Chapter 69: Earning Money to Raise My Daughter

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A slightly impolite voice came from the other end. “Su Shengjing, right? There’s a show being filmed at the TV station. Do you want to come over?”

Su Shengjing was stunned. He glanced at Sheng Zhiyan.

This child actually found a job for me?

He subconsciously asked, “What show?”

“It’s an outdoor reality show. The filming starts at 2 p.m. tomorrow. Do you want to come?”

There was a huge market for reality shows. They had a large audience base, who enjoyed watching them. Without any hesitation, Su Shengjing agreed. “Sure, I’ll be there on time.”

“You can’t just be punctual. You have to arrive half an hour early.”

“Okay.” Su Shengjing was a little excited. He did not expect someone to invite him to film a show.

When he hung up, Sheng Tianci raised his eyebrows. “Oh, could it be that my Second Brother really found a job for you? What do you think? Are you really planning to enter the entertainment industry again? You said before that it’s a really messed up place.”

“I want to enter the entertainment industry again, but my goal is to earn money to raise my daughter. It’s not for my so-called dreams, as it was in the past. I don’t need to become a top celebrity again. As long as I can earn enough money to give Little Jiu a good life, I’ll be content.”

Su Shengjing’s gaze landed on Su Jiu and became deep and determined.

Sheng Tianci could feel that Su Shengjing was different from his past proud and arrogant self. The pathetic and decadent lifestyle he had lived after he left the industry was also gone. Now, he was a responsible father.

“Alright, I support you.”

The three children did not notice the conversation between the two adults. Sheng Zhiyan’s attention was entirely focused on Su Jiu. Right now, he was angrily pouting.

Little Jiu is holding that little beggar’s hand again. I’m really upset! 

However, he could not get angry at her. Sheng Zhiyan had never felt so aggrieved before.

After walking for some distance, Sheng Tianci received a call. It was from Old Master Sheng. First, the old man reprimanded Sheng Tianci for bringing Sheng Zhiyan out to fool around. Then, he asked him to immediately bring back the kid. The kid’s English teacher had been waiting for a long time.

When Sheng Zhiyan heard that he was going back for lessons, he got even more upset. He threw a tantrum. “I’m not going back. Who wants to attend those boring classes? I don’t want to!”

Sheng Tianci felt a headache. He was about to drag Sheng Zhiyan back when he saw Su Jiu standing on her tiptoes. She reached out to pat Sheng Zhiyan’s head as if she were petting a little puppy. “Big Brother, I don’t even have a teacher to teach me at home. I’m so envious of you. Go back and study well! After you learn everything, you’ll become much better than other children. You can even teach me, then!”

Hearing these words, Sheng Zhiyan suddenly felt much better.

Yeah! After I learn everything, I’ll definitely be better than the little beggar. I want to beat him! 

Sheng Zhiyan’s temper instantly disappeared. In fact, he could not wait to go back and study. This shocked Sheng Tianci.

This kid hates studying the most. Yet, Su Jiu convinced him with just a few words. What a talent! 

He could not help but say to Su Shengjing, “Who gave birth to your daughter? I think her mother must be extremely capable. Look at Little Jiu’s EQ! She’s not like you at all.”

Su Shengjing smiled.

The child’s mother?

I also want to know who she is. 

After managing to convince the young master to return, Su Jiu and Su Shengjing accompanied Rong Si to the hospital for a visit to Song Wanqiu.

After her surgery was done, Song Wanqiu was resting on the bed. Although her face was still pale, she seemed much better than before. When she saw Su Jiu walking in with Rong Si, it surprised her a little.

Ah Si is especially resistant to others touching him. Yet, he’s willing to let this little girl hold his hand?

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