Measures Must Be Taken to Deal With the Wife

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When Feng Yuheng was pushed over, she was in the middle of thinking about the last battle in the South. Suddenly being pushed onto the bed caught her off guard, and she reflexively attacked the person at her side.

Xuan Tianming used his skills to stop her and very helplessly said: “Dear wife, why is it that you’re using martial skills?”

Only then did she manage to react. Looking at her current situation, how could she not understand what this wolf wanted to do. She could not help but smirk: “Can you think about something else for once?”

A certain person very seriously said: “During the day, when I was in court and in the palace, I was thinking only about official matters. But who said that I needed to continue thinking about official business after returning home? Your man is also quite tired and needs to relax.”

Manual labor was more tiring, alright? She rolled her eyes and tried to change the subject: “I need to speak with you about something important. These past few days, I have been feeling regretful. Back in the desert, I really shouldn’t have killed Bi Xiu and lost someone to levy accusations against the eighth prince. It’s such that old eighth is still causing waves in the capital. He caused such a big disturbance in the southern part of Da Shun, but he continues to live as if nothing happened?”

“Hmph!” Xuan Tianming coldly snorted, “Old eighth has laid out a large chessboard. It can’t possibly be destroyed so easily. Moreover, look at the old man’s attitude. From time to time, he will suppress him; however, it’s completely harmless. It’s as though he’s playing around. I already said it. The old man is getting old and can’t bear to watch his sons engage in a fight to the death. That’s one aspect of things. Most importantly, he is unreconciled with having the throne be handed down in a calm and logical manner. He is the ruler of Da Shun, and he has the mission of selecting a good successor. He cannot just give it to whichever son he is biased towards. He needs to see which son has the ability to allow Da Shun to prosper even more. Do you think that the old man is unable to understand the disturbance that old eighth created in the South? In truth, he understands everything, and what he understands, even more, is that even if Gu Shu took some cities, once old eighth took the throne, he could not possibly just leave those cities alone. In the end, he would go against what he had said. The old man is his father and understands him too well. In summary, the old man is not foolish. He’s quite sharp. Old eighth also is not foolish and is quite sharp. As for dear wife, you are even less foolish and even sharper. That’s why… don’t change the subject on this prince. It’s time to eat!”

Feng Yuheng felt a gust of wind rush towards her, and she subconsciously closed her eyes and loudly said: “I’ll tell Huang Quan to prepare the meal.”

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He ignored her and pulled out a silk sash from somewhere, directly placing it on the phoenix-shaped birthmark on her left wrist. Feng Yuheng was cold: “What are you doing?”

“Preventing you from escaping.”

She cried! The previous night, the night before that and the night before that, as a result of this hungry wolf’s pleas, she had gone to hide inside her space for three consecutive nights. Today, she had been caught, and he had come up with a counterplan. She tried to reach for her left wrist but found that she really could not hide in her space with the wrist being covered up. She could not help but quietly say her prayers, hoping that this wolf could be a little more human today…

Snow fell throughout the night. The large snowflakes covered the wintersweet in a thick blanket.

Noble Lady Yuan woke up early in the morning. Just as the sky was starting to lighten, she went to the imperial garden with her personal servant. Her servant, Yue Xiu, was holding a large porcelain jar. While walking, she said: “Master, this matter could have been taken care of by this servant and some palace servants. Why bother coming out yourself on such a cold day.”

Noble Lady Yuan shook her head and said: “Since something good must be done, it must be done as fully as possible. Why bother doing it if it’s not enough to attain a higher position when I’m unwilling to accept a lower position. Mo’er is right. It’s for no other reason. I will just treat this entirely as being for him. Like this, I won’t feel uncomfortable.”

Yue Xiu sighed: “Master has suffered a grievance.”

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Indeed, she had suffered a grievance. Because of the heavy snowfall the previous night paired with her getting up too early, it was such that the palace servants did not have a chance to sweep the ground on this side. Just walking to the garden, her shoes and socks had already become a little wet; however, she still endured until they were under the wintersweet. Having Yue Xiu hold the jar, she used her nail protector to gently move the branch. The snow piled up on the tree fell in a torrent, landing in the porcelain jar.

“Everyone says that brewing tea from the melted snow that came from atop a wintersweet would make the tea more fragrant. In the past, I myself never had such an interest. My first time getting some actually turned out to be for her.” Even if Noble Lady Yuan had thought about being more magnanimous earlier, she still felt quite uncomfortable. But this sort of feeling did not get in the way of gathering the snow. Master and servant worked for four hours before the jar was finally filled.

Yue Xiu took a look inside and said: “Master, there’s roughly enough. Either way, it’s only enough for one pot of tea. There’s no need for too much.”

Noble Lady Yuan nodded, “Then let’s go back. My feet are freezing. I fear that I will be suffering tonight.”

“Tonight, this servant will use fresh ginger for your soak. It would be best if illness could be avoided.” Yue Xiu quickly hurried Noble Lady Yuan back. It was only after they returned to Cun Shan Palace that they ordered for the snow to be used to make tea. Noble Lady Yuan also got changed before the master and servant headed for Zhang Ning Palace with the pot of tea and banknotes worth 100 thousand taels of silver.

After a few days of liveliness at Zhang Ning Palace, it had temporarily become peaceful. Especially after receiving permission from the Empress to host her little banquet, everyone in all of the palaces found out about it, thus they stopped visiting and causing a stir. There were some who had not had the chance to send their things and were waiting for the banquet to give their gifts.

Of course, not everyone in the inner palace received an invitation from Imperial Concubine Li. She was also rather picky. Those that had received them were the members of the imperial harem with whom she had at least spoken a bit. But there truly were not many people that fit that description. Counting them, there were only two or three. She felt that this was too disgraceful, thus she chose some members of the talented lady rank and sent out some more invitations. For those people, their status in the palace was low. To be able to receive an invitation from an imperial concubine, they were all exceedingly happy, as they all began to prepare their gifts.

When Noble Lady Yuan arrived, the palace servants of Zhang Ning Palace were sweeping away the snow. Large piles of snow were piled up to the two sides of the path. Because their master was in a good mood, the palace maids had also made a few small snowmen.

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This sort of scene caused Noble Lady Yuan’s heart to ache a little. In the past, she had also been the main master of a palace. The servants of Cun Shan Palace would also make a few snowmen on snowy days. On a whim, she would even adorn the snowmen with some valuable accessories. When the snowmen melted, those accessories would naturally be given to the palace servants who had built the snowmen.

Now, this sort of sight could no longer be found in Cun Shan Palace. She had been demoted to a noble lady and could no longer live in the main hall. She also had far fewer people under her. Cun Shan Palace was now shrouded in a gloominess. Who still had the heart to build snowmen?

Seeing that Noble Lady Yuan’s expression was not very good, Yue Xiu quickly consoled her: “Master, don’t take it to heart. This might just be one of the things that His Majesty currently enjoys. Whether or not Her Highness Imperial Concubine Li is able to hold onto this glory is still uncertain.”

Once this was said, the two headed straight for the middle of the yard, as a palace servant met them and paid their respects. They were then led to the main hall. Today, there were many people who had come to give their gifts. Noble Lady Yuan’s arrival was not unexpected, thus the people did not pay too much attention to her.

Inside the main hall, Zuo’er was helping Imperial Concubine Li with her hair. Just after the final hairpin was placed, a palace maid came to report the arrival of Noble Lady Yuan. Imperial Concubine Li was stunned and subconsciously said: “What did she come for?”

Who knew that when this was said, Noble Lady Yuan had already reached the door. These words clearly entered her ears and were met with a faint laugh, as she raised her voice to say: “Elder sister has come to see my younger sister. Isn’t this something that should be done?” After saying this, she did not need to be announced, as she walked in on her own. In front of Imperial Concubine Li, she performed a very proper salute and said: “This concubine pays respects to Your Highness Imperial Concubine Li. Congratulations on returning to the position of imperial concubine.”

Imperial Concubine Li was dazed at this sight. Was acting obsequiously something that this elder sister was capable of doing? She widened her eyes and refused to believe it. It was Zuo’er who was sharpest, as she quickly reminded her: “Your Highness, quickly let Noble Lady Yuan stand up!”

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Only then did Imperial Concubine Li manage to react; however, her words were a bit stiff, “Y-you may rise!”

Noble Lady Yuan snorted coldly internally, thinking to herself that this was a worthless person. She had been given a lofty position, but she was not able to have the appearance of someone of such a position. But this was also good. This would make manipulating her easier. She stood up and personally received the platter that Yue Xiu was holding. Placing it on a table in front of Imperial Concubine Li, she said: “This is a tea that was brewed using snow that this concubine especially went to fetch from atop the wintersweet in the imperial garden. Your Highness, quickly have a taste to see how it is.” While saying this, she took the initiative to pour a cup for Imperial Concubine Li and brought it over to her, “We came quickly, and the tea has not gotten cold yet!”

Imperial Concubine Li was a bit scared to drink it. The thought that occupied her mind was: Will this tea be poisoned?

But Zuo’er felt that there was no problem with this. Noble Lady Yuan was a smart person with schemes. Even if she wanted to poison her, it would not be done in such a blatant manner. Thus she helped receive it and advised: “Your Highness, have a taste. Don’t waste Noble Lady’s kind intentions.”

Only then did Imperial Concubine Li dare to drink it; however, she was still hesitant. But after taking a sip, she found that it tasted quite good. The melted snow that came from atop the wintersweet carried a faint fragrance. The tea that was brewed had a unique flavor. Only then did her mood improve by a bit, as she said: “Elder sister, quickly be seated.”

Zuo’er quickly brought a chair over. Seeing Noble Lady Yuan sit down, Imperial Concubine Li then said: “Who knew that elder sister would come. Elder sister, do not take what was just said to heart.”

Noble Lady Yuan shook her head with a smile: “Since you have called me elder sister, how could an elder sister argue with a younger sister over such a thing?” She looked at Imperial Concubine Li and revealed an emotional expression. After a while, she continued: “In just a blink of an eye, so many years have passed. Over these years, we did not interact much. In truth, this has been something that has been eating at me this entire time. Before you came into the palace, a letter came from home, telling me to take good care of you, but…” She quietly sighed, “It was I who did not take good care of you and allowed you to suffer much bitterness in the palace. Later on, His Majesty also… forget it. Let’s not speak of the past. Right now, you have managed to reach the happiness that comes after hardship. Elder sister really is happy for you.” While she spoke, she pulled out the banknotes that she had prepared for Imperial Concubine Li, “Don’t think too much about it. I don’t have any intention of bribing you with this money. I was just thinking that you would need some money since returning to the position of imperial concubine. You can’t be without spare money. I heard Kongshan say that she prepared small amounts totaling 3000 taels of silver, but I was worried about when you would need larger sums of silver, thus I prepared this for you.”

Imperial Concubine Li received it. The 10 thousand tael denomination caused her heart to tremble. “This… is too much.” She looked at Noble Lady Yuan, “Elder sister, even if you want to provide me with financial assistance, this is a little too much.”

Noble Lady Yuan, however, shook her head and said: “Take it. It’s not too much at all. Where is there any need for we sisters to worry about such things? I came today to give you this tea to taste and to give you this money. There is also a third gift that I wanted to give to you…”

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