Chapter 92: How Can You Bear To Bully This Little Cutie?

Han Siye was certain that Su Jiu would not dare to hit him, but he suddenly saw Su Jiu raise her hand and slap him.

He raised his eyebrows. Although she had slapped his arm with her tiny hand, it did not hurt at all. She then fiercely threatened him. “I’ll hit you!”

Ahhhh! How adorable!

The nanny kept obsessively staring at Su Jiu.

Since she had always been taking care of the naughty Han Siye, she could not resist the charm of this little cutie who looked so adorable even when she was angry.

Han Siye found Su Jiu’s angry expression so cute that he had an urge to keep bullying her.

Lifting his chin, he arrogantly said, “Are you Su Jiu? I’m Han Siye. I’m five and a half years old. I’m older than you, so call me your big brother.”

This mischievous kid’s family must have spoiled him rotten. Or, he must be used to others treating him politely. That’s why he has got such a proud and arrogant aura!

He has probably never experienced others opposing him or looking down on him. In that case, I’ll let him have a taste of it. If I fawn over him like everyone else and obediently listen to his orders, he will find me boring instead.

Stabbing her cake, Su Jiu humphed. “I don’t want to!”


This was the first time that Han Siye had been rejected. In his kindergarten, many girls would flock around him and call him their big brother. Yet, this little girl was unexpectedly unwilling to do so!

In that case, he would insist on it.

Hence, the mischievous kid snatched her cake away. “Will you call me your big brother? If you don’t, I won’t let you eat the cake anymore!”

Su Jiu feigned panic at her cake being snatched away. Clenching her fists, she furiously glared at him. “You are so mean! I will ignore you from now on! Hmph!”

Han Siye thought Su Jiu’s fierce look posed no threat at all. Suddenly, his mood improved, and he desperately longed to hear her call him ‘big brother’ in her sweet voice.

Hence, he changed his tone and assured her. “I’m not a mean person, I promise. If you call me your big brother, I’ll give you a present.”

“What present?”

When Han Siye saw Su Jiu blinking as if she was interested, he thought that this method was effective. Hence, he continued, “I’ll give you my little bug. It’s my favorite toy and is very fun to play with. So, quickly call me your big brother.”

Su Jiu was at a loss for words.

Kid, do you have some weird fetish?

Why must you force others to call you their big brother?

Moreover, this naughty kid’s sudden change in attitude is seriously suspicious. The ‘little bug’ he’s referring to is probably not just an ordinary toy, right?

Biting her lips, Su Jiu shot him a doubtful glance. Then, her large eyes sparkled and her tiny lips twitched as if she was hesitating about whether to agree or not.

How cute!

Han Siye started to urge her. “Say it quickly!”

“Will you really give me a present if I call you my big brother?” The little girl stared at him with eyes full of innocence.

“Of course. Daddy told me that a man should keep his word!”

The nanny could not stand it anymore. Little Young Master, is it really appropriate for you to lie to a little girl like this?

How can you bear to bully such a cute child? If she knows that the little bug you’re talking about is…

Before she could do anything, Su Jiu shot a shy look at Han Siye and timidly said, “Big Brother.”

Her voice was unbelievably cute.

Han Siye was speechless.

Although many girls called him their big brother, he had never felt anything special. However, when this little girl called him the same, his body inexplicably trembled; even his heart skipped a beat as if electric currents were surging through his body.

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