This Prince’s House Only Has One Woman!

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The word princess formally announced the change in Feng Yu Heng’s status. Everyone in the Yu Palace kneeled to receive her. Even the citizens watching on from the outside kneeled, having been affected by the atmosphere. They no longer called her Imperial Daughter Ji An. Instead, they all changed the way they called her and repeated what Eunuch Zhang had announced: “We welcome Princess back!”

Feng Yu Heng sat in the carriage and felt quite emotional. Princess, she had finally become Princess Yu. She felt that she was a little unaccustomed to it! With Wang Chuan and Huang Quan’s help, she exited the carriage. She had not specifically changed into a spectacular dress, as she was still wearing the clothes that she had worn on the way back. She did not have much of a princess’ bearing, but the aura surrounding her brought cheers from all around.

She quickly stepped forward and personally helped Lady Zhou and Eunuch Zhang up. She then turned to the servants kneeling behind them and said: “You may all rise! We are all familiar with each other. There’s no need for this.” After saying this, she said to Lady Zhou: “A-Heng still recalls returning to the capital three years earlier. At that time, Lady Zhou had brought the Yu Palace’s betrothal gift to the Feng manor to help support me. Ever since that moment when Lady Zhou visited, A-Heng’s life in the Feng manor could finally be tolerable. A-Heng will clearly remember Lady Zhou’s grace.”

These words caused Lady Zhou to feel extremely emotional. Of course, she still recalled when His Highness the ninth prince had asked her to handle delivering the gifts to the Feng family. Speaking truthfully, she was also a bit lost. Nobody had much of an impression of the Feng family’s second young miss, nor had they ever met her. She had spent three years in a mountain village. Upon returning to the capital, the ninth prince had actually become so interested. As the one that had raised the ninth prince from childhood, she was also lost. But through their interactions over the years, she praised His Highness’ foresight. The Feng family’s second young miss was not just exceptionally beautiful, but she was also someone to marvel! With her at the ninth prince’s side, he would be like a tiger that had grown wings.

“What sort of thing is Princess saying? From this day forward, you will have entered the Yu Palace and become this place’s master. This old servant and the others must be utterly obedient to Princess.”

Lady Zhou had expressed her stance, and the other servants quickly echoed her. Feng Yu Heng did not say anything else in regards to this. It was inevitable that these servants would have the self-awareness. Since she would be walking this path, this was something that needed to be preserved.

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Very quickly, Feng Yu Heng entered the Yu Palace under everyone’s urging. Today, she would be entering the palace as the female master. Lady Zhou first led her into the main hall, where she led the servants in kowtowing to her. She had Wang Chuan and Huang Quan distribute the red envelopes that had been prepared beforehand. Princess Yu was magnanimous in her gifting, as everyone was given a pair of beautiful jade earrings.

Lady Zhou and Eunuch Zhang had also prepared things on their end. Lady Zhou was responsible for the palace’s warehouse, while Eunuch Zhang was responsible for the treasury. The keys and accounting journals were handed over, and they did it very willingly. They earnestly accepted their new female master and handed over the Yu Palace to her.

Feng Yu Heng, however, did not accept it, first saying to Lady Zhou: “As the princess, I should indeed be clear on the contents of the warehouse, so I will trouble Lady Zhou with keeping an eye on it for me. As for the key…” She shook her head, “It will continue to remain in Lady Zhou’s hands. A-Heng will take on the responsibilities of the head wife of the palace; however, I do not wish to hoard all of the rights.” After saying this, she turned to Eunuch Zhang: “When the Feng family took the shops from my mother’s dowry and used a number of false accounts to fool me, it was Eunuch Zhang who personally helped me take care of it. A-Heng admires Eunuch Zhang’s accounting ability. Also, even if I spent my entire life working on accounting, I would never reach Eunuch Zhang’s level. Leaving the treasury in Eunuch Zhang’s hands is most reassuring. If Eunuch Zhang feels that this is improper, just bring the account journals for me to see once each month.”

She had expressed her stance. She would accept the responsibilities, but she did not want the rights. This caused Lady Zhou and Eunuch Zhang to feel extremely embarrassed, as Lady Zhou said: “Princess, this is unreasonable.”

She shook her head and said: “There isn’t any reason to it. In our own palace, the rules that we come up with ourselves are what’s reasonable. I trust you and want to leave these rights to you. This is what I believe.”

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The two heard her say this, thus they did not continue to insist. They just expressed that they would work with the princess in taking care of the palace. With a look from Lady Zhou, Eunuch Zhang led the other servants out of the hall.

Lady Zhou then brought Feng Yu Heng and her maidservants to the inner courtyards, heading straight for where Xuan Tian Ming had previously lived. Feng Yu Heng remembered that it was the most magnificent courtyard in the palace. It was behind some bodies of water, was surrounded by a bamboo forest and had some peach trees behind it. The middle of the courtyard was a large and empty area. Xuan Tian Ming had once said that it was for martial arts training. While Lady Zhou walked along, she said: “A letter had been sent to His Highness, although the wedding between His Highness and Princess was not conducted in the capital, a bridal chamber needed to be chosen. His Highness said to choose this place. Would Princess take a look to see if you are satisfied. If you need anything, this old servant will immediately have someone fetch it.”

How could Feng Yu Heng not be satisfied? Although she did not really understand the rules of weddings in the ancient world, when she entered the room and saw the festive appearance, she knew that Lady Zhou had put in a large amount of effort. This was Xuan Tian Ming’s bedroom. She had come and slept here before; however, it had already had its furnishings completely changed by Lady Zhou. Everything was new, and everything was in pairs. It felt auspicious just looking at it.

Even the bed had been turned bright red. On it was written “give birth to a son soon*” in red dates, and this sight caused Feng Yu Heng’s face to turn red. She said to Lady Zhou: “Lady Zhou knows more about these ceremonies than A-Heng, and these actions were very fitting. I really like them.”

Lady Zhou smiled brightly: “It’s good that Princess likes it. There is still something that I must inquire of Princess about. In the past, His Highness’ courtyards never made use of maidservants, and it was only this old servant that would come to take care of him. The other things were left to the male servants to handle. Now that Princess has entered the palace, do you want some more help in this courtyard?”

Feng Yu Heng covered her mouth and smiled. She knew that Xuan Tian Ming did not make use of maidservants, but now that she moved in, to continue using male servants would be against the rules, thus she said to Lady Zhou: “Just bring in some stronger maidservants. As for my personal maidservants, it will continue to be Wang Chuan and Huang Quan!”

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Lady Zhou nodded: “This old servant was also thinking this way.” After saying this, she pointed behind herself: “These six girls were chosen by this old servant. The girls in the palace all have some martial arts foundation. Thinking about it, Princess will find it a bit easier to make use of them. They will only take care of things in the courtyard. As for your personal needs, I will trouble Wang Chuan and Huang Quan.”

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan quickly bowed, saying: “Lady is too courteous. Taking care of His Highness and Princess is our duty.”

Lady Zhou laughed and said: “The two of you were formerly part of the Yu Palace and were specifically trained as female guards by His Highness, you have been with Princess for all these years. There’s no need to be so courteous with me. Princess has come back from far away. This old servant will go and see if lunch has been prepared yet.”

Everything had been arranged properly. When Feng Yu Heng sat down in the bath to soak, she felt completely free of worry. Interacting with the people of the Yu Palace was rather relieving. First, she was familiar with them from before. For her, coming into this palace did not have much of a feeling of a newlywed bride going into an unfamiliar environment. Second, the people in the Yu Palace had been adjusted by Xuan Tian Ming. They did not ramble, they were not urgent, and they were not fussy. They would say the things that they should say and avoid saying the things that they should not say. Their courtesy was also just right. They were not toady, nor were they excessively fawning, as everything they did was very calming. Even Wang Chuan and Huang Quan said: “Coming to the Yu Palace really does give off a feeling of belonging. It’s like it’s our home.”

Feng Yu Heng nodded, admitting this reality, but she also said to the two servants: “Although we have moved into the Yu Palace, the imperial daughter’s manor cannot be left empty. Leave as many people as are necessary. People can’t be chased out just because we aren’t there anymore. If there are truly too many people in the manor, just send some to the residence on the outskirts. Also, ask if there are any that want to learn medicine. I will go and speak about it with grandfather. Some of the doctors that have finished their studies will open a small school to teach even more people. It will make things easier in the future. Also, we will be living in both places. We cannot neglect the imperial daughter’s manor.”

Wang Chuan and Huang Quan quickly complied while also taking away the clothes that Feng Yu Heng had changed out of. They brought in some new clothes and placed them to the side. Only then did the two leave. Feng Yu Heng did not like having people take care of her while she bathed, and they had become accustomed to this long ago.

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Xuan Tian Ming only returned to the palace in the evening, and he felt very comfortable with the people joyously checking up on him. How many years had it been since he had been this happy? Now, the palace had a female master. The atmosphere really was different! He saw Eunuch Zhang holding a platter that had the toothbrush and toothpaste that Feng Yu Heng had given him. There was also a perfumed soap. He knew that these things had already become common in the imperial daughter’s manor, as the servants had been using it. Had it now come to the Yu Palace as well? This really was bringing a benefit to the people.

Lady Zhou and Eunuch Zhang saw that he had returned and told him about how Feng Yu Heng had brought all kinds of nice things to the palace in the afternoon after she entered the palace. She had also given red envelopes to all of the servants. The two spoke happily, and Xuan Tian Ming was happy to listen. Lady Zhou noticed that ever since His Highness had returned and ever since the palace had gained a female master, the icy face would occasionally reveal a smile. Lady Zhou was very happy about this.

But she also reported to Xuan Tian Ming about Feng Yu Heng not accepting the warehouse and treasury. Xuan Tian Ming thought about it for a bit then said: “It’s fine. Just do as she said. Just send a report to her each month. That girl is someone with a great deal of knowledge, but she should not be tripped up by the affairs of the palace. Also, the palace must not refuse to view her as the head wife because she did not accept those matters! Remember, in this lifetime, the Yu Palace will only have this one female master. There will only be one head wife. It can also only have one woman living in it. Nobody is permitted to treat her poorly.”

Lady Zhou laughed and said: “Your Highness, don’t say such harsh things. In the future, when you have many children and grandchildren, having a daughter or something, our palace will not just have one female master, nor will it only have one woman living in it.”

Xuan Tian Ming’s eyes squinted from a smile. Right! If he had a daughter, she would definitely need to be like Heng Heng. She would be bizarre and smart. having a child that looked like her running around, just thinking about it was a joyous thing.

“Un.” Xuan Tian Ming nodded and did not say anything, as he walked toward the inner courtyard. Lady Zhou did not follow. Of course, she also did not know that Xuan Tian Ming was currently thinking: “It has been over 100 days since Feng Jin Yuan and Yao shi passed away. It seems it’s time that the matter of the bridal chamber is added to the agenda!”

*TN: Apparently a common thing to say to congratulate a newlywed couple?

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