makeup, they beautifully did the makeup for Feng Yu Heng, giving her the appearance of a bride. Wang Chuan could not help but sigh: “Young Miss’ makeup really is good. It’s many times better than the things that can be bought in normal shops.”

Feng Yu Heng’s Hundred Herb Fragrance that she had opened in Jue Ping City also sold these things. Most of them were miscellaneous pieces, but none of them were as good as what she kept for herself. Today was her wedding, and she was in quite a good mood. She immediately promised the two servants: “I’ll give you each a set tomorrow.” Either way, she had plenty of them. As long as this set was taken out for a while, the inside of the space would automatically replenish it. She glanced through her space with her consciousness. Very good, a new set had already appeared.

After her makeup was completed, Xu shi’s group very quickly arrived. Xuan Tian Ge brought her friends forward to add to her dowry. Xu shi also took this chance to tell Feng Yu Heng: “The yellow-crystal phoenix coronet that you’re wearing was made by Craftsman Bai.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded. Looking at Bai Fu Rong, she said: “I knew it. This sort of thing could not be made by anyone other than uncle Bai.”

Bai Fu Rong happily said: “It’s good that you like it. Father and I are starting up from scratch. It’s true that the family has a bit of a foundation, but it truly can’t compare with Tian Ge and the others. I’ll tell you…” While she spoke, she pointed at Xuan Tian Ge’s group and the gifts in wooden boxes, saying: “Inside those things, they’ve put in quite a substantial amount of capital. I can’t afford to give that sort of thing.” As she spoke, she handed over the wooden box in her hands: “Here! This box is filled with accessories that my father made specifically for you. There are all kinds of things. Go through them slowly in the future.”

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Xuan Tian Ge’s group did not argue with her statements, only saying to Feng Yu Heng: “Regardless of what it is, it’s our intentions as your friends. We just hope that you can live well in the future. We don’t hope for anything else. You are marrying my ninth brother, and I understand my ninth brother’s situation. That’s why I found some unique treasures but did not give much in terms of money. But when these girls get married, more money needs to be provided. They can’t be allowed to suffer.”

The group thought about each other, and Feng Yu Heng also said: “It’s not just you guys. It’s also the same for you. Don’t look at how you’re currently a valued palace princess. Who knows who you will be marrying in the future? Don’t worry, we will help each other. WIth me here, I won’t allow any of you to suffer.”

The good friends held hands and sighed internally. The feeling was as though it was still the past, and they could fool around like young children or constantly feel an urge to go and eat at Refined Deity Building. But in the blink of an eye, they were of marriageable age. It was inevitable that they would feel emotional.

Xiang Rong quietly remained at Feng Yu Heng’s side. An shi had already headed in the direction of Ji An Prefecture with arrangements having been made by the fourth prince. Thinking about it, she should have already arrived. If An shi knew about Feng Yu Heng’s wedding, she should be especially happy, right? She held the gift in her hand and felt that it was a bit hard to present it. After hesitating for a long while, she stuffed it into Feng Yu Heng’s hands and said: “Originally, the fourth prince gave me some nice things to help add to your dowry, but I thought to myself, we are sisters. There’s no need for such pretense. Xiang Rong does not have much money, and second sister knows this. That’s why there’s no need for me to use someone else’s things to put up a front. This is something that I embroidered on my own. There are some images that second sister gave me. There are also some that I thought up on my own. They will be given to second sister. In the future, using them as decorations would be pretty good.”

Feng Yu Heng received Xiang Rong’s gift and stood up to embrace her younger sister. Gently patting her back, she said: “Something that our Xiang Rong gave us, regardless of what it is, second sister will like them all. Don’t worry, even if second sister gets married, I will still be your sister. Even if I move into the Yu Palace, you will be able to visit whenever you wish. Moreover, we still have Ji An Prefecture. Don’t think that I really will move into the Yu Palace and never come back out.”

Everyone laughed. This was true! This was Feng Yu Heng! This was Imperial Daughter Ji An! How could a measly Yu Palace keep her contained? She had her imperial daughter’s manor, her Ji An Prefecture, her world, and her life. This girl’s luster was something that even caused the dignified ninth prince to appear a bit less brilliant. Even if she got married, she would still be herself. She would still be the one called the Bodhisattva of medicine by the people of Da Shun! She was a phoenix that soared through the skies!

She was Feng Yu Heng and could not be replaced!

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