Nobody Can Touch Me!

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Upon hearing that the voice did not come from Zhu Xinjie, Zhu Kongyue went crazy and went directly behind the screen. She immediately saw housekeeper Qi and Liu shi, who were still entangled. Liu shi’s eyes were slightly closed, and her cheeks were bright red. There had been such a loud commotion outside, yet she had actually not heard it. As for housekeeper Qi, he believed fully that Zhu Kongyue was Chun Tao and was thinking of what he should say, but when he turned his head, he saw that it was Zhu Kongyue and the servants following behind her.

He was instantly dazed, as the place that should be hard suddenly became soft. Yet Liu shi still said: “Why are you so lacking?” She then opened her eyes and met Zhu Kongyue’s furious gaze before letting out a shrill shriek.

In the end, the truth could not be hidden, and the situation in Liu shi’s courtyard quickly spread around the entirety of the Zhu manor. Wang Chuan even personally ran over to the head madam’s courtyard. Ignoring the obstruction by the other servants, she charged inside and loudly said: “Master! Head madam! Quickly go and take a look! Concubine mother Liu and housekeeper Qi were having a secret affair and was discovered by the eldest young miss!”

The two inside the room had just fallen asleep and were sleeping lightly. They were woken up by Wang Chuan’s shout. Zhu Xinjie did not clearly hear what was going on and could not help but ask: “What is going on with the shouting outside?”

The head madam had not yet slept and heard it clearly. On the inside, she was smiling brilliantly; however, her face had a look of disbelief, as she cautiously said: “It seems that someone came to say that concubine mother Liu and housekeeper Qi had a secret affair? How could this be possible? Husband, you go ahead and sleep. Wife will go out and take a look. Which servant dared to spout such nonsense. Rather than being a perfectly good concubine mother, how could concubine mother Liu consider having a secret affair with housekeeper Qi. Could it be that in her eyes, husband is worse than a housekeeper?”

Once these words came out and entered Zhu Xinjie’s ears, they were the greatest humiliation to a man. Housekeeper Qi was two years younger than him. Could it really be that he was better?

Zhu Xinjie had a belly full of anger and quickly put on his clothes. Following the head madam, he left the room. Outside, Wang Chuan saw the two come out and quickly stepped forward, telling them about the situation on Liu shi’s side. Zhu Xinjie was absolutely fuming, loudly shouting: “I will definitely have that slut killed!” He then began to run in that direction.

The head madam also hastily ran along behind him while rejoicing happily on the inside! She thought to herself that her daughter really was great, actually capturing Liu shi in the act. Look at what face Liu shi still had now. Even if Zhu Kongshan had so many great contributions, they could not compare with what Liu shi had just done.

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The group arrived in Liu shi’s courtyard. Liu shi and housekeeper Qi had already been tied up by the grannies on the orders of Zhu Kongyue. Although her side only had women, those grannies were quite strong. With housekeeper Qi also feeling guilty, he was tied up before he could even react and try to flee. Looking down, he was actually not wearing any clothes. He was just kneeling on the bed while naked.

Looking at Liu shi, she was not much different from him. She was also curled up naked on the bed. She was repeatedly muttering: “It’s unrelated to me! It was him who barged into my room and sullied me! I want to report this! I want to report this!”

Housekeeper Qi was so angry that he wanted to raise his hand and slap this slut. Unfortunately, his hand was tied. Even if he wanted to hit her, he could not do it. He could only curse: “You slut! It was clearly you who seduced me, and it was clearly you who had Chun Tao, that little bitch, come and call me over. How many times have you seduced me, yet you actually dare to say that I barged into your room?”

Just as his words came out, Zhu Xinjie charged into the room from the outside with the head madam. Upon seeing the sight before them, how could they not understand what had happened. Zhu Xinjie stepped forward and pulled Liu shi from the bed. Raising his hand, he slapped her twice across the face. The slaps caused blood to drip from the corners of Liu shi’s lips; however, she continued to say: “This concubine is innocent! This concubine was sullied! It was housekeeper Qi who forcefully barged in. This concubine was powerless to protect myself!”

“My ass!” Housekeeper Qi went mad with anger. Glaring at Chun Tao, who was still on her knees and sobbing, he loudly said: “You, tell us, what exactly happened?”

After Wang Chuan entered, she stood at Zhu Kongyue’s side. At this time, she reminded Chun Tao: “Speak the truth. The truth might leave you a chance at life; otherwise, even if your master does not die, you would have no chance of living.”

Chun Tao trembled and knew that speaking for Liu shi would be pointless. Regardless of whether she had been sullied or had sought him out, this was a scandal for the Zhu manor. Liu shi had already lost her purity and could no longer be relied upon. Chun Tao gritted her teeth and simply decided to admit to the truth: “Today, master decided to stay the night with the head madam. Concubine mother Liu was unhappy, thus she had this servant use the excuse of the brazier not being warm enough to call housekeeper Qi over.”

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“You slut!” Liu shi cursed: “How well have I treated you? You actually choose a time like this to sell me out? Husband-” She leaned toward Zhu Xinjie and repeatedly pled her own case: “Don’t listen to this slut’s words. She wanted to climb into your bed, but this concubine stopped her many times. Because of this, resentment has filled her heart, which has made her say such vile things about this concubine! It’s not like that at all. Husband, you must trust this concubine!”

“This servant did not want to try and climb into your bed!” Chun Tao also became angry, “It was concubine mother Liu who kept saying that she would eventually become this manor’s head madam. Sooner or later, the third young miss would become the young miss of the first wife. Because of this, she promised many times that she would let this servant be one of the people taking care of master. But this servant never took it seriously! Master, please be clear on it! Master!”

Zhu Xinjie looked at this servant but did not listen to what she said. He just asked: “Speak! How many times has it been that your concubine mother and this housekeeper have been together?”

Chun Tao froze and began to think with her brow furrowed. After thinking for a long time, she could not figure out how many times it had been.

Zhu Xinjie saw her like this and could not help but become furious once more: “Was it so many times that you can’t even figure it out?”

Chun Tao nodded very frankly: “Yes! Too many times. This servant can’t even figure it out clearly. It should have started roughly when the third young miss was five years old.”

Zhu Xinjie nearly passed out. Dragging Liu shi, he randomly picked up a feather duster from the table and began to hit the woman. This beating caused Liu shi to loudly cry, and bloody marks began to appear on her body. Zhu Xinjie still did not let this matter die, and he postured as if to beat this person to death.

Liu shi became anxious and loudly screamed: “You can’t beat me to death! I am the younger sister of Imperial Concubine Li and Noble Lady Yuan. I am also the aunt of the eighth prince and the sixth prince. My daughter, Kongshan, is currently in the capital and will soon become the eighth prince’s official princess! You beating me to death would not do any good for the Zhu family. The eighth prince would never let you go!”

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Her hysteric screams did bring the feather duster to stop. Liu shi’s words caused Zhu Xinjie to begin thinking. That was right! This woman had a large pillar of support. If he beat her to death, once the capital pursued this matter, even if the fault lay with Liu shi, the eighth prince would not let him live peacefully.

Seeing that Zhu Xinjie stopped the beating, Liu shi quickly continued: “This concubine has taken care of husband for so many years. Even if there were no contributions, there was hard work done. Even if husband does not consider those feelings, you should think about Kongshan. The Zhu family does not have any pillars of support. To get promoted and gain wealth, aside from Kongshan, husband has no other path to choose. Could it be that you are fine with being stuck as a sixth rank official for the rest of your life, remaining vexed at being stuck in Peng Zhou? Husband! Once Kongshan becomes the eighth prince’s official princess, what is there that you could not get? The eighth prince is a noble person. Sooner or later, he will enjoy great success. Husband should think about the future and forget about the present!”

Liu shi was a smart one, immediately making use of this benefit to entice Zhu Xinjie. These words caused Zhu Xinjie’s heart to itch. Standing to the side, the head madam and Zhu Kongyue exchanged a glance, as the head madam wiped away a tear and said with grief: “Concubine mother Liu, what do your words mean? Are you disdaining husband for having a low rank? Was it because of this that you had an affair with housekeeper Qi? In the end, you are husband’s woman. Even if you have support in the capital, you can’t do such an indecent thing!”

“So what if I did?” Liu shi glared at the head madam and fiercely said: “You’ve occupied the position of head wife of the Zhu manor for so many years, yet what have you brought the Zhu family? I can provide the Zhu family with the glory and nobility that the Zhu family desires. That’s something that you are completely incapable of providing!”

“But my mother would not make father wear a green hat!” Zhu Kongyue could not bear to continue watching and said: “Liu shi, there were so many people watching today. What face would father have left?”

Once these words came out, Zhu Xinjie noticed this problem. Right! Even if he was yearning for this “future” that Liu shi was speaking of, with so many people watching, if he just let things go like this, what face would he have left?

At this time, Zhu Kongyue spoke up once more: “Liu shi! Don’t keep speaking about how Zhu Kongshan will help the Zhu family. I’ll tell you, the two servants that I sent with Zhu Kongshan to the capital sent a letter back. Our manor’s great third young miss has not even made a single consideration for the Zhu family!”

Zhu Kongyue angrily brought up the contents of A-Huan and A-Ruo’s letter in a huff. After she finished speaking, she asked Zhu Xinjie: “Father, do you feel that there is any hope left with her?”

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Zhu Xinjie immediately lost all faith in Liu shi, but he also knew that he could not just beat her to death. What if the capital came asking for her? His anger had no place to be vented, thus he pointed at housekeeper Qi and said: “Go! Turn that person into a meat paste!”

The servants immediately stepped forward and worked together to carry housekeeper Qi off. These sorts of servants would need to endure the cursing and beatings from their masters. Even the right to life and death was in their master’s hand!

They heard housekeeper Qi’s screams come across, and Liu shi dropped to the ground in fear. For a long time, she did not know what she should say.

Zhu Xinjie looked at Liu shi and thought for a bit before saying: “Lock this woman in the firewood storage. Provide her with three meals each day like normal. Don’t let her starve to death. As for everything else, it will be handled at a later time.”

With Liu shi being confined to the firewood storage, this drama finally came to an end. The head madam and her daughter enjoyed a total victory, and they were suppressing smiles, waiting for Zhu Xinjie’s arrangements.

At this time, Zhu Xinjie calmed down and coldly ordered: “Nobody is to spread word of what happened today. Information definitely must not reach the capital.” After he finished speaking, he looked toward the head madam: “How their lips should be sealed, it will be left to the madam.”

The head madam quickly said: “Husband, don’t worry. This wife will take care of these things. Husband must not be affected by this. Your health is important.”

Zhu Xinjie did not pay attention to this, only asking Zhu Kongyue: “Did those two servants really send this sort of letter?”

Zhu Kongyue nodded and immediately ordered Wang Chuan: “Go and bring the letter over.”

Wang Chuan left quickly and returned quickly. The letter from A-Huan and A-Ruo was quickly handed over to Zhu Xinjie. After Zhu Xinjie finished reading it, he angrily crumpled it and coldly said: “Liu shi, Zhu Kongshan, the Zhu family really did raise you two ingrates over the years for nothing!”

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