Feng Yu Heng’s Dream

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In Feng Yu Heng’s previous life, she once had a dream. In that dream, she wore clothes from an ancient era and lived in a tall palace, watching the ancient people move about. One person held a platter with all kinds of high-quality pastries, while another person held a flowerpot that contained green peonies. She never knew that there could be green peonies, thus she thought that she had come to a wonderland; otherwise, how else could she see this sort of sight.

In that dream, there was someone speaking to her and calling her princess. They even said that the green peonies had specifically been bred on the prince’s orders. They had been transported from a great distance. The imperial palace did not have any, thus they could only be sent to this palace for Princess to look at.

Thus she asked who the prince was, and that maid became dazed. She said the prince is your husband and the master of this palace! Princess, have you become muddled? Otherwise, how could you ask this sort of question?

She rubbed her eyes, and it seemed as though she had just woken up, but it also felt as though it was still a dream. She could not recall herself having married anyone, nor could she recall who her so-called husband was. She just felt her heart warm when the maid mention her husband. In this dream, it was winter, and the ground was covered in a thin layer of snow, but her heart still felt warm.

Thus she smiled and did not continue to ask, quietly accepting this husband. She then reached out and picked up a pastry from the plate that the maid held. Who knew what it had been made of, but it was smooth and had a very delightful texture.

The maid saw that she enjoyed eating them, thus she brought the plate closer and poured her a cup of water. A flower petal floated on the surface of that water, and its fragrance spread. The taste was sweet, and it was best enjoyed with some pastries.

She then recalled her earlier confusion and asked: “Is this place a wonderland? A place where deities live. Are you all deities? Then the prince… um, my husband, he is also a deity, right? And he is also an all-powerful deity. You call him prince, but he wouldn’t be the son of the king of heaven, right?” This was what she had guessed. As for whether or not the highest-ranking deity should be called the king of heaven, she did not know. She just recalled that it had been said like this in fairy tales, thus she asked in this manner.

As a result, that palace maid laughed upon hearing this, “Princess, what are you saying? What wonderland? How could this place be a wonderland, this place is clearly…” She paused when she reached this point, and a look of horror appeared on that maid’s face, “Princess, it shouldn’t be that you’ve fallen ill or lost your memory, right? How could you not remember anything? The prince is the prince, the son of the emperor. How could it be the son of the king of heaven… huh? Who is the king of heaven?” The maid became anxious and turned around to run. While running, she shouted: “Quickly call for an imperial physician, the princess has fallen ill!”

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Everyone around became panicked, as the princess falling ill was a big thing. Feng Yu Heng felt as though these people had gone crazy because there were some that had begun crying. It was as though her falling ill and losing her memory was the same as if she was about to die. But she knew that she was fine. She was a doctor. How could she not know about her own physical condition? She wanted to tell these panicking people that she was fine, but nobody would listen to her. Everyone that came up to her heard that the princess did not even know who the prince was, thus they were all certain that she had fallen ill.

But someone else voiced their objection: “Princess is the best doctor. Even if we requested an imperial physician, could they possibly have better medical skills than Princess? Would the imperial physician truly have any use?”

Another person said: “How could they be useless? Doctors cannot treat themselves. No matter how skilled a doctor Princess is, it’s impossible for her to treat her own illness. We should go and call for an imperial physician. This is an important matter. If the prince comes back and finds out that princess fell ill, wouldn’t he have us skinned?”

The dream ended there. In the end, Feng Yu Heng never saw the arrival of an imperial physician, nor did she ever see the prince, much less figure out where the dream was taking place. This was a dream that she had seen many years earlier, and it had been so long that she had nearly forgotten, but she had suddenly recalled it. Grabbing hold of Xuan Tian Ming, she asked: “Did you have some green peonies bred? In a place very far away that would be given to me?”

Xuan Tian Ming was stunned, “How did you know? I haven’t told anyone about this. I was planning to give you a pleasant surprise.”

She immediately burst into laughter, “It turns out that the dream was true. I had actually married you many years earlier.”

He could not understand, “Heng Heng, what are you saying?”

She continued to laugh but still did not explain. She just said to him: “When the peonies are ready, let me take a look. I have never seen green peonies. Xuan Tian Ming, the two of us really are fated. This was a fate handed down by the heavens. But Xuan Tian Ming, why are there so many young palace maids in your palace? Dressed in all colors, they were quite pretty. Since when did you have this sort of hobby?”

He frowned: “In my palace, aside from Lady Zhou, where could any palace maids be found? Even if there are, it would just be your maidservants. Heng Heng, were you just dreaming? You can’t treat dreams like reality. That’s all just nonsense. Be good and pay a bit more attention.

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After the Duke of Zhou’s ceremony, Feng Yu Heng reflexively became embarrassed, thus she disappeared straight into her space.

There was nothing that Xuan Tian Ming could do, thus he shouted: “Can you bring husband in too?” Suddenly, his wrist was grabbed by someone, and the environment suddenly changed. “That’s right! Regardless of where you go, you need to bring husband along; otherwise, husband will not feel at ease.”

You aren’t at ease my ass! A certain person was filled with complaints, as they ducked into the shower. Speaking of, whenever she returned inside her space, it felt different from when she was in the outside world. The modern items caused a conflict that created a feeling of being in the wrong time. It made her feel as though she had returned to that relatively unrestricted era, thus her feelings of embarrassment diminished by a bit, and she could leisurely walk into the bathroom and happily began to shower.

While she was able to act leisurely, Xuan Tian Ming still felt that the things in this space were quite fresh. Although this was not his first time entering, every time that he entered, he would feel quite refreshed. He would think of trying to figure out what everything did.

Thus he also stood up and picked up a pillow, asking her: “What is this thing made of? Why is it so soft and comfortable to sleep on? The pillows that we usually use are quite hard, and they aren’t in this shape. What exactly is this called?”

Feng Yu Heng was completely powerless; however, she also found this quite entertaining. A dignified prince would actually have a time where there would be more than his eyes could take in. Thus she told him: “It’s also called a pillow. Although the shape is different, the use is the same. It’s to prop up one’s head while sleeping. It is made of something called latex, and it’s a very expensive material that is used in pillows and mattresses. They’re very comfortable to sleep on. Of course, there is something called a gel pillow, and many people like using those, but I don’t really like them. There’s also that…” She pointed at the one that she used, “That one is filled with down, which would be the feathers of birds, but the quills have been removed. Only the soft parts remain, and it’s quite good. Take a look at which one you like. We can bring them out to use.”

She began to ponder about displaying the comfort of living in the space in the outside world. If she wanted her daily life to be even more comfortable, it would definitely be the modern things that would be more comfortable. Regardless of whether it was the mattress, the pillow, or the blanket, the modern things that had been improved would be more comfortable. An entire set should be brought out. Like this, she would be able to sleep as comfortably as if it was the modern world. Either way, there was no need to worry about the only people who took care of her. She needed to allow herself to live comfortably. Like this, she would not need to work hard for this entire life.

Just as she thought of this idea, Xuan Tian Ming had begun pondering over an electronic photo frame.

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The photo frame still had power, and it had been on a timer. During the day, pictures would automatically begin to cycle. At this moment, it was showing pictures from her previous life that had been saved on the storage. There were pictures of her in costumes, in military uniform, and yup, there were even pictures of her in a bikini.

She smacked herself on the forehead and explained before he even asked: “Our place’s customs are relatively unrestricted. Men and women are not as segregated as in Da Shun. That’s why the things I’m wearing in those pictures is quite normal in my place. That thing has quite a few things saved. It’s from the seaside. Regardless of whether they’re men or women, most people will wear swimwear at the seaside. That makes it easier to go swimming in the sea. I…”

She could not continue speaking because a certain person’s face had already become dark, “This prince feels that Da Shun’s customs are better. Heng Heng, that place of yours is no good. It’s really no good. Be obedient and don’t go back in the future. Even if you must go back, I must go back with you. Either way, you are definitely not allowed to go back alone. Do you understand?” After saying this, he stared at the picture of her in a bikini at the seaside for a long time. It looked as though he was about to go and gouge out the eyes of the men standing in the background.

She felt that this was even funnier. The people of the ancient world thought differently from the people of the modern world. The progression of their thoughts made it clear that they were two completely different worlds. She could adapt to the ancient world; however, there was nothing that could be done to have Xuan Tian Ming understand the modern world, thus she could only nod: “Don’t worry. I won’t go back. In truth, even if I want to go back, I can’t. That’s why you can be at ease. None of the things that you’re thinking can happen.”

He let out a visible sigh of relief and wanted to continue looking at some other things inside the space; however, Feng Yu Heng shook her head and forcefully dragged him out of the space and back into the real world. “In the future, there will be plenty of time to investigate the things inside the space. When I have time, I will tell you about each and every item in there. Right now, we need to go out. We can’t just laze around inside.”

While setting out, a feeling of soreness covered her body, and she could only grit her teeth and endure it while sternly scolding her “husband*”: “Today is the day I need to return home, and you didn’t keep your word. You didn’t let me rest, and you dared to get vicious with me on the day I return home. Xuan Tian Ming, I will keep these debts in mind. Sooner or later, I will have you pay!”

She said this very viciously, and the corners of Xuan Tian Ming’s lips twitched upon hearing them. This damn girl would definitely get revenge for the smallest slight. How would she have him repay her for this?

Feng Yu Heng felt that she already had no way of communicating with this wolf, thus she simply ignored him. Opening the door, she let Wang Chuan and Huang Quan inside.

After the two servants entered, they very happily looked at her with a smile, which caused Feng Yu Heng to angrily ignore them. Wang Chuan saw that the clothes she wore were not suited for going out, thus she went to the closet and pulled out something else and told her: “This was something newly made after the wedding between you and His Highness. Princess, change into them! Today is the day you return home. No matter what, you should wear something a little more suitable for your position. Your current clothes are from before you got married. It’s fine to wear them while at home, but when going out, some more attention needs to be paid.”

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Having been reminded by Wang Chuan, Feng Yu Heng finally reacted. But of course! The clothes inside her space were things that she had put there from before. They were the clothes of a young girl that had not gotten married; however, she had already become a young married woman. They no longer suited her.

She was truly helpless. The ancient people had quite a few rules in regards to women that had gotten married. For example, clothes, dresses, and hairstyles would all change. They would immediately allow people to see who was married and who was not. Unlike in the modern world, where what one wore depended entirely on one’s mood, aside from certain professions that required certain types of clothes. As for other positions, people would not concern themselves with such trifles.

With Wang Chuan’s assistance, she changed into her new clothes.

Xuan Tian Ming said: “This prince will go to the front yard to see if the things prepared for the Yao manor have been loaded into the carriages. After we finish eating breakfast, we will go over a bit earlier. That will ensure that they aren’t waiting for us for too long.”

Fuck! You’re trying to run away, right?! You also know to feel embarrassed, right?! Damn, this scene is something that she would definitely get revenge for someday. She would definitely have him lose face once too!

A certain person clenched their fists and angrily stomped their feet; however, they heard Wang Chuan say: “Young Miss, there’s no need to be embarrassed. People that have gotten married should be like this. You and His Highness are newlyweds. If you don’t get intimate now, that would truly become a joke for people.”

“What’s that!” She glared sideways at Wang Chuan, her face turning slightly red.

Wang Chuan did not think much of it and continued to mutter to herself: “Marrying into the palace, we can no longer call you young miss in front of outsiders. Over the years, we have become accustomed to it, and there are times when I’m truly worried that I will not be able to adjust. Back when we were in the Feng manor, we saw the different kinds of people, and this servant thought that not having parents from a young age was not a bad thing. If I had them, and they were like the Feng family, how troubling would that be? Fortunately, His Highness really loves Young Miss, and Young Miss will be enjoying a good life from this day forward.”

Huang Quan had also finished with tidying up her side, happily chiming in: “But of course! Young Miss needs to work hard and provide the Yu Palace with a young prince! In a moment, this servant will go and tell the kitchen to prepare some supplemental soups. When His Highness comes back tonight, Young Miss can personally bring them to His Highness!”

*TN: This is a pun on the word husband, replacing the first character with the character for wolf.

PSA: Alternate version of this chapter is available in the discord

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