Chapter 185: All Forces of the System

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[ Council hall can be built here. New village can be built here. ]

As Kant approached the final location of the route, the system immediately popped up a dialog box and displayed it on his retina.

The route that the system had instructed disappeared.

This proved that Kant’s second village could be built here.

However, he was not in a hurry to build the council hall.

The ruins at the peak of the mountain were still in an unknown status. Kant needed to complete the system quest to explore the ruins and make sure that there was no danger before he could set up the council hall without worry.

After all, this was Kant’s second stronghold.

He had to be careful.

Kant held his knight sword and slowly walked to the stone statue. The huge stones that were once used for construction had all collapsed and sunk into the soil at mountain peak. Only this stone statue was still half-exposed in the soil, it raised the circular plates in its hands and was covered in shrubs and vines. It seemed like a decadent garden art.

Kant raised his eyebrows slightly.

Kant had already noticed the huge size of these stones and stone statues.

The part of the stone that exposed from the soil was only a dozen centimeters shorter than his height of 1.8 meters.

This was not including the part beneath the soil layer.

There was also this other stone statue.

The waist part of the stone statue was exposed from the soil. It was four meters tall and wore an ancient-style armor.

The stone plate with radial-shaped edges was held high in its hands. Due to the collapse, its angle was slanted. Kant could just see the center of the stone plate, which was about two meters in diameter, with a golden disc embedded in it.

Kant was very familiar with it.

He had once obtained the same model, which represented the ruins of the lost city.

The Sun Disc!

It was still located at the top of the clock tower of the Oasis Lookout. During the day, it absorbed the heat from the Sun, and at night, it released the heat from the Sun. It balanced the temperature within a 500-meter radius, giving people a comfortable and livable feeling.

At this moment, the system dialog box suddenly popped up on his retina.

[ Ding… Special quest issued ]

[ Special quest: Familiar strange object ]

[ Reward: 5 honor points ]

[ Introduction: You have found a strange object that looked familiar. It still gives off a mysterious special energy. This energy is helpful for the system to analyze the rules of this world. Would you like to let the system absorb it? ]

[ Remark: After the system absorbs it, it will power up. ]

[ Yes/No, let the system absorbs the item? ]

Special quest.

Kant raised his head subconsciously and looked at the sun disk that was made of gold on the stone plate.

He did not hesitate at all.


This was the system’s requirement, Kant would not hinder it.

Moreover, they had been together for so long, how could Kant not understand the system’s nature.

Even if the system absorbed this strange item, it would definitely be picked out in a side quest or a system lottery. Moreover, after the sun disc had been analyzed by the system, he could easily use it by using his mind alone.

For example, the [ Page of Clear Spring ] and [ Page of Fertile Soil ] were two such items.

Most importantly, there were still those 5 honor points. This represented the system mall’s lottery. Even though there was definitely a sun disc in it, the other four gift packs were all picked up for free. Why would Kant hesitate?

He would not hesitate!

The system’s data flowed out and circulated on his palm.

He looked up at the tilted stone statue.

Kant understood that the system had told him to go up and place his palm on the sun disk.

He waved his knight sword and cut off the branches of the shrubs and vines. He immediately jumped onto the body of the stone statue like a cheetah and quickly climbed to the top of both hands. His leather boots stepped on the chest of the stone statue that was covered in dust and mud, then he took another step on the head of the stone statue that was covered in moss. His left hand that was filled with data flow and he directly imprinted it onto the Sun Disc.

“Hum –”

A faint spatial fluctuation instantly started to flicker. Some mysterious power seemed to have been activated.

On the golden sun disc, the mysterious sacred sun pattern instantly exploded with balls of golden light. Kant was at the top of the stone statue, and felt like he was standing under the scorching noon sun. The heat wave started to sweep over, and it actually felt hotter and hotter, it was as uncomfortable as being in an oven.

However, this high temperature instantly disappeared along with the spread of the data flow in his left hand. As the faint mountain wind blew, it was still the usual climate of the cool Senwaya Range.

It was like the heat wave just now was an illusion of his perception.

However, when Kant opened his eyes again.

The sun disc that originally existed in the stone disc had been completely devoured by the data chain that flowed out from the system. There was no trace of it, not even a bit of gold was left. There was only a two-centimeter inlaid pit, indicating that it was once at the center of the stone disc, there was an object with a diameter of about 1.5 meters embedded in it.

Kant understood that the sun disk had been absorbed by the system.

But at this moment.

The stone statue under his feet suddenly shook. Even the huge rocks around it that had collapsed with a certain rhythm to them, along with some mysterious fluctuations in space.

“Not good, is there an earthquake?”

This bad thought appeared in Kant’s mind, and he immediately jumped off the stone statue.

Just as his two feet touched the ground.

That mysterious trembling and fluctuation was instantly stimulated. In Kant’s eyes, the huge stone with the clear sacred sun pattern and the exquisitely carved stone statue beside him seemed to have been turned into powder. It was like these stones and statue had been through thousands of years in just a few breathes, and eventually turned into powder. Even the stone slabs under his feet were mixed with the soil on the ground. As the mountain wind blew, the magnificent and mysterious ruins on the peak of the mountain disappeared.

It was like a breeze blowing past, never to be seen again.

Only a little stone powder and soil were left on the ground.

There were also strange-looking vines and bushes lying on the ground because they had lost their support.

“My Lord!”

The remaining seven Sarrandian horsemen rushed over quickly.

They looked at the flat and empty peak with shock and doubt in their eyes. They clenched the scimitars in their hands tightly, clearly not understanding what had happened here.

The majestic ruins just a moment ago had actually vanished without a trace in the blink of an eye.

They definitely could not maintain their composure.

“Relax, there isn’t any danger. Just remain cautious.”

Kant’s face was calm.

He continued to instruct the seven Sarrandian horsemen, “After cleaning up the battlefield, inspect this mountain peak. After confirming that there isn’t any danger, stand by and watch the surroundings.”

“Yes, my Lord!”

The seven Sarrandian horsemen nodded and quickly dispersed to follow the order to check the mountain peak.

There were thousands of acres of flat land on the mountain peak.

Although it was overgrown with weeds, shrubs, and a lot of woodland, it was definitely flat land. Not to mention building a village, these thousands of acres of land were more than enough for farming.

A mysterious and perfect mountain flat land.

In front of Kant’s eyes.

A dialog box popped up on his retina again.

[ Ding… After your tireless efforts, the side quest has been completed. ]

[ Side side quest: “Exploring the ruins” has been completed. ]

[ Reward: Building transfer card (able to change the location of a building)]

[ Introduction: During your exploration of the ruins, you discovered a mysterious strange object. What a pleasant surprise. You look at the flat land around you with full confidence and feel that there is something you can do with it. ]

A golden card appeared in his mind.

Kant raised his eyebrows slightly and smiled, “Construction transfer card? Not Bad.”

He scanned through the introduction of the card.

Kant understood.

This construction transfer card could transform any building that had been built into a construction card and move it to another area for construction. Of course, the prerequisite was that it had to be moved within the sphere of influence of the council hall.

The [ Ranger camp ] was the best transfer building.

With the [ Vaegirs Shooting Range ] , ‘Drondheim’ had wasted resources on the recruitment of the long-range troop class. Kant did not need to recruit a large number of archers in this Oasis Lookout fortress, he did not need two different archers. This was undoubtedly a conflict.

However, the new village in the Senwaya Range definitely needed long-range archers who were good at mountain battles.

These were the Ravenstern wardens!

From the literal meaning, it could be seen that the wardens themselves were excellent archers in the mountain and forest areas. Their strength can be fully seen by the time they in charge of killing those barbarians in the Misty Mountain!

“Now, it’s time to build the village.”

Kant took a deep breath.

He communicated with the mind communication system and said in a deep voice, “System, build the council hall here.”

In his mind, the card representing the council hall instantly appeared.

Some faint golden ray condensed. At the densest moment, it instantly turned into a golden light. If one looked carefully, they would find that it was the subtle data stream.

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[ Detected that there is already a council hall. The force is the Kingdom of Swadia. Its level is fortress-level. ]

[ This time, the construction of the council hall will be chosen along with random forces. The level will be village-level. ]

[ Yes/No? ]

“Yes.”, Kant made his choice. The system had already warned him about this.

The system dialog box instantly refreshed.

A new prompt box appeared.

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[ Random selection of forces. Please pause at will. ]

On the retina before his eyes, the dialog box directly turned into a disk. Countless names of forces appeared densely on it. Although he was relatively small, as Kant swept through it, he could vaguely see many familiar names.

Kingdom of Swadia, Kingdom of Rhodoks, Kingdom of Nords, Kingdom of Vaegirs, Kingdom of Sarrand Sultanate. Kingdom of Sarleon, Kingdom of Ravenstern, Kingdom of Fierdsvain, Dasha Tribe, Imperial Expeditionary Force, Jatu Tribe, Noldor elven force. Even the Great Ming Empire, Jurchen of Manchu, Mongolian golden family, Great Han Empire, Hunnic Empire, Oda Nobunaga, Nagao Kagetora, countries of Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, and even the Middle East.

All ages, all regions, all kinds of formal history or alternate history, or fantasy world.

All existed on this disc.

This was the forces that contained in all of the MODs from the entire “Mount and Blade” series!

Kant took a deep breath.

The disc was spinning.

The name of the forces on it was no longer clear.

He was calm.


Following his words, the disc came to an abrupt stop.

The red pointer was aimed at the name of a certain force on the disc.

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[ Congratulations on obtaining… ]

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