Chapter 76: The Most Charismatic Man

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Sheng Tianci could only indignantly say, “Su Shengjing, since you’ve already decided, you must take good care of Little Jiu, okay? Otherwise, I’ll settle the score with you!”

Su Shengjing scoffed. “Don’t act like she’s your daughter. Little Jiu is mine.”

“What are you bragging about? If it weren’t for you, would I have let her remain at your place? I would’ve abducted her and brought her back home long ago!”

“Yeah, I’m bragging. If you’re capable enough, you can have a daughter too.”

Sheng Tianci was at a loss for words.

You win!


The next day, Yang Fangping gave Su Shengjing a call. He explained the details of the program and the subsequent arrangements to him.

The show was called “Daddy, Let’s Go!”. Two pairs of guests were confirmed—the top actor Han Xiao and his son and the famous pianist Xiao Yang and his son.

The other two pairs were still in the midst of negotiations. If nothing went wrong, they would be confirmed soon.

On the first day of the next month, the guests would head to a small town in the south to film their first episode. Before that, they had to shoot an introductory video to whet the audience’s appetite.

The filming of the introductory video was scheduled to take place half a month later. Yang Fangping asked Su Shengjing to mentally prepare Su Jiu so that she would not get frightened when a group of people showed up at her doors for the filming.

However, Yang Fangping was unaware that Su Jiu was not afraid at all. In fact, she was eagerly looking forward to it.

However, since she still had some time, she decided to improve her father’s image and awe the audience.

To be brutally honest, Su Shengjing looked like a greasy man now. His chiseled face and six-packs from before had long disappeared, making him look less dashing than before.

Su Jiu knew that appearance was a priority for both male and female celebrities. Even though some did not become popular solely because of their looks, they were still in the minority.

Su Shengjing’s looks were excellent to begin with. Hence, it would be a pity to waste that. If he could regain his former handsomeness as the nation’s crush, then perform well on the show, she firmly believed that he would be able to attract more fans!

Thus, when they were eating, Su Jiu casually mentioned, “Daddy, Uncle Yang said that two of the other fathers in the show are a top actor and a pianist, right?”

When Su Shengjing had accepted the call earlier, his phone was on speaker mode. Hence, he was not surprised by Su Jiu mentioning it. However, it did make him a little bit upset, “Yeah. Do you think that other people’s fathers are very impressive?”

He thought that she was envious of the other children.

Su Jiu shook her head. “No! I think my Daddy is the best!”

Su Shengjing felt ashamed. Perhaps, when she finally meets the other fathers, she’d no longer think this way.

“Daddy, what do the top actor and the pianist look like?”

Su Shengjing had met them at some events before. Recalling those memories, he remarked, “Very handsome.”

It was especially so for Han Xiao, the top actor. Every year, he dominated the charts of the top 100 most charismatic males. Even though he had married a few years ago, countless female fans still clamored to have his babies.

Su Jiu asked again, “Is he more handsome than you, Daddy?”


“No!” Su Jiu indignantly rebutted. “Daddy, you’re the most handsome. It’s just that you’re a bit fat. Otherwise, you’d definitely be the most handsome.”

“Ahem!” Su Shengjing almost choked on his own saliva.

So this little girl is complaining that I’m too fat. 

However, after hearing what she said, Su Shengjing suddenly realized that he needed to lose some weight before filming the show. He had to take care of his image. Otherwise, when he stood next to those handsome and well-built fathers, wouldn’t it be embarrassing for his daughter?

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