Chapter 87: Do Your Best, Shengjing And Your Daughter

To prevent Su Shengjing from noticing anything amiss, she hurriedly hugged him and happily declared, “Daddy is the best!”

As she spoke, she wiped her tears on Su Shengjing’s clothes.

I must not be sad. Otherwise, Daddy will also be sad.

Since Su Shengjing had turned off the comments function on his Weibo account, Moderator Flower had no choice but to comment on the show’s official Weibo account.

“Shengjing, you’re back? @SuShengjing”

When Su Shengjing saw her comment, he replied, “Yes, I’m back. Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

When her idol replied, Moderator Flower became so excited that she almost cried.

“I waited for you all this time. Luckily, I didn’t give up. Do your best, Shengjing and his daughter!”

Due to Su Shengjing’s reply, the comment became so popular that it rose to the top. The netizens scolded the fan, “Urgh! This fan has lost all her morals.”

“Does Su Shengjing even have fans? Why do his fans like him? Because of how he fools around with women?”

“And she’s a female fan! A fan of such a bastard is an embarrassment to us women.”

“How disgusting! Who’s waiting for him? I’m going to vomit out my dinner from the previous night.”

When Su Jiu read the comments, her heart felt heavy. However, she was also filled with confidence.

It doesn’t matter. The truth will be exposed one day.

The people who sabotaged my father will eventually be exposed. I’ll not let a single one of them get away!


A man stayed on the top floor of a luxurious condominium. Through the tall French windows, he could see the wonderful panorama of the city view.

The handsome man was comfortably lying in the bathtub. He had a glass of red wine in one hand and his phone in the other. When he saw the comments scolding Su Shengjing on the official Weibo of “Daddy, Let’s Go,” the corners of his lips curved upward into a disdainful smile.

Although he did not know how Su Shengjing had managed to join the program, it was impossible for him to make a comeback through this program!

The man took a sip of red wine, flipped to a number in his contacts, and dialed it.

After the call connected, he said to the person on the other end, “That Su guy wants to go on the show. You saw it, right? With the netizens furiously scolding him, you should add fuel to the fire. Hire someone to manipulate the comments. Spread the news that he only made a comeback to improve his image. To achieve his means, he didn’t hesitate to use his three-year-old daughter. He’s not a responsible father at all, so he shouldn’t be qualified to participate in a parent-child variety show. It’s just an act!”

“Okay, we’ll hire some fake reviewers and entertainment accounts to manipulate the comments.”

After hanging up, the man glanced at Su Shengjing’s name again and snorted.

Su Shengjing… You’re just a condemned man now. If you think that you can make a comeback just by participating in a variety show, you’re being too simple-minded. I won’t give you this opportunity!


A while later, many comments surfaced online claiming that Su Shengjing was relying on his daughter to improve his image. The commenters accused him of deliberately exposing his daughter to the public to test the netizens’ attitude toward him.

Once the netizens accepted his daughter, he would take the opportunity to portray himself as a good father. Then, he would officially make a comeback and continue earning money.

Reading this, the netizens became even more furious. Su Shengjing is so shameless. How dare he use such a young child, his daughter?

Su Shengjing was pushed into the spotlight again. The netizens criticized him for a full three days until the introductory video was broadcasted.

Everyone paid more attention to the sons of the top actor Han Xiao and the popular pianist Xiao Yang. As both of them were extremely handsome, everyone expected their children to inherit their good genes.

After watching the introductory video, many of the audience members clamored to become the sons’ fans. The children were extremely handsome and adorable. They looked even better than the cute boys featured in children’s advertisements!

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