Chapter 191: Developing Aaron Village

Kant took a small step forward.

This mysterious and dangerous cave made him more and more uneasy.

These black fur, black skin, and a few black scales on their bodies all indicated that they were demonized creatures, including their red-blooded eyes filled with brutality and madness.

However, these demonized wolves were not entirely demonized creatures.

They looked similar on the surface.

However, their veins, blood vessels, and brains still carried the original nature of the creatures. This included that they knew to fear.

If they were real demonized creatures, they would definitely fight to the death and not retreat. They would only leave after killing Kant and the others. Otherwise, these demonized creatures would fight to the death until the very last moment.

This raised Kant’s doubts.

Standing at the entrance of the cave, he held the knight sword tightly in his hand.

The Ravenstern rangers followed behind him. They looked into the cave with a grave expression.

They had said it before.

There was an evil force inside the cave.

Although Kant did not know much about the underworld invaders similar to the Pendor Continent, he could not help but think about the movies and literature he had seen in his previous life.

Kant muttered in a deep voice, “Could it be the nest of the demonized creatures?”

It was possible.

However, he didn’t dare to lead a team into this cave. Although the level-5 troop class was strong enough to kill some ordinary species or these fake and inferior demonized creatures.

If he had encountered a savage species like the demonized lion, he had no choice but to sacrifice a few level-5 Mamlukes to kill it.

And fighting in such a narrow tunnel definitely added the battle difficulty. If those savage demonized creatures charged straight at them, Kant’s soldiers could not scatter and dodge, so they could only grit their teeth and fight. Even if they won, it would be an ugly fight, they had to suffer heavy losses.

“But it’s alright.”, Kant lowered his head slightly.

On his vision, the dialog box instantly popped up and refreshed quickly.

The system interface for the troop class’s level up.

[ 20 Rhodok peasant can level up to be Rhodok tribesmen. ]

[10 Rhodok tribesmen can level up to be Rhodok spearmen/ Rhodok crossbowmen. ]

It only spent a little of denar.

Kant directly chose to level up. A mere 300 denars was not a big deal.

Soon, 20 Rhodok tribesmen holding pitchforks appeared.

At the same time, the 10 Rhodok spearmen that Kant chose to level up finally put on leather armor and held spears. However, the slaughtering knife at their waist was not removed. It was still a melee weapon, and behind them was a simple wide wooden shield.

It looked like they could only be compared to a Swadian recruit.

However, these Rhodok spearmen finally had some looks of a proper footman troop.

Although they were still weak, they could still barely withstand the enemy’s attack.

If they were in the desert, these Rhodok spearmen might be enough to fight the low-level Jackalan on the battlefield. However, as a level 2 low-level footman in the Senwaya Range, they still needed to be careful.

According to Kant’s calculation, only a level 4 troop class could survive in the Senwaya Range.

Only a level 5 troop class could live a stable life.

If a level 2 or 3 troop class came to the Senwaya Range, they would become free meals to these demonized creatures.

Thinking of this, Kant looked into the cave with a solemn expression. He ordered the warden, peasant, and tribesmen beside him, “Everyone, return to the top of the mountain. Leave two people at the edge to guard this place.”

“Understood.”, everyone replied.

This was the best solution at the moment.

Kant’s troops were few and only Mamluke could withstand the attacks of the pseudo-demonized wolves. He could not let all seven men guard this place and make Aaron Village lose its ability to defend.

The ten Rhodok spearmen could not be considered the true combat strength.

Thinking of this, Kant made a decision in his heart and returned to the council hall. He instructed the two Mamlukes, “All of you return to the mountain immediately. Get the 10 Sarrandian horsemen to escort Manid and the camel caravan back to the Oasis Lookout. At the same time, instruct James to lead the 7 Ravenstern rangers, 13 Swadian sergeant, and 10 Swadian snipers to the “Aaron” village on the camel caravan. Also, arrange 20 desert bandits to be on standby at the posthouse. Another 20 desert bandits will set up a temporary camp at the mountain pass to be on standby.”

“Understood!”, the two Mamlukes nodded. Ignoring the fact that their armor was still stained with blood, they immediately got on their horses and galloped carefully along the mountain path they had come from.

As a level 5 troop class, their exquisite riding skills could barely allow them to ride their horses through the mountains.

Moreover, they also knew where the road was smoother.

“That’s good.”

Kant nodded with a calm expression.

These arrangements were of utmost importance.

Once these troop class moved in, the “Aaron” village could be considered safe in the Senwaya Range. He could also leave temporarily and leave the development of this place to James for the time being.

Although James’ main job was to be a doctor, it was not a problem for him to watch over a village.

The combat and command abilities of this field doctor were not weak either.

Moreover, if any of the soldiers were injured, he could treat them in time. After all, although there were many demonized creatures or other beasts in the Senwaya Range, as long as they were protected by armor and shields, their injuries could still be recovered, which meant that there was a possibility for them to survive the injuries. At least they did not have to worry about it. Like the 23 Sarrandian horseman, they were severely injured by a demonized lion. As they did not know anything about medication, they were completely helpless and could only watch them die.

As for now, Kant still planned to stay here.

Aaron Village was still too weak.

Although Drondheim was waiting for him to return and level up into a castle, Kant did not leave immediately.

How could he give up on this village that was in imminent danger and leave.

If Kant really left with his team and this small village encountered a demonized creatures again, the village would be wiped out in the blink of an eye, leaving Kant filled with regret.

“I still need to put in the effort.”

Kant couldn’t help but shake his head.

When Manid returned with his team, James would probably arrive in the middle of next week.

Turning his head to glance at Mamlukes who was still resting in the council hall, Kant had a little plan in his mind.

He couldn’t just sit around and wait for death.

It would be great to let these Mamlukes form a team, leading 10 Rhodok spearmen and 20 Rhodok tribesmen for training with the help of the demonized creatures in the Senwaya Range.

At the very least, Kant needed them to level up to an intermediate troop class in a short period of time.

This plan was realistic.

Kant had once learned the habits of demonized creatures in the academy.

It was the territorial behavior.

Any savage demonized creature would not appear within a 3-kilometer radius of another savage demonized creature. Occasionally, there would only be a small number of ordinary demonized creatures.

However, there would not be too many ordinary demonized creatures

This was their territorial behavior.

It was also what hunters or knights relied on to hunt demonized creatures.

According to Kant’s understanding of these terrifying creatures, if all the demonized creatures hidden in the Senwaya Range were to gather together, it would not be a problem for the entire Dukedom of Leo to be flattened by these demonized creatures. After all, this mountain range that could even obstruct the Nahrin Desert was just way too big!

Kant’s current position was only at the edge of the edge.

If the road was fixed, it wouldn’t even take more than an hour from the mountain pass to the “Aaron” village.

In Kant’s mind, there was “stone-paved road” that could be built. After the garrison reached the mountain pass, Kant would immediately use it to connect the Senwaya Range to the Nahrin Desert. He would let the “Aaron” village be officially included in the development area of the Drondheim fortress. A large amount of precious resources in the mountain range would be continuously transported back through camel caravans, it would become the driving force for development.

If there was a chance, Kant would want to build terraces in the Senwaya Range.

After all, after he developed agriculture in Oasis Lookout, he knew the hardship and pain of doing that in a desert.

It was thanks to the system that it had developed to its current scale.

Although the Senwaya Range was dangerous, the environment was basically suitable for growing crops. It was much better than the barren Oasis Lookout. As long as the water source was guaranteed, the development of agriculture would be even faster.

Moreover, it could also develop animal husbandry.

The opening of this second base was Kant’s most successful move in developing.

That was the reason.

Kant turned his head to look out of the window. Twenty-three Sarrandian horses were still walking not far away. They looked lonely after losing their horsemen. However, they were plenty close to Kant so they did not leave. Instead, they began to walk around the mountain peak, stepping on the soft soil, from time to time, they would walk around the cemetery where the horsemen were buried.

“When Joslin comes again, we can sell them.”

Kant shook his head and sighed.

Kant did not need too many horses. Selling the Sarrandian horses produced by the system and indirectly letting them return to their own world could be considered a good ending.

After all, these were all top-grade Sarrandian warhorses.

Even the noble families of Vaegirs would cherish them very much and would not treat them carelessly like weak horses.

This was the system’s method of recycling.

When Joslin left, he also bought the weapons and equipment of the system’s troop class that had died in the previous battle. It solved Kant’s problem. After all, he did not want so many exquisite items to be spread to the Dukedom of Leo, it was still great to be able to exchange some denars with the system.

“Now, we just have to wait for James to lead the team here.”, Kant thought.

Green smoke appeared in spirals.

In the kitchen of the council hall, the aroma of food cooking spread out.

It was the peasants making dinner. After all, with the setting sun and the approaching dusk, the sky was about to turn dark. If they did not make dinner, they would probably have to wait until the evening before they could let everyone have a warm meal.

The kitchen of the council hall was not big.

It barely maintained the food needs of more than 60 people.

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