Chapter 193: Archery Master’s Performance

James and the 50 Swadian knights were the first to arrive. Even though they were two mountains away, the sound of hundreds of horseshoes hitting the road was like a thunderous waterfall.

Even the Rhodok trained spearmen were standing behind the city wall, guarding the wooden gate. They looked nervously at the road outside. They looked at each other and noticed the panic in each other’s eyes, they were also afraid of the thunderous horse hooves outside.

Kant walked over quickly and waved at the extremely nervous Rhodok footmen. “Alright, don’t just stand there. Open the gate and let our troops in.”


The Rhodok trained spearmen looked at each other, but they still chose to listen to Kant’s orders. They quickly opened the gate and looked at the Swadian knights appeared at the bottom of the hill with a strange expression.

It was anger, hatred, and a certain kind of confusion.

This was due to the relationship between the two countries.

After all, 30 years ago, the mountain region of Rhodok was still a part of the Kingdom of Swadia.

These people of Rhodok had even cheered for the succession of King Harlaus.

If one were to say that the kingdom of Swadia collected a lot of taxes, it was close to exploitation. However, after the nobles of Rhodoks came to power and established the Kingdom of Rhodoks, the exploitation did not decrease much. Instead, because of the successive years of war, many of the young people had sacrificed their lives. Compared to the Kingdom of Swadia back then, it was even more difficult.

The so-called hatred actually had little to do with low-level civilians. It was just the noble families thought that after King Harlaus inherited the Kingdom of Swadia, he levied too much taxes on the noble families of Rhodoks.

Therefore, the two countries split due to their interests and began a hostile status for more than ten years.

Despite the hostility between these two countries, the interaction between the people continued. At the very least, the merchants were still trading with each other.

Especially for Veruga, the most important and nearby trading city of the Kingdom of Rhodoks, it was also an important place for the two countries to trade. Commerce was extremely prosperous, and economic exchanges were very frequent.

No one would refuse the exchange of the denar, and no one would refuse the denar to enter their pockets.

“Rumble –”

As the gate opened, James, who was at the foot of the mountain, brought the Swadian knights to the peak.

In reality, if they really wanted to come up, the gate alone would not be able to stop them.

It was estimated that the Swadian knight’s huge awl lance would be able to easily destroy the wooden planks of the gate with a single charge.

This was due to their high respect for Lord Kant, which made them to choose to wait.

Otherwise, with the noble status of the Swadian knight.

They would definitely use the horsewhip to ruthlessly whip these Rhodoks mountain people, letting them know what it meant to be noble and lowly, what it meant to be a social class, and what it meant to use the most revered etiquette to treat the noble Lord Knight!

Those who came from the continent of Caradia had their own thoughts.

This included love and hatred.

As well as the concept of social class that was long cultivated on the continent!

To a certain extent, if Firentis wasn’t a system hero NPC, he would also belong to the class of the Swadian knight. And in the Kingdom of Swadia, he was addressed with the title of “Knight” when he was called by the others. This was the reason why the others usually called him Knight Firentis. But because he followed Kant, the one and only unique existence, to some extent, he felt a greater honor.

These Swadian knights also felt a sense of honor because they were able to fight under the leadership of Lord Kant. When they arrived at the peak of the mountain, they rode on their warhorses, they raised their awl spears and saluted respectfully.

“Merciful and great Lord Kant.”

Their voices were in unison, filled with fanaticism and respect for Kant.

The people of the entire “Aaron” Village on the mountain peak were attracted to them, especially the soldiers of Rhodok. They were shocked, and there was worry between their brows.

If it wasn’t for Lord Kant leading them, they would have long fought to the death with these Swadian knights.

Although the final result was most probably that the low-level Rhodok soldiers suffered heavy casualties.

But at the very least, the dignity of the Kingdom of Rhodoks could not be humiliated.

“Alright.”, Kant nodded, and nodded in satisfaction towards these Swadian knights. He waved his hand and said, “All disband. There’s no need to be so formal.”. He paused, at the same time, he reminded, “In this land of miracles, the Kingdom of Rhodoks and the Kingdom of Swadia are friends. There’s no difference.”

“Understood!”, the 50 Swadian knights immediately replied.

These elite cavalries did not have any doubts. After answering, they quickly dispersed under the lead of their respective captain. As knights, they disdained to provoke the Rhodok people.

At their stage, there was no point in provoking them.

The Rhodok trained spearmen and trained crossbowmen, who were only level 3 intermediate troop classes, were also willing to relax.

Both sides were safe and sound.

Kant and James, who had come from afar, returned to the council hall. The Rhodok people had already brought hot water and squeezed honey out of the beehives found in the Senwaya Range and put it in the water as a dessert. James under the stars for at least three days, he was replenished with energy after the desert.

Not long after, the sound of horse hooves came from the hillside again.

However, it was Manid and his camel caravan who came. Kant sent people to invite Manid into the council hall, and at the same time, helped to carry down the various supplies on the camel’s back.

This time, they brought back a lot of things from the Oasis Lookout.

They were all carefully selected by Manid.

“Drink some honey water.”, Kant asked the servant to pour another cup of honey water and served it to Manid, who was sitting on the chair next to him. He then said considerately, “At that time, I only meant that James to come over and take care of Aaron. If you come again, I don’t think your physical strength can withstand it.”

This Nord merchant did not inherit the strong body of a Nord man. Although he was healthy, it was still a kind of suffering and torture to travel in the desert for a long time without a good rest.

Manid chuckled, “It is my honor to serve you.”

“Mr. Manid still cares about you.”

James was middle-aged and in his forties. He turned to Kant and said with a smile, “This village is related to your development, Lord Kant. It is also a way for us to work hard.”

“Thank you very much.”, Kant nodded.

While the three of them were talking, Rhodok people carried the goods from the camel caravan and piled it up in the storeroom of the houses.

At the same time, seven Ravenstern rangers naturally gathered with the 20 Ravenstern wardens and became the captain and leader of their team. They also listened to these level-4 archers briefed the situation around them.

The 13 Swadian sergeants and 10 Swadian snipers also followed.

They had just arrived here and needed to quickly understand the environment.

Of course, the danger of the Evil Cave was especially emphasized by the wardens. After all, the last few fierce battles had all started at the entrance of the cave. The 7 Mamlukes were fighting with their lives and the 20 wardens’ superb archery skills, there were no accidents. However, they also found that the pseudo-demonized wolves in the Evil Cave were becoming more and more violent and ferocious.

As if they had sensed that there were humans at the top of the mountain, these demonized wolves gathered and wanted to rush out of the narrow cave entrance and slaughter everything outside.

The pseudo-demonized wolves with the typical characteristics of demonized creatures naturally had such tyrannical emotions.

This was currently the most noteworthy enemy.

In order to deal with this Evil Cave, there were 10 Rhodok trained spearmen guarding at the flat land outside of the cave. There were the squad that monitored the movements inside of the cave.

If there was anything unusual, they would blow the horn on their waist.

At that time, the troops stationed near the council hall would immediately assemble. Before they were completely annihilated, they would reach the Evil Cave and kill those crazy pseudo-demonized wolves. At the same time, they would obtain a large amount of additional experience points.

The leveling up of the troops were currently depended on this Evil Cave.

Just as everyone was visiting.

“Wu –”

A rather dull horn sound suddenly came from the west side of the hillside.

The soldiers who were originally patrolling there were stunned.

However, the 20 Ravenstern rangers were the first to react. They quickly shouted to the wardens, sergeants, and snipers behind them, “The demonized wolves are ready to attack. Everyone, follow me!”

There were only 10 Rhodok trained spearmen at the Evil Cave.

It would not be a problem to hold off the demonized wolves for a few minutes.

However, as time passed, the spear formation formed by these 10 spearmen would be broke through immediately. At that time, once the demonized wolves scattered in the complicated mountain area of the Senwaya Range, they would cross the cliffs and city wall, launching a sneak attack on the “Aaron” Village . It would definitely become a very troublesome matter.

However, for the archers or footmen who happened to be paying attention to the Evil Cave at the top of the mountain, they would be able to walk down very quickly. It wouldn’t even take 20 seconds.

On the slope outside the Evil Cave, the Rhodok people had already used wooden planks and stones to carefully build a five-meter-wide staircase so that the troops could rush down in the shortest time possible. They were able to come to the platform that was completely paved with wooden planks and became the main force to resist the pseudo-demonized wolves.

These soldiers quickly came to the platform.

In the depths of the cave, before the demonized wolves launched a real attack.

They had already formed a formation.

“Demonized creatures?”

In the front were seven Ravenstern rangers, and behind them were twenty Ravenstern wardens. All of them held the heavy bows in their hands and drew the bows into a full moon shape. The arrows were already placed on the bows.

Pairs of scarlet eyes appeared in the dark depths of the evil cave.

It was as if the wolves glowed with malevolence and brutality.

“Stupid.”, the Ravenstern rangers slowly spat out these words. The bow in their hands was slightly lowered, and the arrows were instantly shot out. In a blink of the eye, the eyes in the interior of the evil cave instantly dimmed.

Along with the whooshing sound, the arrow rain fell like a torrential rain.

The seven top Ravenstern rangers only aimed on those undetectable scarlet eyes from a hundred meters away and made the inside of the Evil Cave filled with miserable wails!

In terms of continuous shooting skill, these top archers were not weak at all!

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