A Truly Unforgettable Wedding Night

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When Gu Shu’s people rushed to Jue Ping City’s southern military camp, Feng Yu Heng was leaning against Xuan Tian Ming. Casually twirling his hair, she laughed so hard that her belly hurt: “It seems as though it’s always men that play with women’s hair, but look, you’ve kept your hair long. How could anyone stop themselves from doing anything!”

Xuan Tian Ming never did have much resistance against this wife. Today was their wedding, and they had drank a bit of wine. There were some thoughts that had begun to surface in his mind, but he needed to hold them in because it was certain that Gu Shu would attack on this night. This was something that they had determined since long ago. They could not neglect this important matter because they had been enjoying their time in the bridal chamber. Thus he held his wife and said: “Tonight, I will spare you, but you have already married me. Sooner or later, you won’t be able to get away from my grasp.”

Of course, Feng Yu Heng knew what these words meant, and she could not stop herself from blushing; however, she put in some effort for herself: “That uh, I’m still only 15. In truth, this age is not suited for consummating. A girl’s body has not finished growing.”

“Some people get married at 15 and become mothers at 16. How have they not matured?” Xuan Tian Ming was puzzled, “You’ve said this before, but in this world, isn’t it like this everywhere?”

Feng Yu Heng knew that this was not something that the people of the ancient world would understand, but she was mentally mature, and she had trained in martial arts. Compared to the other fragile girls, she was far stronger. She understood at heart that if they consummated the marriage, it truly would not be a problem. Thinking of this, she did not continue to feel conflicted on this matter. She just tugged Xuan Tian Ming’s hair and watched him grimace in pain. Only then did she express her satisfaction.

Xuan Tian Ming felt very helpless! “When other girls get married, they’re all extremely bashful. My wife really is unique and looks completely fine. I say, did you remember that today was our wedding? And right now is when we should be enjoying our wedding night?”

“When have I not remembered?!” The girl lost it. Rolling over, she shifted to her knees and sat down in front of him, saying: “Aren’t we in a unique situation! Listen, doesn’t it sound like there’s something wrong outside?”

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With her saying this, Xuan Tian Ming really perked up. When an army attacked a city in the desert, the sounds would not travel quite as far as in the central region; however, the sounds of shouting and fighting had already reached Jue Ping City. His eyes lit up: “The people from Gu Shu have come!”

“Unfortunately, they won’t be able to get within a step of the walls.” Feng Yu Heng stood up with a smile then slowly put on her shoes.

“Not just the wall, but even the military camp will be impossible to approach!” As Xuan Tian Ming spoke, he looked at the bright-red wedding dress that she had not yet taken off. He then looked down at his own red robes and could not help but ask: “What? Are we just going to fight on the battlefield like this?”

“Is it no good?” Feng Yu Heng put on a cunning smile, “Tonight is our wedding night. The people of Gu Shu didn’t care for it and chose this sort of time to cause trouble. Perhaps they’ve forgotten what day today is. Then we’ll remind them. While we’re at it, we’ll teach them how to be proper people.”

Xuan Tian Ming nodded, “Un, this prince feels that the two of us wearing red is pretty good. It would just be better to let Gu Shu’s people experience a night that will be hard to forget!”

After he finished speaking, the two exchanged smiles. They understood what was meant by “a night that will be hard to forget.” With the blood of Gu Shu’s people flowing like a river, would it not be this same red color?

In truth, what Xuan Tian Ming had said was not an exaggeration in the slightest. Gu Shu had dispatched 300 thousand troops this time to attack the city. Not to mention the city’s southern gate, but they were even unable to get close to the military camp. With the booming sounds coming from explosions, in the blink of an eye, Gu Shu’s vanguard was blown up and turned into a river of blood and flesh.

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Bi Xiu was further back and watched the scene unfold at the front. He could not help but feel his back get soaked in a cold sweat. “What’s going on?” He asked his deputy general, “Da Shun’s generals have not come out yet, so why has heavenly lightning started exploding?”

The deputy general was also dazed, saying in a haze: “That’s right! In the past, the heavenly lightning had been thrown by Da Shun’s people. Why is it this time, without a single person appearing, they have begun exploding? Could it be… that the explosions are coming from below?”

Their guesses were correct. Before Xuan Tian Ming’s wedding had begun, he had already made ample preparations. Xi Fang had set up a formation five li to the South of the camp. Mines were buried under the sand. There was no need for Da Shun to send out any soldiers. As long as Gu Shu’s people dared to get close, the mines would immediately be set off, sending them to heaven without any hesitation.

But Bi Xiu did not understand it! The people of Gu Shu also did not understand it! The soldiers could not even imagine mines being buried underground. As they saw it, that sort of thing was heavenly lightning. As they had been discussing it, it had been heavenly lightning that struck from above! As for Gu Shu, they had now been struck by lightning! It was such that there was no need for Da Shun’s people to make an appearance. As long as Gu Shu’s people approached Jue Ping City, the lightning would immediately strike, turning them into a bloody paste.

Gu Shu’s army became timid and no longer dared to advance. As for Bi Xiu, he felt unreconciled, yelling and screaming from the middle of the army for them to continue charging forward; otherwise, they would be court-martialed.

The soldiers standing at the front were the unluckiest. They could neither charge forward nor remain in place, but Bi Xiu had simply pulled out a bow and begun shooting arrows, taking aim at the backs of those soldiers’ heads. After numerous people fell, the people were completely apathetic. They would die if they advanced, and they would die if they retreated. It would be better to do it a bit more cleanly and be killed by the lightning. They would also be able to experience the might of this heavenly lightning. Thus another group of people charged forward, and it resulted in yet more explosions that took their lives.

Gradually, the minefield had become a mixture of sand and blood. Under the moonlight, it was as though it resembled the red wedding robes that Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng wore. It reminded them that today was the wedding of Da Shun’s ninth prince and Imperial Daughter Ji An. With them charging in like this, even the heavens could not accept watching it, as heavenly lightning was used to punish them!

Someone summoned some courage and suggested to Bi Xiu: “General, today is not suitable for attacking. Even the heavens do not agree!”

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Once this topic was broached, countless others immediately jumped in to agree. It was not that they were afraid of fighting, but with this sort of battle that was so lopsided, how exactly would they fight? In the past, in any case, they would be able to have the two armies face off. Now, Da Shun’s army could not even be found, yet heavenly lightning struck directly. In an instant, the army of 300 thousand had lost a chunk. They were not even on the same level.

Gu Shu’s soldiers did not have the morale to continue with this battle. Although Bi Xiu felt unreconciled, the reality of the situation was placed before him. So what if he felt unreconciled? Even the deputy general at his side had advised him: “General, we can’t keep fighting. If we continue, we will need to provide all of these people with an explanation!”

Bi Xiu said through gritted teeth: “Could it be that Da Shun’s heavenly lightning will never run out? Can 300 thousand people not exhaust their heavenly lightning?”

“Even if it is exhausted, so what? They are able to produce heavenly lightning; however, when our 300 thousand people die, they really will be gone! General, let’s retreat! If we don’t retreat, Da Shun’s soldiers will charge out, and everything will be over!”

Bi Xiu also understood this reasoning. Looking again at his troops, they really had been thoroughly broken by Da Shun. Even if they did fight, a good outcome could not be obtained, thus he gritted his teeth and loudly said: “Retreat!”

However, it was still too late. Just as the order to retreat was given, but before the soldiers could turn around and run away, shouting came from Da Shun’s military camp. It seemed as though someone was shouting: “People of Gu Shu! Where you are fleeing!” The people looked over in a daze, but all that they saw were countless soldiers charging out of the military camp, heading straight in their direction.

Frightened, Bi Xiu hastily ordered for the chariot to begin desperately retreating. Behind him, the sounds of explosions erupted, as the sounds of people screaming in despair filled the air. He did not even dare to look back. He could only hurry the chariot along, fearing that the heavenly lightning might strike him down.

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Finally, the gates of Yue Ping City were before him. Bi Xiu finally let out a bit of a sigh of relief. He also summoned some courage to turn around and take a look. There, he found that Da Shun’s soldiers did not continue to advance. They just stopped a short distance away from Yue Ping City. It was just that there were so many sets of eyes that were looking in his direction. Their looks caused his hair to stand on end.

“General!” The deputy general urged him: “Quickly enter the city! Whether or not Da Shun’s people stop or not does not make any difference. Their heavenly lightning and strange weapons are able to hit from much further than bows and arrows. We must not be negligent!”

Bi Xiu nodded and did not continue to stay, rushing straight into Yue Ping City. Even after the entirety of Gu Shu’s army entered the city, they did not see Da Shun’s soldiers move in the slightest. Bi Xiu was puzzled and pondered for a while before climbing up the wall. No matter what, he needed to go up and take a look. He could not possibly remain below and continue to make blind guesses. Moreover, after these battles, his position in the eyes of the soldiers had already dropped by more than just a bit. At this time, if he just sat around with his head pulled in like a turtle, even if Da Shun’s people did not devour him, his own soldiers would revolt.

Bi Xiu gasped for air while climbing up the wall. On one hand, he was frightened. On the other, he was tired. When he looked out from atop the wall, he nearly collapsed!

Xuan Tian Ming and Feng Yu Heng had come. The two were wearing bright-red wedding robes. As though they were still performing the rites, they had rushed onto the battlefield. Their colorful clothes caused Bi Xiu to begin wailing!

“General, you must be careful.” The deputy general reminded him from the side. At the same time, he continued to pay attention to the movements of Da Shun’s soldiers in anticipation of something suddenly happening. They would not even have any preparations for when they died. But this deputy general, as someone from Gu Shu, had no choice but to admire Da Shun’s ninth prince and Imperial Daughter Ji An. It had to be known that when he and Bi Xiu stepped onto the battlefield, they would be in the center of the battle formation. Being in the middle meant that regardless of whether enemies were found on the battlefield, they would not be the first ones hit. They had plenty of meat shields and plenty of arrow stoppers. Regardless of whether it was advancing or retreating, they were the ones that had the most flexibility. But Da Shun’s ninth prince and Imperial Daughter Ji An stood directly at the front of the army. With their noble aura, they faced the enemy and boldly inspired veneration.

“Little wife!” Bi Xiu fiercely gnashed his teeth and said: “Instead of properly spending your first night with your husband in the bridal chamber, what have you come out to cause this general anger for? Could it be that you don’t want to see your husband on the night of your wedding and were thinking of this general instead?” He laughed wickedly with an uncouth expression.

However, he heard the girl in red’s voice cut through the air. Once again, she held that strange thing to her mouth. The sound was coming from inside that thing, and it was so loud that practically everyone could hear it. She said: “Marmot, even if you are standing atop the wall, it seems that it’s just enough to poke your eyes out? It seems that you’re more like a mouse. It would be better to place a brick under your feet! Don’t make it so that it looks like your deputy general is leading his grandson to school.”

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