Chapter 68: I’ll Take Care of Her for Life

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Someone took out his phone and secretly took photos of the three children. When Su Shengjing saw this, his gaze turned cold. He stood up and strode to the girl. “Can you not take any photos secretly?”

Before this, people had secretly filmed Su Jiu two times. Each time, she had to receive the netizens’ attacks.

Su Shengjing did not want his daughter’s photo to appear on the Internet again even if they had not been recognized this time.

Feeling a bit guilty, the girl who had taken the photo muttered, “Sorry.” She then cooperatively deleted the photo.

However, she felt that it was a huge pity. It’s such a pity to not take any pictures of such a pretty girl and handsome boys! 

Su Jiu ate the fried chicken and ice cream and was satisfied. She also noticed that the little villain was eating very happily. Probably, he seldom eats or has never eaten food like this before! 

Since it was not convenient for Su Shengjing to eat with them, he merely watched Su Jiu eat. When he saw that she was having fun, he felt relieved. However, as he recalled the old man’s words, his mood took a worse turn.

Hah! I can’t survive after leaving the Su family? 

He’s underestimating me.

So what if I have to carry bricks at the construction site? Even though it would be tough for him, he would not let Su Jiu return to the Su family. That place was devoid of any affection and warmth. A child who grew up in such an environment would develop psychological traumas.

On the way back, Sheng Zhiyan held Su Jiu’s hand and walked in front. Rong Si quietly followed them and blankly watched their interlaced fingers.

He also wanted to hold Little Jiu’s hand. She was the only child who was willing to play with him and the only one who treated him well. However, he had no way to become like that little boy who could hold her hand whenever he wanted.

Rong Si struggled to directly express his thoughts due to the inferiority that was deeply ingrained inside him. He was afraid that if he did anything wrong, he would make Su Jiu unhappy and lose her as a friend.

Just when he was feeling down, Su Jiu suddenly turned around and flashed him a sweet smile. She even stretched her hand out to him. “Big Brother, hurry up.”

Rong Si had looked like an abandoned little puppy when he walked alone at the back. When she had noticed how pitiful he looked, Su Jiu had been unable to stand it any further.

Rong Si was stunned. Before he could think of a response, his footsteps involuntarily quickened and he grabbed Su Jiu’s hands.

Sheng Tianci clicked his tongue and whispered to Su Shengjing, “I think your little girl seems to like that little boy. Will they end up together when they grow up? Then, what about my little nephew? He’ll definitely cry his heart out.”

Su Shengjing rolled his eyes at him. “Do you think anyone can become my son-in-law so easily?”

To be honest, he did not think highly of Rong Si. Since a young age, Rong Si had been on the receiving end of other people’s insults and disdain. As a result, he had become introverted and silent. He did not like to talk at all. No one could read his thoughts. A child like him could go on to develop an extremely dark personality, which was very terrifying.

As for Sheng Zhiyan, he seemed like a childish and ill-tempered young master. He was good to Little Jiu at the moment, but if she did anything to upset him, he might bully her.

Sheng Tianci laughed and patted his shoulder. “You’re like a slave to your daughter. If you spoil Little Jiu…”

Su Shengjing snorted. “Even if she becomes spoiled, she’d be my daughter. If she can’t get married, I’ll take care of her forever.”

As he spoke, his phone suddenly rang.

Su Shengjing took it out and saw that the call was an unknown number. Although he did not have the habit of answering unknown calls, he accepted the call when he noticed that it was from a local number. “Hello?”

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