Chapter 73: A Bold Idea

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“You sure are confident.” The director of the television station sarcastically laughed. “Alright, I’ll let you do this show. If the viewership ratings are not good enough, not only must you compensate me for the losses, but you also have to leave this place!”

“Fine!” The other person’s voice was powerful and resounding. It clearly displayed his determination.

At this moment, another person spoke up, “Hey, Yang, why do you have to be so stubborn? Is it so difficult to admit that you can’t do it? In your current situation, you can’t even afford to pay for the losses. Forget it and stop resisting. If you end up with nothing, it will be troublesome.”

The person seemed to be advising him out of goodwill but was actually mocking him.

“Even if all of you think that it’s impossible, I still want to do it. Even if I end up with nothing, I won’t regret it!”

After saying that, the man furiously stormed out of the office.

However, he suddenly chanced upon Su Shengjing and Su Jiu, who he carried in his arms. The sight momentarily stunned the man. He did expect someone to be eavesdropping outside.

Why does this person look so familiar?

Oh right! I remember now. Isn’t he Su Shengjing, the male celebrity who used to be extremely popular a few years ago? 

In the past, I even invited him to appear on my show, but his company rejected me. They probably didn’t think that the show was important enough. I even found it to be a huge pity back then.

However, not long after, Su Shengjing became the most hated person on the Internet. He even left the entertainment industry and disappeared without a trace.

It has been a few years since then, and his appearance and figure have changed. He’s not as high-spirited as before too. The little girl in his arms should probably be his daughter! She’s all over the internet.

What surprised the man was that Su Shengjing’s daughter was adorable. She looked just like a doll!

At the same time, Su Shengjing also recognized him.

This man was Yang Fangping, a producer at the Central Television Station. He was around 40 years old. In the past, he had personally sought out Su Shengjing and invited him to participate in a variety show that he produced. The show was about conserving cultural relics.

Su Shengjing was quite interested at that time. However, his company thought that those kinds of shows were boring and that young audiences did not like to watch them. Furthermore, his image was that of a young, handsome celebrity who mainly attracted the younger demographic. Hence, his company rejected the offer on his behalf.

Su Shengjing was a little surprised and embarrassed to meet Yang Fangping here.

Yang Fangping was embarrassed as well. He took the initiative to start the conversation. “Su Shengjing, long time no see. This must be your daughter. She’s so cute.”

Su Jiu obediently greeted him. “Hello, Uncle. I’m Little Jiu.”

The child’s cute voice made Yang Fangping’s anger miraculously disappear.

Oh my! She’s healing my heart!

Instantly, a bold idea came to his mind.

Yang Fangping glanced around. After confirming that they were alone, he hurriedly asked Su Shengjing, “Su Shengjing, did you come to the television station today to act in a show?”

Su Shengjing shot him a self-deprecating smile. “No, I’m just bringing the child here for a tour.”

“I see… Well, I have a variety show now. Do you want to join it?”

Su Shengjing was stunned. “What variety show?”

Yang Fangping lowered his voice. “It’s a parent-child variety show. The overall gist is that the father will be tasked to take care of the child. Usually, it’s the mother who does that. However, that means that the father is often not present to witness his child’s growth. So, I was thinking about starting a variety show featuring fathers taking care of their children. There’s probably a market for it!”

“I plan to invite five father-child pairs as guests. Initially, I intended to invite a non-celebrity for one of those pairs. But after seeing your daughter, I really hope that you can bring her along. The little girl is so cute that she will definitely attract a lot of fans!”

As Yang Fangping spoke, he became excited. It was not difficult to find male celebrities and young children in the entertainment industry. However, only a few children were as cute as Little Jiu. She was definitely one in a million!

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