Chapter 51: Little Sister Was Snatched Away

“Twenty thousand?” Sheng Tianci was surprised.

Rong Si thought Sheng Tianci found the amount too high, but he was not surprised. Whenever he went from house to house to borrow money in the past, no one was willing to lend him as they said the amount was too much.

As for Sheng Tianci, he had thought that the fees would be a few hundred thousand dollars. The amount only being twenty thousand was out of his expectations.

This amount of money was nothing to him. His monthly pocket money was more than ten times of it. He could hardly believe that this child had been forced to pick up trash and endure other people’s judgment just for this meager amount of money.

Rong Si tried to probe. “Uncle, can you lend it to me? I’ll definitely return it to you.”

Sheng Tianci could see the determination in the kid’s eyes. It was impossible to doubt the authenticity of his words.

“Of course.”

When Sheng Tianci agreed, Su Jiu saw a glimmer of hope in the little villain’s dark eyes. She then said to Sheng Tianci, “Uncle, since we can’t catch up with Daddy now, why don’t we help this big brother and send his mother to the hospital?”

Without waiting for Sheng Tianci to reply, Sheng Zhiyan angrily refused the suggestion. “No! Just give him the money. Why do we have to go to the hospital?”

Why is Little Jiu treating this beggar so well? It’s making me really unhappy!

Su Jiu turned to look at him and seriously said, “Big Brother, you promised me just now to help him. If you don’t keep your promise, you won’t be a man anymore!”

“…” Sheng Zhiyan was at a loss for words.

He had no choice but to agree to her if he wanted to show her that he was a man.

Hmph, I must follow them. I must not let that despicable little beggar snatch Little Jiu away!


Rong Si walked up the dim stairway to the third floor. Taking out his keys, he opened the door and entered.

When the sight of a woman lying on the bed and clutching her abdomen with a pained expression entered his eyes, he quickened his steps and rushed to the bed. Worry filled his child-like face. “Mommy, does your stomach hurt again?”

The woman flashed a weak smile at him as if she were completely fine. She even reached out to stroke his hair. “It’s okay. It’ll stop hurting after a while.”

Since she had no money to buy medicine, she endured the pain like this. If the pain got too excruciating, she would just drink some warm water.

As she replied to her son, she saw Sheng Tianci and the two children enter the room. This shocked her.

As Su Jiu had walked upstairs, she had expected the little villain’s mother to be very thin. However, she did not expect her to be so skinny that there was no excess fat on her body. She looked as if a strong gust of wind could blow her away.

Furthermore, Su Jiu did not expect Rong Si’s mother to be so beautiful.

His mother had a small oval-shaped face and delicate facial features. Her slightly curly long hair cascaded over her shoulders, and soft curls hung beside her ears. Perhaps, because she had not been out for a long time, her skin was fair and her lips were a little pale. Yet, it did not affect her beauty at all.

The little villain looked like her. His facial features were equally exquisite, if not even more.

When Sheng Tianci saw the woman, he was stunned for a moment. Then, his ears instantly blushed.

He embarrassedly said, “Um… Hello, my name is Sheng Tianci. I’m a friend of the family who stays on the sixth floor. I saw your child picking up rubbish downstairs just now, so I asked him a few questions. When I learned that you guys were leading a difficult life, I came up to see if there was anything I could help with.”

The sixth floor?

The woman suddenly remembered that the little girl Rong Si had mentioned also stayed on the sixth floor. Could it be…

Her gaze landed on Su Jiu, who was standing beside Sheng Tianci.

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