Finally Leveled Up

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That night, I saw lots of nightmares, I moved around in my sleep, and I cried a lot. Then, my back was also patted many, many times over by Amanda-san.


The Kuujou Yuuri1 and Yuuri Kujou2 in the dreams were eaten by the werewolf many times.

Then, inside the werewolf’s stomach, the two me became one.



It was even worse when I woke up the next day. Although I couldn’t remember what kind of dreams I saw, my head felt heavy as I cried too much.



Is Amanda-san busy? She was no longer here in the room.


My physical condition was also bad, did I move about in my sleep alone…?


After a while, I came to think of something. Won’t it be healed with Heal or Cure?

As expected, after applying Light Heal, I felt a little bit restored.


At that time, I thought of seeing my status for a bit and…


It seems that I leveled up~!


Yuuri Kujou. 8 years old. Sage level 2.


HP 176

MP 165


Skills Possessed:

Magic 100

Healing 100

Alchemy 100



Magic Master

Healing Master

Stray from Another World

Fortune Bringer


My HP and MP increased a bit.

Then…Eh? My title increased.

Fortune Bringer, so it said. Does that mean my luck is quite good?

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Un. Certainly, I’ve been meeting with just good people ever since coming to this world, so my luck can be considered good. That’s how I got this title, I guess?


But I thought that when I leveled up, I would hear a sound effect just like in game. I wonder when did I level up…?

It was really unfortunate for me not to realize that moment.


I guess it was yesterday, during when I formed a party? I might have received the experience points from when Leon-san and the others fought and defeated the enemies.

It was just that I still wanted to fight and earn experience points by myself.




That’s right…In order to become stronger, I have to fight…


If it was in the game, my chest won’t ache even if I were to cut down the monsters before me. When I thought that the monsters were also living beings that bled, as expected, I hesitated in defeating them.

But since they were monsters, if we didn’t defeat them, then we would be the ones suffering the damages…Right. Just like the people from the Dusk Village.


That’s right. I shouldn’t hesitate.


For example, if the enemy wasn’t a monster, but a lion. If I were holding a gun during when I was attacked, I think I would pull the trigger.

The same goes for the monsters.

If I don’t resist, I will get killed, so I have to fight and defeat them.


But before that, it might not be good if my magical power doesn’t increase…

It’d feel like wasting the treasure, since I’ve become a sage too.


As I was having a breakfast with Amanda-san who just returned, I was thinking about discussing my magic practice. Then, I decided to talk about it with Leon-san.


Sorry for adding to your trouble, despite you being so busy already…


But thanks to it, I managed to have a magic practice in the afternoon.


The one who taught me magic seemed to be a magician at the Izel fort.


During the subjugation yesterday, the ones going were magic swordsmen, so I thought that there might be no magician at all, but in reality, there were magicians here. It seemed that they remained inside the fort because the fort’s defense would be weak should they also go along for the monster subjugation.


Since I would be dealing with that magician-san from now on, I went to Leon-san’s office to wait for the magician-san together with Leon-san and Amanda-san.


“I am nervous…What kind of person will they be?”


In my imagination, a magician is an elderly male with a long beard wearing a black robe. For some reason, that’s the image I get.

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“Although their words can be a bit harsh at times, they are a good person. They are only 16 years old, but they’re already called as a genius in magic.”



Such an amazing person! I hope we can get along well. I wonder if they are a male, or a female?


While I was waiting full of excitement, the office’s door was knocked.



“I’m Serena. I’m here because Leader called me.”

“Come in.”


The door was slowly opened.


The one who appeared was a girl with her golden-colored curly hair who was wearing a simple yet high-quality dress. Combined with her slightly slanted blue eyes, she looked just like a bisque doll.


Uwaa. This time, it’s a princess…how lovely…


That person slowly bent her body while grabbing her dress just like a real princess, showing such an elegant bow.


A…Amazing! It’s just like what’s portrayed in the films!


“I’m Serena Lively.3 What kind of business do you have with me?”

“Serena, how many times do I have to tell you that this is not the palace? Hurry and raise your face.”

“Yes, Leonhart-sama.”


As Leon-san said, the girl called Serena-san slowly raised her face.

Uwaa. Even if I looked at her so close like this, she was still really pretty. She was really just like a doll.


“I’d like you to teach this Yuuri Kujou about how to control her magic.”

“Is she the rumoured foreign priest from a few days ago? But she can also use magic, then that means…?”

“Yuuri isn’t a priest, but she is called a sage, so it seems. She can use both recovery magic and offensive magic. However, the power of her offensive magic is too strong that it might even drag our allies.”

“Can use both…? I see, that brings us to controlling her magic, is it?”

“Can we ask you to do that?”

“If that’s what Leonhart-sama ordered.”

“I’ll leave it to you.”



After Serena-san did yet another beautiful bow, she slowly turned towards me. Her blue eyes were looking fixedly at me.


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“I’m Serena Lively. From now on, I will have to teach you on how to control your magic. Since it’s related to controlling magic, I won’t go easy on you even if you are a child. Will that be fine?”

“U-uhm. I am Yuuri Kujou. Err, I will try my best, so please do help me.”


She seems so mature despite being only 16 years old. For some reason, I feel so childish in comparison to her that I’m so embarrassed.


But, somehow I feel like I’m turning more childish than before. I’m easily brought to tears. Could it be that my mental age is being affected by my physical age…?


T…that couldn’t be.


“I wonder if we can do the training at the training grounds in the basement? There is a barrier, and no matter how strong the magic hits it, it won’t cause the building to be broken. I think that it will be fine for Yuuri-chan to use her magic there.”


I see. Eh? But if that’s the case, why did we have the recovery magic check the other day at the plaza?


When I tried to ask Amanda-san, I was told that it was because recovery magic won’t break the walls.

U…I have no words to return to her.


I went down to the training grounds in the basement with Serena-san, and with Amanda-san leading the way. It was a slightly spacious room made of stones.


“Now, I think Yuuri-chan can use your magic to your heart’s content here. I wanted to hide the fact that I still have a lot more to go in magic, though.”




I couldn’t catch her last sentence because she muttered it with such a small voice…I wonder if it’s just something trivial?


“Then, let’s begin at once. Will Amanda-san watch?”

“That’s right, I think I will watch for a while.”

“Then, please sit over there.”


After Amanda-san sat on the chair in the corner of the room, Serena-san began to talk.


The magic that we use seem to work in a way that we use the air in this world.

The magicians use the long chant to gather the magical power around them, condensing it, then utilizing the magic. Then, it seems that if we use the magic while deciding on the target at that time, for example if it is a monster, then the magic will only be applied to the monster.


U~n. I feel like I understand, yet at the same time I feel like I don’t…


In my case, I don’t need to use a long chant…I wonder how I should decide on the target then?


“Anyway, let’s see your magic. Try to hit the wooden figure in the middle with your magic. What’s your specialty magic?”


“Then, what magic attribute can you use?”

“Thunder, wind, fire, water, and earth.”

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“…All attributes…”


Serena-san was surprised, but she quickly regained her composure.


“Then, can you use Wind Arrow?”


“Then, try attacking that wooden figure.”


Uuuhm, then I should carefully reduce the power as much as possible, I guess. Ah, but that’s not it, I should try to make the magic only affect the target.”


For the time being, let’s just try.


“Wind Arrow!”


As I chanted the magic, several wind arrows rained incessantly towards the wooden figure.

The wooden figure was minced to small pieces, turning it into wood chips.


“Impossible…To be able to use magic just by chanting its name? That’s not possible…In addition, that wooden figure is supposed to have a magical resistance inserted in it…? That, such a…”


Errr…I’m sorry…

Since it’s a magic from the game, it might be lacking in common sense…


Ah, but earlier, I felt that the Wind Arrow only hit the wooden figure for some reason.

Could it be that imagining it was the key?


I wonder if I’ll be able to do it well by continuing this practice?


Since it would be a waste of the wooden figures as they would break anyway despite being clad in protective magic, for some reason they were replaced by big logs.



Why them?


“Just when I thought of processing them. Please turn them into firewood during the magic training.”


“Don’t you think that you can also fine-tune your magic while aiming to process the wood into firewood?”


Eh? That’s the reason?


“We have a lot of wood in the Demon Forest. That’s why, go ahead and practice to your heart’s content.”


Amanda-san, I think that’s not the problem at allllllll…!

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