Chapter 80: Ah! How Charismatic!

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The cameraman watched as the little girl rested her head on Su Shengjing’s shoulder while rubbing her sleepy eyes.

Her pretty and fair face looked so chubby. The moment everyone’s gaze fell on her, their hearts softened.

No wonder Director Yang insisted on inviting Su Shengjing to the show even though he’s so unpopular and will invite a lot of criticism.

When the others saw Su Jiu, they were also struck by her cuteness.

No way, no way! Why does someone like Su Shengjing have such a cute little daughter?

When Su Jiu saw so many people in the house, she seemed a little embarrassed. Flashing a shy smile at them, she hid in Su Shengjing’s arms. With her big, crystal-clear eyes, she stole occasional glances at them from time to time.

Her cuteness overwhelmed the two female staff so much that they felt an urge to shout, “Little cutie, you don’t have to be afraid. We’re not bad people. Can you smile at me again? Pretty please?”

Su Shengjing carried Su Jiu and walked toward the camera. “Darling, come and greet everyone.”

Fully aware of how cute she was, Su Jiu moved her face closer to the camera and curiously scrutinized the lens.

Then, she introduced herself in a childish voice. “Hello, everyone, I’m Little Jiu. I’m almost four years old. My father is called Su Shengjing. This is my home. Let me show you around!”

After saying that, she jumped down from Su Shengjing’s arms and skipped to the front acting as if she were all prepared to bring them around.

As the cameraman followed her, only one thought kept circling his mind. She’s so adorable! When she moves her face closer to the camera, it’s like a cuteness overload! 

He deliberately asked, “Little Jiu, this house is very small, right?”

Su Jiu blinked her big eyes and nodded. “Yes.”

“How do you feel living here?”

Su Jiu thought for two seconds before grinning. “Happy!”

The cameraman was stunned. “Happy?”


Su Jiu vigorously nodded. “Although the house is very small, I’m happy to be with Daddy! When I grow up, I will work hard to earn money. I’ll support Daddy and buy a big house for him!”

Her words stunned everyone. For such a young child to say such words, it was truly heartwarming.

Feeling touched, Su Shengjing stroked Su Jiu’s head. “You’re wrong. It’s Daddy who wants to earn money to support you.”

As he spoke, an affectionate and tender look filled his eyes.

After touring the house, the cameraman noticed that even though the house was simply decorated, the milk powder that Su Shengjing bought for his daughter was not cheap. It was all imported.

Su Shengjing brought Su Jiu to wash up, then braided her hair. After that, he carried her back to the living room and went to prepare some milk for her.

While shooting this scene, the cameraman asked, “This milk powder isn’t cheap, right?”

Su Shengjing skillfully poured the milk powder into the cup. As he tested the temperature with the back of his hand, he commented, “It’s not cheap, but it’s for my child. I can’t just choose any random brand.”

He then strode toward Su Jiu and passed the cup to her.

Everyone looked at Su Jiu lovingly and thought about how adorable she looked while drinking the milk.

After she finished drinking the milk, the cameraman instructed her to sit next to Su Shengjing for a small interview.

Instead of sitting beside Su Jiu, Shengjing carried her and placed her on his lap. The scene was extremely affectionate and loving.

The cameraman asked, “Little Jiu, what kind of a person do you think your father is?”

Su Jiu raised her head and peeked at Su Shengjing. Su Shengjing lowered his face and flashed a tender smile at her.

All the female staff present suddenly felt their hearts race.

Ah! How charismatic!

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