The Monster Flood is…

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“Come to think about it, to what extend can the magic be hurled after a party is formed?”


Argo’s slight question dispelled the awkward situation just now.


“Hmm…The scope of this room should be fine, but I wonder what will happen if it’s larger than this room?”

“Let’s try confirming the possible distance of hurling a heal, then. If it’s tomorrow, jou-chan’s magical power should be fully recovered, right?”


Frank-san seemed like he would rush out and go right away if only my magical power was already healed by now…


Which reminds me, don’t I have MP Potion inside my item box? I am unsure because I haven’t checked all of the item box’s content, but I’m sure I always had five frames of them.


The item box in Elysia Online separately contained items and equipment1, and could hold 100 items each. While one frame of equipment could only hold one equipment, in case of other items, one frame could hold 999 of the same items. So, having 5 frames of MP potions means 5×999 = 4995 potions are there!


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Why would I have so many of them? Since I tried to level up my alchemy skills so that I won’t need to buy potions, I had a lot of self-made potions.

(T/N: Definitely my style of playing games. Definitely not an exaggeration.)

“Let’s aim at self-sufficiency!” Such were the words I declared as I levelled up my alchemy. How nostalgic.


I couldn’t make things like weapons or armours or accessories, but there was someone in the guild who raised their skills in making them, so I brought the materials to them to make for me. I also picked some equipment in dungeons, so it wasn’t really a troublesome matter.


It was fun to diligently collect medicinal herbs to make a lot of potions from them, then giving the potions out for everyone in the guild.

Aah, I want to see my fellow guild members.


Haa. No, I can’t.

This isn’t the right time to be nostalgic.

Uhm, I should take out the MP Potion…


That’s right. If only there’s an alchemy pot, I can just collect medicinal herbs and make MP Potions, can’t I? I hope that the alchemy pot is also inside the item box. I should check that as well.


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But I can’t just take it out of the item box here. It has to be taken out from the dummy which is the cat face bag. I wonder if that bag is in Amanda-san’s room?


Ah, but wait. I still haven’t heard about the Monster Flood.2

Let’s take the cat face bag later on.


“Say, what is the Monster Flood?”



At my question, Leon-san pointed his finger at the Demon Forest in the map.


“There are a lot of monsters in this Demon Forest. The reason is still unknown, but once a decade, those monsters would strangely increase and left the Demon Forest to a place where people dwell. The omen before that was the strange increase in goblins. Around the forest’s outskirts where Yuuri was at the other day, there’s supposed to be only weak monsters such as slimes, but when the Monster Flood happens, a lot of goblins will appear in the depth of the forest. Then, the goblins will show up at the forest’s outskirts, and before long, stronger monsters such as werewolves, and sabercats will leave the Demon Forest to attack the villages and towns in its vicinity.”


Leon-san’s finger pointed at a place within the Ares Kingdom that was slightly distant from the forest.

Although there wasn’t anything drawn over there, did he mean that there were towns and villages around here that were attacked…?

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“The Izel Fort existed for the sake of holding back the Monster Flood in its critical moments. Once the Monster Flood’s omen occurs, we will enter the forest to kill the monsters, in order to decrease their numbers. Of course it’s impossible to do it with our kingdom alone. We also notify the other countries.”


Leon-san’s words stopped there.


“Yuuri. You’re still a child. But you possess a power that none of us holds. The Monster Flood this time occurs earlier than what we expected, so we aren’t really well-prepared for it. I feel bad for requesting this from you, a child that we should be protecting, but are you willing to go with us to face the Monster Flood as rear support?”


I’ve done a lot of defeating the monsters in game, but…


I recalled yesterday’s herd of goblins.

This is a reality, so does the blood flowing from the demons, the blood flowing from Leon-san and the others, everything is real.


I…Will I be able to defeat monsters here…?

By rear support, does that mean raising the Area Protect Shield? If so…perhaps I can do it…?

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I recalled Argo-san’s figure yesterday.


If I were to sit here doing nothing while someone dies…Just thinking about it makes chill run down my spine.


No, I definitely don’t want that.


I decided to do what I could do.

If that’s the case, I will work as hard as I can.


“I understand. I will try my best!”

“Thank you, Yuuri!”


Level 1 Sage, Yuuri Kujou will try her best to exterminate monsters!


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