Chapter 194: Probing Deep Into the Cave

Inside the council hall.

James and Manid already heard the mournful wails.

Their expressions changed slightly.

They had yet to see the pseudo-demonized wolves in the Evil Cave.

But hearing these mournful wails was definitely not something that could calm people down. They could not calm down while sitting here leisurely drinking honey water.

Kant took a sip of honey water and said, “Relax.”

However, the two of them looked at each other.

They both noticed the worry in each other’s eyes.

The mournful howl of wolves was amplified through the entrance of the cave, almost like a loudspeaker. They could hear it clearly in the council hall, and even the Rhodok trained crossbowmen had a look of shock on their faces.

The situation in reality might not be optimistic.

They looked at Kant.

But their lord was still drinking honey water, as if he was listening to beautiful music. It made their already anxious hearts slowly lift up.

James had just arrived in this world.

At the same time, he had discussed the dangers they had encountered with his old friend Firentis.

Those howling Jackalans were the greatest enemies that the Drondheim fortress had ever encountered.

Even now, they were wary of the Kingdom of Grey Mane on the Mannheim Coast which was beyond the Nahrin Desert to the north. They were even constantly on guard, afraid that the other side still had some strength left, that they organized another expeditionary force to appear in the southern part of the Nahrin Desert and once again became a formidable enemy on their way of development.

This wolf howl made James think of Jackalan.

But just as they were worried, the mournful wolf howl stopped.

Kant put down the honey water in his hand and smiled. He said to James and Manid, “Don’t worry, isn’t it settled?”

At the main entrance of the council hall.

A Swadian sergeant covered in blood, came in with his sword and shield.

His body was covered with two layers of heavy armor, and his linen robe was covered with dark red blood. However, the voice under the iron helmet was full of energy. “My lord, the enemy has been completely annihilated at the entrance of the cave.”

“Very good.”, Kant nodded as if he had expected this. He waved his hand and said, “You guys go and clean up the armor. Let the Rhodok people clean up the battlefield.”

“Yes!”, Swadian sergeant saluted and left.

James and Manid turned their heads to look at Kant in surprise.

They didn’t expect that those legendary demonized creatures would be so easy to deal with!

“What else do you think?”, Kant smiled and shook his head. “We have to carry out a fierce battle and pay more casualties before we can deal with the pseudo-demonized wolves that surged out of the Evil Cave?”

James and Manid’s eyes were filled with confusion.

Kant smiled and stood up. “Come with me. Those pseudo-demonized wolves are no match for us.”

The three of them walked out of the council hall.

After dealing with the Evil Cave, the Ravenstern rangers and Ravenstern wardens stood on the mountain peak once again. They leisurely looked at the Swadian sergeants washing their armor and linen robe in wooden barrels and basins not far away. Obviously, they were long-ranged archers, so they left the close combat to these soldiers who were good at close combat.

Not far away were the 50 Swadian knights, who were already in formation with their huge lances, vigilantly scanning the west side of the mountain peak. It was clear that they had yet to remove their combat status from the battle just now.

“My Lord.”

Seeing Kant and the others walking over, the rangers and wardens respectfully lowered their heads.

“Yes.”, Kant nodded and asked, “How’s the situation?”

“We’ve killed 135 enemies. Our side has no casualties.”

The leading Ravenstern ranger, answered with a relaxed voice, “This reminds me of the most common wolf pups in the Misty Mountains. It’s easier than killing those high-level Jackalans.”

“Very good.”, Kant nodded in satisfaction.

“This is really incredible.”, James was a little stunned.

He had seen many fierce battles, but he had never seen such a simple battle.

It only lasted for a few minutes.

After it was over, there were 135 corpses and the wolves returned to the depths of the cave. When he thought of what Manid had told him before he came, how terrifying the demonized creatures were, he was a little stunned.

James didn’t know whether Manid was telling the truth or joking.

“What I said is definitely true.”

Manid obviously sensed the doubt in James’ eyes.

He couldn’t help but smile bitterly and shake his head, he said helplessly to James, “I dare to swear that the demonized creatures in the Senwaya Range are extremely ferocious. I once talked about this topic with those civilian hunters at the Stone Pass. Sometimes, when the villages at the edge of the mountain range encounter the savage demonized creatures, it almost slaughter half of the village with hundreds of people.”

“But, the demonized wolves here…”, James looked at Kant.

Kant exhaled slightly. Standing at the edge of the mountain peak, he looked at Rhodok trained spearmen, who were still cleaning up the battlefield on the mountainside platform, and said slowly, “I don’t know either.”

He really didn’t know.

These wolves obviously had some characteristics of demonized wolves, but how could these wolves were not the real demonized wolves?

They were stronger than ordinary forest wolves.

But they were weaker than real demonized wolves.

It was somewhat contradictory.

But it was real.

Kant turned his head to look at the Swadian sergeant who was washing his armor, his expression was somewhat solemn as he said, “Perhaps, I really should go into the Evil Cave to take a look. After all, we have to confirm what secrets that are hidden in the depths of this cave under the village!”

There was also the main quest that the system gave him, which was to explore this cave!

“This is a little threatening.”

“I suggest that we wait for the time being.”

However, as soon as Kant finished his words, Manid and James’ directly voiced out their objections.

Right now, just looking at the endless waves of demonized wolves in the Evil Cave was already enough to make one worried. If they really went deep into the cave and fell into it, the final outcome would be unpredictable.

After all, the narrow and deep cave was completely different than the complicated mountain land and the vast sand!

“No, I think we can try going deep into the cave.”

Kant said to the two of them, “Now that the Swadian sergeants has arrived, these 13 top-notch melee experts will definitely not let me fall into danger. This is my confidence to go deep into the cave.” Kant continued, “Moreover, the seven Ravenstern rangers will also follow me.”

The two of them had worry on their faces.

They were not combat personnel, and they could not find any suitable reason to dissuade Kant.

But both of them knew.

There would definitely be danger in the Evil Cave!

Kant naturally also knew. He frowned slightly, but still arranged for the two of them, “Go and prepare some hemp ropes and torches, and also get someone to bring along some charcoal. Since we plan to go deep into the cave, then we should make sufficient preparations.”

“Understood.”, James and Manid could only nod.

Because Kant had already decided.

This was not something that they could directly refuse.

They moved very quickly.

In less than half an hour, ten bundles of 30-meter-long hemp ropes, 100 torches soaked in oil, a small half basket of charcoal, food and water sack sufficient for three days. 20 Rhodok trained spearmen acted as attendants and carried supplies. By this time, all the preparations had been completed, and the Rhodok people were carrying the rattan baskets.

Thirteen Swadian sergeants were holding swords and shields, and seven Ravenstern rangers were holding heavy bows.

There was also James, who carried a backpack and a Germanic sword.

He had taken the initiative to request to join the expedition team. As a battlefield doctor, he could stop bleeding in the shortest amount of time to heal injuries and solve certain illnesses. If there was any accident, he could also save the lives of the injured members of the team.

After thinking for a while, Kant agreed.

They were ready.

The team came to the outside of the Evil Cave. Because they had just experienced a battle, the thick smell of blood had not yet dissipated. When the leather boots stepped on the ground, they made a clicking sound. It was the thick blood mixed with the soil, the sound of the boots stepping on it.

The torches were directly lit, and two Swadian sergeants led the way.

As elite level 5 footmen, they showed no fear.

Behind them, Kant, James, and the other soldiers followed.

The cave was still incomparably dark, and the cold chill came with the wind. As they went deeper, it was almost as cold as the night temperature in the Nahrin Desert, giving a cold chill that could penetrate one’s soul.


The sound of bones being crushed was heard.

Everyone’s nerves were slightly raised, but they did not panic.

Bones were scattered all over the depths of the cave, as if it was a slaughterhouse. As they went deeper into the three-meter wide and two-meter high cave, beneath their feet was the path piled with dozens centimeters of bones.

Kant and the others had already gone a hundred meters deep.

There were still more than a dozen demonized wolves’ corpses left here.

Under the flickering light of the torches, it could be seen that there were something between their eyebrows and eye sockets.

The awl arrows.

The Ravenstern rangers walked over and directly pulled the arrows out. After wiping it clean with linen, they directly put it back into their quivers. This was the demonized wolves that they had shot to death with their archery skills when they were outside.

Because they were too far away, the Rhodok people did not dare to come in and pick it up.

“Be careful.”, Kant reminded them.

They held torches and went deeper into the cave.

Kant kept feeling that there was some evil eyes spying on him.

But it was not eyes.

But the feeling of being spied on became clearer and clearer. It even made him feel uncomfortable. He subconsciously tightened his grip on the knight sword in his hand. A small part of the sword’s body was pulled out of its sheath. He gritted his teeth.

“This evil…”

The Ravenstern rangers stopped in their tracks. They narrowed their eyes and looked at the freezing darkness in front of them.

Their expressions became uglier and uglier, especially when they looked at the darkness in front of them. There was a hint of shock in their eyes. They slowly opened their mouths and reported to Kant, “My lord, we have sensed… the aura of the underworld.”

“Is that so?”, Kant tightened his grip on the scabbard. “You are not the first people to tell me this feeling.”

The Ravenstern rangers had already spoken.

Deep in the cave, there was a sense of the underworld invaders, the terrible demons.

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