Chapter 85: Let Me Vomit In Disgust First!

The next day, the official Weibo account of “Daddy, Let’s Go!” published the full guest list. Previously, it had already announced two pairs: top actor Han Xiao and his son, pianist Xiao Yang and his son.

Now, they published the remaining three pairs: Actor Chen Ke and his daughter; Rock singer Li Kaiwen and his son; and lastly, Su Shengjing and his daughter.

Although Chen Ke and Li Kaiwen were not extremely popular, they still had a lot of fans. When the fans heard that the actor and the singer were going to the variety show, they all left comments to show their support.

However, to their surprise, they actually saw… Su Shengjing’s name on the list!

What the heck? No way! This person is going to appear on the show too?

As the official Weibo account for the show was newly created, it only had tens of thousands of followers. Yet, the news that Su Shengjing was going to appear on the show quickly spread online. Countless netizens surged in, and the number of comments on the post skyrocketed.

“What the heck? Su Shengjing? Tell me that I’m not going blind!”

“Is the production crew serious? They’re hiring such a celebrity? They’re willing to become so shameless for the sake of popularity?”

“Hahahaha! Can a bastard like him even appear on a show? Tell me, how much did he pay the production crew?”

“He’s so unpopular now. How can he have so much money? Did he find himself a sugar mommy?”

“He looks like a fat, old uncle. Which sugar mommy would want to support him? They might as well support a young and handsome man with a hot figure (vomit.jpg).”

“He’s the most disgusting male celebrity I’ve ever met! How can he still have the cheek to appear in public? How despicable! Let me vomit in disgust first!”

“This shameless production crew has crossed the line. Are they trying to lead the youngsters astray? Are they trying to say that it doesn’t matter if the guest is immoral, that he can still appear on a show and earn money despite what he has done?”

Although the majority of the netizens were criticizing Su Shengjing, some comments also took a different tone.

“I’d like to see what his daughter looks like. Didn’t everyone say that she’s very cute?”

“Well, for some reason, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Su Shengjing has been criticized too harshly all these years. If someone invites him to a show, he’ll definitely participate. After all, he needs to earn a living.”

“Hah! Those who aren’t boycotting Su Shengjing have such twisted morals. They’re acting so foolishly that I’m suspecting whether they’re in the right mind.”

The top comments were left by influential entertainment accounts. They deliberately commented things like “He just committed a mistake that all men will make,” “No one can be faultless unless they’re a saint.” They were comments meant to rile up the others. Hence, the netizens became more furious. They criticized Su Shengjing so harshly that he once again appeared on the trending searches.

When the moderator of Su Shengjing’s three-member fandom group chat saw this, she excitedly sent a message.

Moderator Flower: “Ahhhhhh! He’s going on a show! I’m so excited!”

Su Shengjing’s Number 1 Fan: “I saw it too! So he is still working toward his dream, right?”

Moderator Flower: “I’ll definitely wait in front of the television on the time. I have to watch Su Shengjing’s first variety show debut in a few years.”

Su Shengjing’s Number 1 Fan: “Me too.”

Both of them were extremely excited. However, the status of the other person in the group chat, “Su Shengjing, I love you,” was still inactive.

Su Shengjing was oblivious to the criticisms about him on the Internet. He was currently training hard in the Sheng family’s gym as he had yet to complete the task of losing another five kilograms.

Sheng Tianci took his phone and went to the gym. He exasperatedly remarked, “You’re so pitiful. You haven’t done anything yet, yet you’ve received so much criticism.”

“Oh.” Su Shengjing’s expression did not change as he continued to do the stretching exercises.

The netizens only wanted to vent their anger on him. As long as the production crew did not kick him out and still allowed him to earn some money, he was fine with anything.

“What are you saying? Have you become so numb from being scolded all this while that you don’t care anymore?” Sheng Tianci felt indignant.

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