Chapter 81: This Father-Daughter Pair Are Going To Shoot To Popularity

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Su Shengjing’s gaze overflowed with affection!

When Su Jiu met his gaze, she seemed a bit embarrassed. She blushed as she snuggled against Su Shengjing’s chest. Then, she cutely declared, “Daddy, you’re the best person in the world. You’re so nice to me.”

The cameraman was speechless.

What the heck? For some reason, I suddenly feel envious of Su Shengjing.

So many people hurl criticisms at him every day, yet his daughter thinks that he’s the best person in the world?

Is it because of her love for her dad? 

Snapping out of his thoughts, the cameraman continued asking, “Is your Daddy really that good? Is there nothing bad about him?”

“There is!” Su Jiu forcefully nodded.

The cameraman looked forward to her answer. However, Su Jiu puffed out her cheeks and lamented. “The bad thing about Daddy is that he has to work hard every day to earn money and raise me… If only he doesn’t have to work so hard…”

The cameraman was once again rendered speechless.

He sincerely thought that even if Su Shengjing fell out of popularity and had to suffer harsh criticisms by the public, nothing mattered as long as he had such an adorable and thoughtful daughter!

He asked again, “If your Daddy’s working so hard, what can you do?”

The little girl tried her best to think about it. Her eyes suddenly reddened, making her look like a pitiful little bunny. She lowered her long eyelashes, cast her gaze downward, and softly said, “If Daddy doesn’t need to raise me, he won’t have to work so hard. He… can send me away.”

Wh… What?

Send me away?

Everyone in the room suspected that they had heard her wrongly. When they saw how sad the little girl looked, they felt their hearts ache.

Although this little girl was so young, she was simply too obedient—to the extent that it made their hearts ache. She even asked Su Shengjing to send her away so that he would not have to suffer so much.

That was right. If Su Shengjing sent her away, his burden would be considerably reduced.

Su Shengjing wasn’t expecting Su Jiu to say such a thing either. He felt a sharp pang in his heart. Looks like Su Jiu still remembers the time when I called Sheng Tianci and told him that I wanted him to raise her on my behalf.

He suddenly felt like slapping himself in the face.

I shouldn’t think that children are oblivious to everything. In reality, they’re actually very sensitive. 

Su Shengjing spun Su Jiu around to face himself. When he saw her reddened eyes, he choked up and said, “Dummy, you’re my baby. Why will I send you away? No, I definitely won’t do such a thing.”

“Really? I won’t leave then.”

Su Shengjing chuckled and pinched her cheeks. “Why? Are you planning to run away from home? That won’t do. If you leave, I’ll be terribly sad. So, don’t abandon me, okay?”

“Okay!” The little girl seriously nodded. “I won’t abandon you, Daddy, so don’t be sad.”

The cameraman felt touched as he recorded the entire scene.

For some reason, even though the introductory video had yet to air, he had a feeling that this father-daughter pair would shoot to popularity!


The shoot lasted for more than two hours. Toward the end of the introductory video, Su Shengjing and Su Jiu pretended to pack their luggage as if they were setting off. This was to make the audience anticipate the subsequent episodes.

After filming, Su Jiu heaved a sigh of relief.

It’s finally done! 

It was not an easy task to act like a four-year-old child. However, if she had to score herself for her previous performance, she would give herself 99 points. Well, that 1 point deduction is just to be humble. 

After all, she had employed all the tricks of variety shows—acting cute and telling a sob story. Then, with the addition of the raw emotions she displayed on camera, the effects would certainly be amazing!

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