Just a Crazy Person

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It had to be said that the person most surprised by Feng Fendai’s arrival was Imperial Concubine Li because she did not send an invitation to Feng Fendai. She truly could not understand what this person wanted to do by coming without being invited.

Imperial Concubine Li stared at Feng Fendai until she arrived before her. Taking another glance at the child that had come with her, he had dark skin and looked quite cute, but anyone being led around by Feng Fendai would be impossible to like. Imperial Concubine Li even felt a bit annoyed.

Because this banquet had been hosted without proper decorum, Imperial Concubine Li had already been feeling a bit unhappy from hearing the complaints. With Feng Yuheng deliberately distancing herself and sitting with Xuan Tiange, she could not even get close to try and become more intimate. Imperial Concubine Li had a belly full of anger and no place to vent it. Seeing Feng Fendai come in with this child, she immediately got in the mood to vent.

Just as Fendai came to a stop and before she could salute, she heard Imperial Concubine Li’s cold voice asking: “What did you come for? Who allowed you into the palace? What sort of place do you take the Imperial Palace for? A girl without rank or title coming as she pleases, who exactly is giving you such confidence!”

Once these words came out, Feng Fendai immediately burst into laughter, and this laughter was extremely unrestrained. The giggling caused Feng Yuheng to believe that this girl had been possessed by Han shi, but Feng Fendai’s laughter could occasionally resemble Han shi; however, when she spoke, it was wildly different from her mother’s charming tone. Imperial Concubine Li did not like her, but she did not mind, as she also did not like Imperial Concubine Li. She only sought out Imperial Concubine Li to make use of her, and this relationship had already begun to carry a threatening tone. She said: “Whether or not I can come into the Imperial Palace is not up to Your Highness. At the same time, there’s no need to report anyone entering and exiting the palace to an imperial concubine. The reason that I can enter the palace and the one giving me confidence is definitely the fifth prince. What is it, does Your Highness have any objections?”

Imperial Concubine Li also knew that what she had just said was too lacking in skill. That was just how she was. She herself did not have many ideas, and she was always easy to get incited. When incited, the things that she said would not have much thought put into them. At present, Feng Fendai had found a fault with them, and this left her looking a little deflated. But she was still able to force herself to squeeze out: “This One is speaking about Zhang Ning Palace! Who allowed you to come in?”

Fendai blinked a bit, “Isn’t this place hosting a palace banquet? Your Highness has returned to the position of imperial concubine, and everyone has given congratulatory gifts. The princes are also giving face to His Highness the sixth prince by preparing gifts. I am representing His Highness the fifth prince today and brought a celebratory gift for Your Highness.”

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After she finished speaking, she gestured to the maidservant behind her to bring a box forward. Imperial Concubine Li was a bit embarrassed. Fendai had come for the sake of delivering a gift, thus it was not good for her to say anything about it; moreover, she had said that she was sending a gift on His Highness the fifth prince’s behalf. No matter how foolish she was, she understood that she should not make enemies for her son. Even if the princes were her son’s opponents, tearing at their faces was not something that should start with her. Thus she adjusted her mood before saying: “Since you’ve come, just enjoy the atmosphere!” After saying this, she gestured to Zuo’er to grant her a seat; however, she pointed at a place nearest the door: “Just let the Feng family’s young miss sit over there.”

Fendai did not mind being assigned a seat over there. Dragging along Xiao Bao, she followed Zuo’er over. After being seated, she was indifferent, but her eyes continued to stare at Imperial Concubine Li. This caused Imperial Concubine Li’s heart to feel uneasy. She came into the palace today for the sake of seeing the person whom she had sought out for a partnership many times. Despite making use of her through the use of threats many times, this woman did not make any moves nor have any reactions. She could not help but become curious about what exactly Imperial Concubine Li was thinking.

Of course, Fendai naturally could figure out that Imperial Concubine Li did not want to help her and instead wanted to push her own son onto the imperial throne. But based on her understanding, the sixth prince was not someone capable of becoming the ruler. The sixth prince himself rejected it. Even if Imperial Concubine Li wanted it, how could it possibly happen? But while she understood this logic, Imperial Concubine Li naturally would also understand it; however, Imperial Concubine Li continued to strive for this goal. This caused Fendai to speculate a bit more. Could it be that Imperial Concubine Li had another pillar of support?

She glanced sideways at Zhu Kongshan then thought things over a bit more. If Imperial Concubine Li’s pillar of support was Noble Lady Yuan, that would be even more impossible. Noble Lady Yuan had her own son, and the eighth prince was a hot contestant for the throne. How could she possibly turn around and help Imperial
Concubine Li. Could it be.. that Imperial Concubine Li had decided to give up on having the sixth prince compete for the throne and turned to support the eighth prince?

The more she thought about it, the more she felt it possible. If it was like this, that would not be good to herself in the slightest. The fifth prince was completely alone and did not have anyone to place his hopes in. If Imperial Concubine Li could not be taken in, her beautiful dreams would be shattered.

The more Fendai thought about it, the angrier she became. Tightly clenching her fists, she ended up squishing Xiao Bao’s hand. Xiao Bao gently cried out “hurts” before she managed to recover. But at this time, she saw Imperial Concubine Li leave the head seat and head toward Feng Yuheng with a warm expression. Without any concern for Xuan Tiange being at her side, she went forward and tugged at Feng Yuheng’s sleeve and said: “A-Heng, look at how far you’re sitting. We don’t even have a chance to speak properly.”

Imperial Concubine Li’s warmth caused Xuan Tiange, who was pushed to the side, to frown and quietly mutter to her two friends: “When did they become like in-laws? Is this any way to gain favor?”

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Fung Tianyu thought for a bit then said: “Could it be related to the relationship with His Highness the sixth prince? After all, His Highness the sixth prince gets along quite well with A-Heng. A-Heng called us to come together, but was it not for the sake of giving face to His Highness the sixth prince?”

Xuan Tiange thought for a bit. aside from this, there was no other possibility, thus she nodded but still could not help but say: “Getting even closer with A-Heng than Imperial Concubine Yun, what sort of situation is this? Could it be that sixth brother has not favored any girl this entire time and has caused Imperial Concubine Li to become anxious? It’s such that she will look favorably upon anyone she is able to catch?”

While she was completely unable to figure it out, Feng Fendai immediately saw through the situation. In addition to this, some sour words came from a young miss not far away: “Oh! Those that do not know might think that Princess Yu and Her Highness Imperial Concubine Li were in-laws! Just look at how intimate they are. It really is quite enviable.” Fendai was almost instantly able to guess what Imperial Concubine Li was thinking, but just as quickly, she felt a desire to slap herself.

This was truly too funny! If Imperial Concubine Li really had that sort of intention, Imperial Concubine Li would be crazy! How could she think of scheming with someone crazy? Partner up with them?

She laughed but was a bit expected. Who knew what sort of thing Imperial Concubine Li could do with such intentions in mind. She really wanted to see something unusual. Only like that would things get interesting! It would be best if the ninth prince killed Imperial Concubine Li and her son in anger. Like that, Da Shun’s throne would have one fewer person interested in it.

Imperial Concubine Li clung to Feng Yuheng and chatted very warmly. Not to mention whether Feng Yuheng’s attitude was warm or cold, but the guests seated in the parlor found it quite aggravating. Those who felt that this palace banquet did not resemble a palace banquet began to question the fairness of things once more, and some even said: “If I knew it would be like this sooner, I would not have prepared such a great gift. Imperial Concubine Li is so miserly that just looking at her is irritating!”

“Of course! Could it be that this entire day will see us sit here doing nothing?” Another young miss slapped the table, “After a few unfresh fruits were eaten, there was not even any mention of bringing more. In the end, is this Zhang Ning Palace or the cold palace! Why is there not the slightest air of a favored imperial concubine?”

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Zhu Kongshan looked at this scene and felt that things were getting out of hand. Thinking a bit, she simply got up and went over to Imperial Concubine Li. Ignoring that she was presently chatting with Feng Yuheng, she forcefully interjected, saying: “Aunty, how about Kongshan plays a song for the people present? It can also help liven the banquet up.”

Imperial Concubine Li raised an eyebrow and very rudely said: “What? Do you think that this One’s palace is too quiet? Do you find that this One’s reception of the guests is too lacking? Don’t rush, your eldest aunt should be arriving in a bit. When that time comes, you can go back with her and avoid this boring affair.”

Zhu Kongshan was stunned and quickly bowed to apologize: “Second aunt, please do not take offense. Kongshan did not have such an intention.”

Imperial Concubine Li, however, ignored her, turning back to happily look at Feng Yuheng.

Zhu Kongshan secretly gritted her teeth and returned to her seat. She just could not understand whether Noble Lady Yuan had done something to make Imperial Concubine Li unhappy or if Feng Yuheng was trying to squeeze them out? If she was trying to squeeze them out, what exactly had she used to entice Imperial Concubine Li so thoroughly?

Finally, Noble Lady Yuan arrived. Feng Yuheng stopped Imperial Concubine Li’s next topic regarding the sixth prince and kindly reminded her: “Young Highness should return to the head seat. That would be most convenient for the guests to greet you.”

Imperial Concubine Li was extremely reluctant to be even an inch away from Feng Yuheng, but Feng Yuheng’s words made her even more resolute. Looking at Noble Lady Yuan, who had already entered the parlor, she nodded and only said: “A-Heng is the one who is most considerate.” Only then did she return to her spot.

Just after she left, Xuan Tiange and the others came over and began to seek out gossip, asking: “What sort of crazy medicine is Imperial Concubine Li on?”

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Feng Yuheng coldly snorted and said without any reservations: “It seems that sixth brother’s smarts come entirely from Father Emperor! If he took after Imperial Concubine Li in the slightest, it really would be a troublesome affair.”

Before Xuan Tiange and the others could digest what she meant, they saw Noble Lady Yuan arrive in front of Imperial Concubine Li and very respectfully salute in accordance with her rank, saying: “This concubine greets Your Highness Imperial Concubine Li. I wish Your Highness good health.”

At this time, the toady and fawning tone that Imperial Concubine Li just had when speaking with Feng Yuheng was instantly replaced with a stoic expression. Slightly raising her head, the bearing of an imperial concubine immediately appeard, pushing Noble Lady Yuan’s position down a few pegs.

Faced with Noble Lady Yuan’s salute, she did not immediately respond. Instead, she scornfully looked at her for a while before slowly saying with satisfaction: “Oh, who did this One think it was. It turns out it was a noble lady who lives in a side hall of Cun Shan Palace. You may rise! Everyone who came is a guest. Zuo’er, give her a seat.”

Noble Lady Yuan stood up but did not mind Imperial Concubine Li’s attitude. With that play having caused some harm, it was impossible for Imperial Concubine Li to not know it was her who had done it unless she was truly beyond stupid. It was clear that Imperial Concubine Li was not quite that stupid, but to clearly express such an attitude in front of others, it could be seen that she was not particularly smart.

She refused Zuo’er’s invitation to be led toward where the other noble ladies were seated. Instead, she looked around the parlor and could not help but shake her head. She then took a few steps forward without any feeling of unfamiliarity and sat down next to Imperial Concubine Li. With a smile on her face, she said: “His Majesty said that our relationship as sisters is profound. Our niece did good deeds outside, so whether he rewarded you or me, it was all the same. Younger sister, what do you think?”

The words about the relationship as sisters being profound and bringing up the Emperor, even if Imperial Concubine Li did not like her, she did not dare argue back in the slightest. After feeling internally conflicted for a long time, she still nodded and awkwardly said: “Yes.” But she still gritted her teeth, as her hatred for this elder sister reached its apex…

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