Chapter 106: Nurturing Their Friendship Through Sharing Parental Tips

Chen Ke glanced at Su Jiu. He also liked this cute little girl the most. Stroking his daughter’s head, he encouraged her, “Then, be brave and make friends with her. Why don’t you invite her over for lunch?”

Chen Xixi bit her lip and nodded.

While the fathers became busy with the food ingredients, Chen Xixi shuffled toward Su Jiu, who was surrounded by the other boys. Mustering her courage, she softly asked, “Little Sister, can we be friends?”

Su Jiu grinned and nodded. “Of course.”

Chen Xixi was elated. “Then, can you come to my house for lunch?”

Su Jiu was speechless.

Why are they all inviting me to eat with them?

Despite this thought, Su Jiu knew that it was never a bad thing to make an additional friend. She gazed at Chen Xixi, who had an expectant look on her face, then smiled and said, “Okay, Xixi. Let’s be friends. However, I can’t go to your house for lunch today because I’ve promised Xiao Wei that I’ll eat at his house.”

Chen Xixi glanced at Xiao Wei and bit her lip. She looked a bit unhappy.

However, she had no choice but to say, “Alright. Can you come to my house tomorrow then?”

“Okay!” When Su Jiu agreed to this offer, Chen Xixi’s face immediately brightened up. She instantly ran back and bragged to her father that she had just made friends with Su Jiu.

Chen Ke could not help but turn his gaze toward Su Jiu again. This little girl is really so lovable!

His daughter had always been a timid and introverted girl who did not like to make friends with others. On the other hand, Su Jiu was different. With her sweet personality, she could quickly become close to anyone. If his daughter could become more lively through playing with her, Chen Ke felt that it would be great.

As he wondered about this, his gaze landed on Su Shengjing.

He had to admit that although Su Shengjing was still young, he was quite skilled at raising kids. Since Su Shengjing could raise such an obedient and cute child on his own, he naturally had to learn from him.

Su Jiu was still oblivious to the fact that by making a new friend, she had unknowingly helped Su Shengjing build his social circle.

In the future, Chen Ke and Su Shengjing would become good friends in the entertainment industry. There would be an interview where a reporter asked Chen Ke how his friendship with Su Shengjing started. Chen Ke replied with a cough, “Our friendship started when we shared our parenting tips. I learned how to be a good father from him. Gradually, we became good friends.”


In the afternoon, Xiao Yang and his father led Su Jiu and Su Shengjing to their house, while the other father-child pairs watched in envy.

The two fathers instructed their children to play in the courtyard while they cooked.

Xiao Wei whipped out an airplane model kit. “Little Jiu, let’s build the airplane together.”

“Okay.” Su Jiu was very cooperative. She sat down at the stone table under the shed with Xiao Wei and started to build the model together with him.

Xiao Wei was extremely quick and skilled at this. Although Su Jiu thought that she was not actually a child, she still paled in comparison to him.

She praised him, “Big Brother, You’re so good at this! I don’t even know how to do it.”

Xiao Wei was stunned. He raised his head and looked at her. “Really?”

“Yes, you’re really amazing!” Su Jiu was generous with her praises.

Xiao Wei’s eyes lit up for a moment. However, he quickly cast his gaze downward and lamented. “I actually love to build these models. I don’t like to play the piano. However, my mom wishes for me to become a pianist like my dad. So, she threw away a lot of my toys. All I’ve left is this plane.”


Looks like this little boy doesn’t live a happy life…

Even when he did not like playing the piano, he still managed to host a concert at such a young age. His mother probably deprived him of a lot of free time, forcing him to undergo intensive piano training every day.

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