Chapter 95: This Little Girl Is Quite Capable

Su Jiu kept up the act. She pointed at the glass box and asked, “Big Brother, are you really giving this pretty insect to me? I’ll accept it!”

Su Shengjing was speechless.

My dear daughter, what’s wrong with you? Shouldn’t you be afraid of such things?

Don’t tell me that you’re defending this brat just because he’s handsome?

Feeling guilty, Han Siye awkwardly mumbled, “I’ll give you another present instead of the insect. Also, um… I’m sorry.”

“Big Brother, what did you say?” Su Jiu pretended not to hear him.

The blushing Han Siye raised his voice. “I’m sorry!”

Yes, very good.

Su Jiu was satisfied.

When Han Xiao had scolded his son earlier, the kid had been unwilling to apologize. Yet, with just a few words, this little girl had made him apologize so willingly!

This little girl is quite capable, huh?

She seems to have a really high EQ.

While Han Xiao mulled over it, the ‘high EQ’ Su Jiu glanced at him and said in a cute voice, “Uncle, you’re so handsome.”

When Han Xiao saw Su Jiu gazing at him with sparkling eyes, he suddenly felt proud of himself. Looks like I can charm everyone, whether they are three or eighty years old! Well, I guess I’m indeed really charismatic.

Han Xiao deliberately teased her. “Then tell me, who’s more handsome—your father or me?”

“Hmm…” The little girl contemplated for two seconds as if she were facing a huge dilemma. Then, she shyly dove into Su Shengjing’s arms and softly said,” Of course, my daddy’s more handsome. He’s the most handsome person in the world! ”

Han Xiao was speechless.

What the heck? Although Su Shengjing looks miserable, it’s such a blessing for him to have a thoughtful daughter like her!

Feeling envious, he said to Su Shengjing, “I apologize for my son’s actions. I’ll properly discipline him in the future. How about this? I’ll buy you a drink.”

Su Shengjing was still a bit angry about the earlier incident with Han Siye.

If he were honest, he would much rather prefer Little Jiu to not be so obedient. Instead of defending that brat, she should cry loudly upon being scared, just like all the other little girls.

She was barely four years old—an age where she should still be an immature child who demanded others to give in to her. Yet, she kept thinking for others and taking care of their feelings.

Does she know that if she’s too obedient, my heart would ache for her?

Suppressing the bitter feeling in his heart, Su Shengjing refused Han Xiao. “There’s no need. I can’t hold my liquor well. If I get drunk, no one will look after my daughter.”

Han Xiao did not insist either. He smiled and spoke, “Alright. What about this? I heard that our show is about the father playing games and completing missions with his child. Sometimes, the child will have to fulfill the missions themselves instead. I’ll tell my son to take greater care of your daughter and help her finish her mission. Consider that as our apology. What do you think?”

Without waiting for Han Xiao to ask for his opinion, Han Siye nodded and promised. “I will.”

The camera installed in the corner of the restaurant filmed everything that had happened. Han Xiao and Han Siye sat at the other side of the dining table. Han Xiao had a long chat with Su Shengjing; their conversation revolved around their children.

When Han Xiao asked Su Shengjing how he had raised such an obedient child, the latter proudly stroked Su Jiu’s head. “Maybe it’s because girls are naturally more obedient. It’s really easy to take care of Little Jiu. She’s my precious daughter whom I treasure a lot.”

Su Jiu looked up at him and cutely said, “Daddy, you’re also my precious father.”

Han Xiao was speechless.

What the heck? Who can withstand this?

The little girl’s cuteness once again utterly charmed Han Xiao. His mind was filled with thoughts of how obedient and adorable this little daughter was. Wait, no! He quickly pinched his thigh and reminded himself to wake up. I don’t have a daughter!

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