Chapter 103: Only A Little Child Would Make A Choice

When it came to deciding whose house to dine at, the choice was in Su Jiu’s hands.

Su Jiu did not refuse their offers. After all, the stove in her house’s kitchen was a rudimentary mud stove. If she and her daddy wanted to light a fire and cook food, it would not be a simple task for them. They might as well freeload off the rest.

She deliberated for a few seconds as a troubled expression crossed her face.

The two boys looked at her with a mixture of anticipation and nervousness. It looked as if they were waiting for her to make an important judgment.

With such an atmosphere, even Xiao Yang and Han Xiao became a bit nervous.

The one to win the little girl’s favor would be the person with the greater charisma. This concerned a man’s dignity. After all, so many people in the audience were watching the show.

At this moment, the little girl’s eyes lit up as if she had thought of a good idea. She cutely asked, “Can I go to Uncle Xiao’s house for lunch and Uncle Han’s house for dinner?”

The two men were shocked at such a response from her. They could not help but exclaim how smart Little Jiu was.

Not only did she manage to secure the meals for the day, but she also managed to not offend anyone. Instead, she took care of everyone’s feelings.

What a smart little girl!

Xiao Yang immediately agreed to her proposal. “Alright, let’s do that! Little Jiu, remember to go to my house for lunch later. You must come. Otherwise, I’ll get angry.”

Han Xiao followed up and said, “Little Jiu, you must come to my house for dinner tonight. Otherwise, I’ll settle the score with your Daddy. Understand?”

The little girl obediently nodded and promised, “Understood! Daddy and I will remember to go.”

The netizens were struck by her cuteness again. “Hahahaha! Little Jiu, you’re so smart! You got meals for today!”

“Oh my God, how cute! I hereby announce that I’m going to be Little Jiu’s fan from now on! Little Jiu, please look at me!”

“I think that Little Jiu is like those sweet, yet cunning girls in those novels! Hahahaha! How naughty! But still, I love her so much!”


Su Shengjing glanced at the little girl from the corners of his eyes and raised an eyebrow.

My daughter is so impressive! I was worried about how to cook using that mud stove, but now, I can freeload off others instead!

He felt that he was really a useless father. All he could do was tag along with his daughter and leech off everyone’s good food.

Han Siye glanced at Xiao Wei and unhappily humphed. I don’t like this person. I came here first! Who is he to snatch Little Jiu away from me?

At that moment, the crew members passed the mission cards to the three fathers.

The card mentioned that the production crew had not prepared lunch for anyone. The fathers would need to work together with their children to obtain the ingredients.

The fathers had to go to the fields to pluck some radishes, while the children would exchange them with the villagers for other ingredients. Having grown up in the cities, these fathers had never plucked radishes before. Wearing straw hats, they worked hard in the fields under the scorching sun. It tired them so much that they profusely perspired.

On the other hand, the children cheered them on under the shade of a tree.

The production crew divided the children into two groups. Su Jiu happened to be in the same group as Xiao Wei and Han Siye. They were given a trolley, which they could use to carry the radishes.

Su Jiu grabbed a big radish and placed it into the trolley. After placing two radishes inside it, Xiao Wei said to her, “Little Sister, you don’t need to do this. Let me do it.”

Han Siye glanced at him. Unwilling to admit defeat, he carried a few large radishes over and proudly said to Su Jiu, “This is a job for us boys. You’re a girl, so you can just rest at the side.”

Chen Xixi, who was at the side, huffed and puffed as she carried the radish and placed them into the trolley. When she heard these words, she shot an envious look at Su Jiu.

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