The Enemy of an Enemy But Not a Friend

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There was a feeling of rejection toward Feng Fendai that existed in Imperial Concubine Li’s heart. Feng Fendai was the first to seek her out, and it had happened during the winter hunt, when she was at her lowest. It was not as though her words had not swayed her, but following her recent promotion to the position of imperial concubine and with the matter of Xuan Tianfeng liking Feng Yuheng, she did not want to have any connection with Feng Fendai. She also scoffed even more at the things that Feng Fendai said.

But Feng Fendai was unreconciled with giving up like this. Even if she knew that she was no longer able to do anything to Imperial Concubine Li, she was still perfectly happy with making Imperial Concubine Li unhappy. Stepping forward, she very unreservedly sat down next to Imperial Concubine Li, and the first thing that she said was: “Your Highness has those sorts of ideas in mind. I wonder if my exceptionally intelligent second sister has noticed it? I saw Your Highness treating her so warmly, yet my second sister’s attitude was quite indifferent.”

Imperial Concubine Li trembled and felt a bit panicked. She could not help but ask: “What nonsense are you spouting? What sort of ideas does this One have?” Although she said this, there was some nervousness and evasiveness in her gaze. She even cast a glance in Feng Yuheng’s direction, which brought out a ridiculing look from Fendai.

“Your Highness, stop deceiving yourself. Your thoughts are clearly written all over your face! Only an idiot would be unable to understand. If things are as expected, it’s probably not just me who saw through things, right? Your niece is quite smart. Thinking about it, she will not clueless. I really do wonder if Your Highness is His Highness the sixth prince’s birth mother. Why is it that you act without ever making considerations for your son? Don’t blame Fendai for not reminding you. If you continue like this, His Highness the sixth prince will meet his end because of you!”

Because of Imperial Concubine Li turning the tides, Feng Fendai had a belly full of anger. Although she clearly knew that Imperial Concubine Li’s stubborn and one-track mind could not possibly be moved by her words, but that was just how she was. If she had something to say, she definitely had to say it. If she did not say it, she would feel uncomfortable from holding it in. Imperial Concubine Li made her unhappy and cost her one of her plans, thus she had to cause Imperial Concubine Li to feel a bit unhappy. Even if it was just through words.

In truth, Imperial Concubine Li had indeed been quite angered by her, but Fendai had been negligent when it came to the madams and young misses in the parlor. Not to mention them all being in the eighth prince’s faction, but the majority of the people in the parlor were already acting very poorly. When she had headed in Imperial Concubine Li’s direction, she had left her younger brother, Xiao Bao, to Dong Ying to take care of; however, with her seat being so far from Imperial Concubine Li and her only focusing on chatting with Imperial Concubine Li, she did not pay attention to what was happening with Xiao Bao.

Next to the door to the parlor, there were three young misses from unknown families that were nibbling on some unsightly fruit. They were very disgusting and could not be eaten, but they truly did not know what else to do, thus they nibbled on them and fiddled with them.

Who knew where one of them came up with the idea, as they took a look at the isolated Xiao Bao. An idea came to mind, as she tossed the partially-eaten fruit over. The fruit rolled around on the ground a few times until it reached Xiao Bao’s seat.

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Xiao Bao was small. While sitting in his seat, his feet were unable to reach the ground. Looking at the fruit that had rolled over in a daze, he had a look of confusion on his face. He then heard that young miss say: “Little bastard, what are you looking at the fruit that this girl granted you for? Why aren’t you eating it!”

Xiao Bao was confused as to what was happening. He looked at that young miss then looked at the fruit on the ground. He wanted to get up from his seat but was a bit afraid from being unable to reach the ground. Dong Ying quickly went to support him, turning around to block the sight of that young miss. She then quietly said to Xiao Bao: “Be good and don’t move from your seat. Your elder sister will be back in a moment.”

The young miss who was looking for trouble lost it, as she stood up and pulled Dong Ying away and bitterly said: “Scram! What sort of thing are you? You’re just a servant! This young miss is speaking with the child. What is it to you?” After saying this, she reached out toward Xiao Bao, pulling the child out of his seat. At the same time, the other two who were with her created a wall to block the line of sight between Xiao Bao and Fendai.

In truth, even if they did not do this, Fendai was not paying attention to this side. She was entirely focused on causing trouble for Imperial Concubine Li. There were many people in the parlor, and everyone was chatting. It was a scene filled with loud chatter. Unless Fendai turned her head to look, she could not possibly notice.

The young miss who had thrown the fruit pulled Xiao Bao out of his seat, and Xiao Bao staggered before falling over. He happened to land right next to the dirty fruit. The child lay on his belly on the ground, and the fruit was right next to his mouth. Dong Ying wanted to help him up but was stopped by another young miss. “Lowly servant, stand further away from here.” After saying this, she pushed Dong Ying quite a great distance.

Xiao Bao pouted and began to cry. Dong Ying became anxious and dropped to her knees to plead: “Young misses, he is still young and is a child who does not understand anything. I beg young misses to be magnanimous!”

It would have been better if she had not begun to plead. With her pleading and the child crying, the young misses became even more annoyed. One of them took the lead and slapped Xiao Bao, as another pinched the child’s arm very hard. Finally, the one who had thrown the fruit came up with an idea, simply stepping forward and picking Xiao Bao up. She then turned around and began to walk out of the parlor. While walking, she said: “This child is too noisy. To keep him from disrupting this banquet, we will bring him out for a walk.”

The other young misses were also in the mood for this sort of thing, as they headed out while giggling. This made Dong Ying extremely anxious! She gave chase for a bit while loudly saying: “Quickly give the young master back to me! Which families are you from? How can you be like this? Once His Highness the fifth prince finds out, he will not let you go!”

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Unfortunately, nobody listened to her. His Highness the fifth prince’s name was also unable to shake anyone. Those young misses began to walk faster and faster, as someone even helped by pulling her back.

There was nothing that Dong Ying could do. seeing that she could not give chase, she stomped her foot and turned to run back inside the parlor to ask Feng Fendai for help.

At this time, Feng Fendai had already finished scaring Imperial Concubine Li. It was just that her eyes were glancing between Feng Yuheng’s side and Zhu Kongshan’s side. She could not help but sigh. She was helping scheme for the fifth prince, and Zhu Kongshan was helping the eighth prince, while Feng Yuheng represented the ninth prince. The three sides had their own ideas. Normally speaking, both she and her second sister would find Zhu Kongshan to be the enemy. It was just a pity that the enemy of an enemy was not a friend.

Just as she was thinking this, Dong Ying ran over while crying. Without even thinking of saluting Imperial Concubine Li, she just said to Fendai: “Young miss, it’s bad. Young master was carried off by someone!”

Fendai was stunned then looked at Dong Ying’s appearance. She immediately realized that something was off. Who knew what she was thinking, as she immediately glared at Imperial Concubine Li, coldly saying: “If something happens to my younger brother, Your Highness Imperial Concubine Li will need to give me an explanation!” After saying this, she quickly left with Dong Ying in tow.

Imperial Concubine Li also became angry. Pointing at Fendai, she said to Zuo’er: “She herself did not take good care of her younger brother. If something happens, why should this One give an explanation?”

Zuo’er stomped her foot: “Your Highness, in the end, it’s our Zhang Ning Palace that’s hosting the banquet. Although that Feng family’s young miss came without being invited, she did still come for the sake of delivering a gift for His Highness the fifth prince. If something really happened to her younger brother, and the fifth prince decided to pursue that matter, Your Highness, it will be difficult for us to deal with!”

Imperial Concubine Li furrowed her brow, as anger burned inside her heart! Feng Fendai was either making her mad or causing her trouble. Now, this sort of thing had happened… She glared at Zhu Kongshan, as she began to resent her for bringing such unruly people.

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Everyone in the parlor noticed the commotion between Feng Fendai and Imperial Concubine Li. They watched Feng Fendai run out before Imperial Concubine Li also quickly walked out. Both were extremely nervous and serious, thus everyone knew that something had happened.

Zhu Kongshan was puzzled and asked someone at her side: “What happened?” But nobody knew what had happened.

On Feng Yuheng’s side, Ren Xifeng had clearly seen what had happened, as she told them: “It seems like the child that Feng Fendai brought along went missing.” While speaking, she pointed at the seat near the entrance of the parlor, ” Look, he’s gone.”

Feng Yuheng stood up and said: “Let’s go out and take a look.” Regardless of how Feng Fendai was, she had taken care of Xiao Bao for a stretch of time. She could not just watch idly by as something happened to that child.

Xuan Tiange helplessly said: “Why is it that something happens whenever there’s a palace banquet? Regardless of whether they’re big banquets or small banquets, there is always trouble. Is peace even possible? I will go and speak with Uncle Emperor later on and suggest that palace banquets be forbidden. If anyone wants something lively, do it outside the palace. Get out and don’t come back!”

Palace Princess Wu Yang had gotten angry, and her voice had gotten a bit loud. It was such that Imperial Concubine Li, who had left first, could clearly hear it. She could not stop herself from trembling but did not dare say anything back.

In an instant, everyone in the parlor followed Imperial Concubine Li out. Feng Fendai was at the front. It was as though she had gone crazy, as she asked everyone she saw if they had seen a child. Dong Ying was also anxiously asking: “It’s a child who was taken by a few young misses, roughly two years old.”

It was only after they left Zhang Ning Palace that some passing palace servants pointed down a path: “I did see three young misses with their servants going that way with a child. That child was also crying.”

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Imperial Concubine Li was stunned and looked in that direction then subconsciously said: “Isn’t there a man-made lake over there?”

When Fendai heard this, she became even more afraid, breaking into a sprint in that direction. This caused the people behind her to quickly follow.

Imperial Concubine Li was a bit afraid, grabbing hold of Zhu Kongshan, who had urgently run over, and loudly asking: “Was it someone you brought who took that child away? And heading toward the lake, what are they doing?”

Zhu Kongshan did not think that this sort of thing would happen and quickly replied: “Aunty must not panic. Let’s go over and take a look. Kongshan also does not know what is going on!” After saying this, she walked forward while supporting Imperial Concubine Li.

When everyone arrived at the side of the manmade lake, they saw the girls standing next to the lake. They were facing the lake and laughing while saying: “Look at that little bastard! He’s crying in such an ugly way! He’s so dark that he’s like a piece of coal. I fear that even if he’s given to a slave trader, the slave trader would find him hard to sell!”

The sound of a child crying came from the middle of the lake. It was only then that the people found that the child brought by Fendai had been pushed to the middle of the lake. This lake was not large and did not have flowing water. In winter, a thin layer of ice would form. A child was light and did not fall in even after being pushed to the middle. The ice was still quite cold, and this sight was both shocking and distressing.

Fendai practically lost it, breaking free from Dong Ying and running toward the lake. This scared Dong Ying to anxiously shout from behind her: “Young miss! Young miss, come back! The ice can’t support your weight!” After shouting for a while, she found that Fendai was refusing to stop, thus she added: “Young miss, if you fall in, young master will fall in with you. He is still too small. This cold water would take his life!”

Only then did Fendai hurriedly stop at the side of the lake with one foot already on the ice. She looked at Xiao Bao at the center of the lake then turned back around. She immediately glared at Imperial Concubine Li then venomously said: “What is Your Highness Imperial Concubine Li standing there for? Have you come to enjoy the bustling scene?”

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