Chapter 53: A Little Smart Child

Song Wanqiu was too good-tempered, and she had never quarreled with anyone before. Therefore, she did not know how to rebuke Madam Zheng.

She knew that no matter what she said, this woman and her companions would not believe her.

Sheng Tianci was furious. Why are these aunties so talkative? They are all women, yet they are making things difficult for her. They are speaking at the top of their voices as if they want everyone to hear them.

All the middle-aged women he knew were well-mannered. This was the first time he had seen such uncivilized people.

Su Jiu noticed the little villain clenching his fists and his black eyes clouding with hatred and anger. It looked like he wanted to rush up and kill someone. Su Jiu could completely understand his rage. It was just like when Madam Zhang had mocked her father that morning, making her so angry that she had kicked her in the face.

Su Jiu gently held Rong Si’s hand and innocently looked up at him. “Big Brother, do you smell a stench?”

The moment she held his hand, Rong Si felt the little girl’s warm palm. It stunned him, and the anger within him miraculously faded.

He confusedly looked at Su Jiu as she continued, “It must be the stench coming out of that auntie’s mouth. It’s so smelly! Ugh!”

Su Jiu raised her other hand to cover her nose as her delicate eyebrows furrowed in disdain.

Rong Si immediately understood what Su Jiu meant. She was saying that Madam Zhang had a foul mouth.

Well, it did stink.

He nodded. “I can smell it too. It smells even worse than garbage!”

Sheng Tianci instantly thought that this little girl, Su Jiu, was not only cute but also smart. She was obviously scolding Madam Zhang in a roundabout way. Hence, he also covered his nose and exclaimed, “Tsk tsk! I don’t know whose mouth is full of sh*t. This stench is coming over to us. This is serious air pollution. How inconsiderate!”

Madam Zhang was so angry that her face flushed. She glared at Su Jiu. “You wretched girl! You sure know how to talk, huh? I think you will grow up to be a vixen who seduces men everywhere!”

When Sheng Zhiyan heard Madam Zheng scold Su Jiu, fury surged in his heart. He threateningly waved his fist and said, “How dare you scold my sister? Are you tired of living?!”

His fierce look almost made Su Jiu laugh. She held his fists down. “Big Brother, don’t hit such a person. It will dirty your hands.”

Madam Zhang was at a loss for words.

“Even if you want to seduce a man, you have to be pretty. Auntie, you’re so ugly that you can’t even be a seductress,” Su Jiu rebuked in a childish voice. Then, she turned around and asked Sheng Tianci and Song Wanqiu, “Uncle, Auntie, am I right?”

Her innocent look when she pretended not to understand anything was the most infuriating thing for Madam Zheng.

“Of course, whatever Little Jiu says is right.”

Sheng Tianci stroked her little head and said to Madam Zhang and the others, “Hey, can’t you just stay at home and take care of your grandchildren? Why do you have to come out and spout all this nonsense? I’m warning you! Don’t be so crude with your words. Accumulate some good karma for your kids. Also, don’t think that orphans and widows are easy to bully. If I hear you say that again, get ready to be sued in court. If you don’t believe me, you can try!”

Madam Zhang’s and the others’ faces turned even darker. They could tell that those were not just empty words. Hence, they had no choice but to fiercely glare at him before angrily leaving.

This was the first time someone had spoken up for Song Wanqiu instead of insulting her alongside the rest. She felt bitter but also moved. Then, she said to Song Wanqiu, “Thank you.”

Su Jiu also said with admiration, “Uncle, you were so handsome just now!”

Sheng Tianci scratched his nose in embarrassment. However, he was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

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