Chapter 55: Big Brother, You’re So Nice

Sheng Tianci’s lips twitched.

No way! Kids nowadays know how to flirt with girls better than me?

Sheng Zhiyan’s words were very domineering. Su Jiu felt helpless to do anything else; she could only say, “Big Brother, you’re the best!”

It’s impossible for me to stop talking to the little villain. I have to stop those terrible things from happening to him!

After getting another praise from Su Jiu, Sheng Zhiyan’s mood finally improved.

Kids weren’t one to remain angry for long. When Sheng Zhiyan returned home and watched cartoons with Su Jiu, he quickly forgot all about Rong Si.

Old Mistress Sheng watched in relief as her spoiled grandson got along well with Su Jiu. Her affectionate gaze was clear to show that she was already treating Su Jiu as her future granddaughter-in-law.

She pulled Sheng Tianci over and whispered, “The little brat really likes Little Jiu. Yesterday, I asked Su Shengjing if he’s willing to let Little Jiu get engaged to Zhiyan, but he doesn’t want to. Do you think if we offer him more benefits, he’ll be willing to approve the engagement?”

Sheng Tianci was speechless. “Mom, what era are we living in now? There’s no such thing as engagement between kids. If Little Jiu were my daughter, I wouldn’t be happy either, let alone Su Shengjing. Who knows what kind of a man the little brat will become when he grows up? No one can be sure at all! So how would Su Shengjing agree to the engagement? What if that brat grows up to be a bad man? Then, does Little Jiu still have to marry him?”

“You’re right.” Old Mistress Sheng felt like it was a pity. “Then, it all depends on that little brat. You should find a wife and give me a granddaughter as well!”

Hearing those words, Sheng Tianci immediately escaped in guilt and joined the two kids.

It’s really tough to play with that young master!

Su Jiu felt like Sheng Zhiyan had an endless amount of energy. He dragged her around the house, not feeling tired at all.

By the time Su Shengjing came to fetch her in the evening, Su Jiu was exhausted.

After Su Shengjing carried her, she lay on his shoulder. Phew, I can finally rest.

Sheng Zhiyan sent the two of them out. He looked up at Su Shengjing and eagerly asked, “Is Little Jiu still coming over tomorrow? If she is, I’ll go pick her up.”

Su Jiu silently lamented. Can I not come?

She came up with a plan. Burying her face in the crook of Su Shengjing’s neck, she closed her eyes as if she had fallen asleep.

Su Shengjing knew that his daughter was tired. He tightly hugged her and said to Sheng Zhiyan, “Little Jiu is asleep. She’s a little tired today. When she has rested enough, I’ll let her come over to play with you. How about that?”

Sheng Zhiyan pouted and sullenly agreed.

The father and daughter duo entered the car. Su Jiu only let go of Su Shengjing after Sheng Zhiyan disappeared from her sight. Sitting on his lap, she lamented with an aggrieved expression, “I like to be with you, Daddy, but you don’t have time to accompany me.”

Su Shengjing instantly felt a little apologetic. Stroking her face, he apologized, “It’s Daddy’s fault. After I start earning money, I’ll bring you to the amusement park to play, okay?”

“Okay!” Su Jiu obediently agreed and snuggled into his arms. With Su Shengjing around, she could completely relax.

When she felt Su Shengjing’s chubby stomach, she poked it with her small finger. “Daddy, your fat is still there!”

“Ahem!” Seeing how much his daughter disliked his figure, Su Shengjing coughed in embarrassment.

He had already cut his hair and shaved his beard, so he looked much better now. If he could manage his figure well, he would certainly look like his past handsome self, fit to become the nation’s crush again!

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