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I felt refreshed somehow after bawling for a while. It might even be a good thing to relieve my feelings through crying a lot.


“I…I’m sowry. I cried…”



My words were fumbled because I just cried a lot.

Uu…how embarrassing.


“I…Is it fine for me to stay here until when I can somehow return to Japan? There probably isn’t much that I can do, but…is it fine for me to be here?”


I clung unto Leon-san’s shirts as I looked up, only to be greeted by the unchanging gentle emerald eyes.


“Of course. You can become our knight’s apprentice.”

“Right, right. Besides, I want Yuuri-chan to tell me more about your magic.”

“There’s that hurled heal too, right?”

“Even your presence alone is soothing.”


Argo-san, Frank-san, and Amanda-san’s gentle voices resounded.


Un. I will try my best.

Since there are the kind everyone here, I will try my best.

That’s right. Let’s work hard!


“Thank you very muchh…”


This time, I was about to cry due to everyone’s kindness. But I tried my best to endure it.

I will have to get stronger!


“I wonder if I can teach magic…”


I am slightly unconfident. After all, I learned not by training, but by leveling up instead.


“Though I am not sure about how it will be since the system seems different, but it should be worth trying over.”

“I understand. I will do my best.”

“First thing first, should you start from telling me what kind of magic are there?”

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“Ah, then, can I have a paper and something to write with?”


Argo-san gave me a paper and feather. Feather…? Could this be a feather pen???

As I was looking intently at the first feather pen I ever seen, Leon-san returned my seating to the front of the table while still hugging me. Then, I assumed the position of facing the table while being hugged by him.


W…well, certainly if I wasn’t carried by him, the table would be too high that I couldn’t write. After all, I am small.

For some reason, I had a feeling that being on top of Leon-san’s lap was becoming my default position…


“Uhm, first, from the magic…”



Amazing. I was writing ‘thunder arrow’ in Japanese, but what was written on the paper was a proper Rune alphabets.

This is truly fantastic!


[Thunder] Thunder Arrow (MP 5) Thunder Lance (MP 10)

[Wind] Wind Arrow (MP 5) Wind Lance (MP 10)

[Fire] Fire Ball (MP 5) Fire Crash (MP 10)

[Water] Water Ball (MP 5) Water Crash (MP 10)

[Earth] Rock Fall (MP 5) Earthquake (MP 10)


Since I couldn’t use the ultimate magic, I didn’t write them. Also, I wrote the MP consumption as a reference.

Although feather pen was cool, it was quite hard to write in. Since it was feather, the grip was thin and it was prone to breaking.

And perhaps the quality of the paper wasn’t too good as well, as the pen was often caught in it while writing.

I’m already missing mechanical pencil and ballpoints…


Ah, speaking of which, my MP was 125. The cause of my exhaustion of magic power should equal to using all of my MP, so I might be able to count the MP used to cast area magic.

Let’s try calculating it a bit.


At that time, I was using…


Thunder Arrow (MP 5)

Area Protect Shield (MP Unknown)

Area Magic Shield (MP Unknown)

Heal—uhm, I used it twice, so… (MP 10×2 = MP 20)


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If the MP consumption from Thunder Arrow and Heal equals to 25, the remaining MP should be 100. Which means, the MP consumption for each area magic should be 50, huh? Then, I can use them quite well.


The next time I use area magic, I should consider the MP distribution.



“Yuuri. What’s this number next to the magic?”


The long finger pointed at where I wrote ‘MP 5’. Not only was he blessed with his face and voice, his hands were also sexy…But it wasn’t like his fingers were slender, they were slightly scraggy and gave the vibe of an adult man’s hand.


“That is MP consumption. …Uhhm, the needed magical power to invoke that magic?”

“You can convert magical power in numerical value?!”


He was surprised upon hearing my explanation.

Eh? Is it different here?


“Then, if one were to use their magic to the point of exhaustion, they would be able to estimate their own magical power’s numerical power, huh?…That’s amazing.”

“How do the people here estimate their magical power up until now?”

“We just predict it based on experiences.”



In other words, they were trying to feel the remaining of their own magical power just like how one would try to feel an expert’s art, huh? That is also amazing…


“Is the type of the magic the same?”

“Though I need to chant in order to enhance my magical power, it should be the same.


Hmm…Then, do ultimate magic such as ‘Thunder of Judgment’ not exist here? Well, I can’t use that kind of magic now, so not explaining about them should be fine.


Uhm, next is the recovery magic.


[Recovery] Light Heal (MP 5) Heal (MP 10)

[Ranged Recovery] Healing Wind (MP 20)

[Poison or Paralysis Recovery] Cure (MP 5)


As for support magic…it could only be used to enhance myself? But for the time being, I will just write them.


[Physical Defense Enhancement] Protect Shield (MP 5)

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[Magical Defense Enhancement] Magic Shield (MP 5)


“Is this the body enhancement magic that Yuuri used yesterday?”


Leon-san said as he pointed towards the ‘Protect Shield’, but I quickly answered, “That’s wrong~”


“This can only be used for one person. Yesterday’s area magic is one that perhaps only sages can use, they are ranged magic.”

“By ‘for one person’, you mean it can only be used on the person who cast it?”

“No, it can also be used for allies.”

“There were red and blue shields revolving around, could it be them?”

“That’s right. Protect Shield will cause the red shield to appear, while Magic Shield will cause a blue shield to appear. The effect lasts for 30 minutes.”


They were the magic that I had used often when I went to the dungeons as a priest. I had memorized them by heart properly. Ehehen~


“What we use are [Protect] and [Magic Protect]. Both of them can only be applied to ourselves. If there’s time, we can verify which one is more effective…well, that can’t be helped too.”

“Hey, Jou-chan. What is this ‘Healing Wind’?”


Frank-san, who had been looking fixedly at my writing, asked.


“It’s a [heal] that can recover all party members, but its amount of recovery might be less than normal [heal].”

“Party members? What the heck is that?”

“Uhhm, allies who fight together…?”

“Is it something that can heal those who fight together at the same time?”

“Perhaps it won’t be effective if the members of the party exceed 6 people.”


Speaking of which, can we even form a party? If we can, then how do we link the members?

If there is a mouse, we can just click the person before us and invite them to a party. I wonder if there’s an air mouse falling somewhere?…There isn’t one, huh.


In the game, if we hover the cursor to someone, we can view that person’s name, level, and status to some degree, and we can invite them to a party, but this world is a reality, so we can’t do that. If so, then I wonder how do we form a party?


“Jou-chan, how do we form that said ‘party’?”

“Before, I can just form a party by clicking that person’s name and request for it, but it’s impossible here…should I try to do it orthodoxically, like by saying it?”


That’s right. We can just try, trying is free.

If it fails, then we can think again.


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“Uhm, Frank-san, can we form a party, please?”



Frank-san’s eyes shifted at my sudden words.


“Can you please say ‘yes’ here?”



Now, how was it?!


Hmm…what is it, I feel like nothing has changed…


Haa…surely words alone won’t work, then!

Then, I have to show it by gesture…gesture, gesture…ah, I know. A handshake might do!


“Frank-san, can we shake hands?”


I shook hands with Frank-san who stood across me.

Ah…his hand was broad and hard. For some reason, it doesn’t seem like a priest’s hand~.


“Frank-san, please form a party with me!”


The moment I requested that, a familiar semi-transparent window appeared before my eyes.


Hooray! It’s the party window!

When I tried to look at it immediately, Frank-san’s name and his job as a priest was written there.


What? I can’t see his status. It’s unfortunate, but if that kind of thing can be seen conveniently, I feel like it might not be good, so this should be fine.


“Yay, yay! We formed a party! Ya-y!”

“We formed it…? I don’t see any changes, though.”

“The [Healing Wind] can show its effect this way, though?”

“Hoo…Then, will I be able to use it if I were to learn about it?”

“Let’s practice! I will help, so let’s do our best!”


I was too happy that I swung the hand that hadn’t moved from its former handshake position with Frank-san.

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