Chapter 70: What Goddess Is She?

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Besides, he looks so embarrassed. Even his ears are slightly red. Is he feeling shy? 

Song Wanqiu suddenly felt gratified. This child is finally showing some different emotions. He usually remains so silent, just like an autistic child. 

She had been worried that if he continued like this, his personality would become twisted. That would’ve been troublesome.

Little Jiu is practically a little savior the heavens sent to us. Not only did she help me, but she’s also helping Ah Si.

Su Jiu pulled Rong Si to the bedside and asked with concern, “Auntie, are you feeling better? Big Brother said that you can be discharged soon!”

The more Song Wanqiu looked at Su Jiu, the cuter she found her to be. She gently smiled at Su Jiu and said, “Yes, I’ll be discharged soon. I’m really grateful to you and your father.”

The woman in front of Su Jiu was really too beautiful and gentle. Even though she looked sickly, she was still extremely beautiful. What kind of a goddess is she?

The man who abandoned her and the little villain must be out of his mind!

If I were a man with such a wife, I’d dote on her so badly! 

Su Jiu felt indignant. After returning to her senses, she politely replied, “You don’t have to thank me. This is what we should do!”

Su Shengjing also asked about Song Wanqiu’s health out of courtesy. Although he knew that Su Jiu liked to stay together with that little boy, it was getting late and he still had to return to the construction site. Since he had to film a show tomorrow, he would not be able to continue his job as a construction worker.

After he and Su Jiu left, Song Wanqiu looked at Rong Si. “Why did you leave for so long today? I was worried that something bad might have happened to you.”

If not for the fact that Rong Si was much smarter than other children and was not gullible, Song Wanqiu would’ve been worried sick.

“I went to buy some candy.”

“Huh?” Song Wanqiu was a little surprised. Since when does this child like to eat candy?

Rong Si looked a little guilty. Averting his gaze, he continued, “I gave it to Little Jiu.”

I see.

Song Wanqiu could not help but laugh. It was rare for her child to have a friend he got along with. He even knew how to please her.

It seems that he really likes that little girl.

She was very satisfied. “Was Little Jiu happy?”

Rong Si pursed his lips, lowered his eyes, and said, “Another kid also gave her something. His family is very rich, so he gave her many gifts.”

Compared to those gifts that cost a lot of money, his candy was nothing.

Song Wanqiu caressed his head and comforted him. “You shouldn’t think of it that way. Perhaps, Little Jiu prefers the candy you gave her. You can ask her later.”

“No.” An awkward expression appeared on Rong Si’s face.

Song Wanqiu knew that he was embarrassed, so she smiled and said, “Actually, it’s not important what kind of gifts you gave her. The important thing is your sincerity. As long as Little Jiu gets happy when she receives your gift, it means that she likes it. Think about it carefully. When Little Jiu received your gift, was she happy?”

Su Jiu’s sweet smile appeared in Rong Si’s mind, making his ears blush further.

“She was.”

“That’s it!” Song Wanqiu pulled him over and patiently said, “Little Jiu is a very good girl. She won’t mind what you give her. She’s your good friend now, but she’s too young. As her big brother, you must give in to her and protect her well, understand?”

“Yes.” Rong Si vigorously nodded.


When Su Jiu woke up the next morning, she found Su Shengjing making breakfast in the kitchen instead of leaving in a hurry like before. Therefore, she curiously asked, “Daddy, don’t you have to work today?”

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