Chapter 79: My Darling

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While the cameraman filmed the house, Su Shengjing poured some water for them. “I’m sorry! There’s nothing to drink here except water. Please make do with it. I’ll go wash up and change my clothes. Then, I’ll cooperate with you guys for the shoot.”

These people actually looked down on Su Shengjing. However, since he was so polite, their attitude softened.

After bathing, Su Shengjing opened the wardrobe. After deliberating for a while, he picked a dress shirt and a pair of trousers that he had not worn for a long time.

The past few years, he had been living a crude lifestyle. He had not paid any attention to his clothing at all. Especially during the summer, he merely wore a tank top, shorts, and a pair of flip-flops.

Clothes like shirts had been relegated to the bottom of his trunk.

Now that he had taken them out again, Su Shengjing felt a little emotional. Complex feelings surged in his heart.

After changing into these clothes, he styled his hair in the mirror.

The man in the mirror had neat, black hair that was no longer dishevelled. His face was clean, without any stubbles dotting his chin. The weathered and unkempt look he had in the recent past had disappeared. With the shirt on him, he looked even more like a business elite.

This is what a twenty-four-year-old man should look like.

Staring at his reflection, Su Shengjing fell into a momentary trance.

Can I really… return to how I was like in the past?

Regardless of whether I can return to my previous glory, I must give it my all for Little Jiu.

After smoothening his shirt, Su Shengjing returned to the living room. When the people in the room saw him, their eyes lit.

It was undeniable that Su Shengjing had dashing looks and a dignified aura. After he had slimmed down and changed into a different set of clothes, he looked completely different. Initially, these people were worried that he would be too unkempt, which would affect the aesthetics of the show. Now, they had nothing to worry about.

The cameraman asked, “Can we start filming now?”

Su Shengjing replied, “Yes.”

“Alright.” The cameraman stood up, lifted the camera, and adjusted it. Then, he said, “Introduce yourself and your kid.”

It had been a long time since Su Shengjing had faced a camera. Even though he had a lot of experience, Su Shengjing still became a little nervous.

The reason for his nervousness was that he was uncertain whether he would be able to win the audience’s favor through this variety show or he would bring Su Jiu more criticisms.

He tried his best to calm himself down. Flashing a grin at the camera, he said, “Dear viewers, it has been a long time. I’m Su Shengjing. I have a daughter called Little Jiu, who is barely four years old. She is a very obedient and cute little girl. She is a gift from heaven and my precious darling.

“Right now, she’s still sleeping. I’ll bring all of you to her. However, we must be gentle so as to not wake her up.” Su Shengjing made a shushing gesture and led the cameraman to the room.

His secretive look piqued one’s curiosity and anticipation.

The cameraman was impressed. As expected of a celebrity who used to be immensely popular. He is sensitive to the camera and has a good grasp of the show’s pace. He doesn’t need any guidance at all!

As he thought about Su Shengjing’s performance, he suddenly heard a cute voice. “Daddy…”

The startled cameraman subconsciously aimed the camera at the entrance of the room.

The moment he saw Su Jiu, he was immediately smitten with her cuteness.

Oh my God! Who is this little cutie in pink pajamas, hugging a teddy bear in her arms? Even her hair is so cutely disheveled! 

Su Jiu seemed half-asleep. Standing on her chubby, small legs, she stumbled toward Su Shengjing and threw herself into his arms. “Daddy, hug me.”

Reaching his arms, Su Shengjing carried her and coaxed her in a low voice, “Did the noise wake you up? It’s all Daddy’s fault.”

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