Chapter 184: The New Sun Disc

“Roar –”

The demonic let out a mournful roar.

Covered in pitch-black blood, it finally felt that something was wrong. It continued to blow away three Sarrandian horsemen with its paws. It turned around, wanting to get rid of these monkey-like creatures. However, it realized that it could not walk at all because its robust limbs had already been slashed by the elite scimitar, causing blood to flow all over the ground.

Even the tendons on the back of its right leg had been destroyed by the elite scimitar. As the demonized lion used its strength, the tendons on its right leg were instantly broke. It to let out a miserable howl as it limped out of the horsemen encirclement.

However, as it charged out of the encirclement, it was still wantonly slaughtering.

No Sarrandian horsemen could withstand the strike of this vicious demonized lion.

The shield was smashed into pieces.

The chain mail was torn apart.

Even the spears were broken and the scimitars were bent.

The Sarrandian horsemen suffered heavy losses.

In a short moment.

There were only less than 15 Sarrandian horsemen still standing beside Kant.


Kant’s eyes were filled with bloodshot.

His face became even more ferocious.

If he did not kill this demonized lion, he would not be able to sleep or eat in peace!

His feet moved quickly, and he was still stabbing the demonized lion mercilessly with his knight sword. From the bottom up, he quickly approached the throat of the demonized lion under the cover of Sarrandian horsemen. He gritted his teeth and let out all his force, cutting a deep wound on the demonized lion.

Pitch-black blood instantly spilled out, causing the limping demonized lion to become even more violent.

However, the fury of this demonized lion was no longer as fierce as before.

The spear that pierced directly into its large intestine was still in its body. Every time it made a big and vigorous movement, the sharp tip of the spear in its body would destroy its intestines and lower abdomen.

“Roar –”

The pain caused the demonized lion to let out a low roar.

But its movements became slower and slower.

Sarrandian horsemen seized the opportunity and surrounded the demonized lion on all sides. As if they had a tacit understanding, they gritted their teeth and ran straight towards it. Borrowing the inertia of running, they charged forward ruthlessly and used their spear to stab the demonized lion from all four directions!

Moreover, they specifically stabbed into its body that did not have any scales to defend it.

The soft abdomen on its both sides was directly pierced through.

The intestines suffered even more damage, causing the demonized lion to roar in anger as it pounced forward. It pounced on three Sarrandian who could not dodge in time, viciously biting down with its sharp teeth, chewing on the body with the of the chain mail, its scarlet eyes became more terrifying.

This demonized lion also seems to understand its situation, began to more and more desperate.

Now it’s scarred.

Scimitar marks on the cheeks, holes penetrated by spears, black blood dripping down, but it still used its last strength to kill more Sarrandian horsemen.

This kind of demonized creature had a tenacious vitality to begin with.

If it was an ordinary demonized creature, it might be killed by utilizing exquisite techniques.

But this kind of savage creature was as strong as a grand knight’s strength and vitality.

It required knight-level warriors to engage in close combat and sacrificed their lives in order to kill it.

Just like now.

The entire mountain peak was already filled with the thick smell of blood.

The 30 Sarrandian horsemen that they brought along were easily killed by this ferocious demonic lion. Only 12 of them were still standing on the mountain peak. In addition to Kant, a lord who had been wandering around, took the opportunity to stab it with his sword.

“Roar… roar…”

The demonic lion panted heavily as its bowl-like eyes swept over Kant.

It was not without intelligence.

Although its brutal nature engulfed its soul and its powerful strength made it not need to use its previous cunning techniques, it still had the instinct to take the lead in killing the leader of the enemy and obtain the final victory.

“Damn it.”, when Kant saw that scarlet eyes were aimed at him, the fear gripped his heart.

How could he not understand the meaning of its gaze.

It was a desperate struggle.

It was a rage that wanted to tear him apart!

The demonized lion did not give him time to think. It gathered its final strength on the other three leg claws that had yet to be crippled. It rushed over violently and waved its claws, wanting to press Kant’s entire body under it, then used its big mouth filled with sharp teeth to swallow the young prey who brought it great pain. It want to swallow its prey into its stomach!

“Roar –“an angry roar was rolling along with a gust of wind.

Kant clenched the knight sword in his hand tightly.

His heart was like being squeezed at this moment, but his mind was extremely clear.

Time seemed to slow down.

The body of the Swadian knight, along with the extreme desire for survival in his heart, gave him the power to tear space and time apart. Under the attack of the demonized lion, he knelt heavily on the ground with both legs, lowering his head and bending his waist as if he was kowtowing. He nearly avoided the huge body that pounced at him.

“Plop Plop Plop –”

The earth seemed to tremble slightly as the huge body pounced down.

Two Sarrandian horsemen who were originally supporting Kant were directly pressed to the ground by the two huge claws. Their eyes protruded out and their sternum were completely shattered. They let out their last breathes. They were directly pressed to death on the spot.


However, the other Sarrandian horsemen did not let go of this opportunity. They continued stabbed their spears forward.

Those who did not have a spear pulled out the elite scimitars in their hands and continued to slash viciously at the limbs of this demonized lion. They aimed directly at the tendons in the leg, in order to cripple the mobility of this demonized lion!

No matter how powerful this demonized lion was, without its speed, it was equivalent to a fish meat that was waiting to be sliced up!

“Pu Pu Pu –”

Its black fur was cut off by the sharp scimitar.

As for the tendons of its legs, which were not protected by its bones or muscles, it was instantly destroyed. Several deep cut were made by the scimitars. As the demonized lion felt pain, it roared angrily and used its strength to turn around which then directly breaking its body. Its two hind legs instantly fell down, and the speed of the demonized lion instantly slowed down.

The tendons on both legs were cut off, and it no longer had the ability to run and jump.

Just its two front claws.

No matter how strong it was, it could not hurt the remaining Sarrandian horsemen’s lives anymore.

It could only let out a low growl to vent the violent rage in its heart.

The demonized creature did not know how to surrender.

Kant would not let it surrender either.

With the help of the two Sarrandian horsemen, Kant stood up. His hands were trembling from the extreme action just now. He was pumped with adrenaline and now he suffered rapid decline in spirit and physical strength.

“My Lord.”

One of the Sarrandian horsemen asked, “Do you want to kill it yourself?”

“You guys do it.”, Kant waved his hand.

He swept his gaze across the battlefield beside him. More than 20 broken corpses of the Sarrandian horsemen were scattered all over the mountain peak and the ruins. His expressions turned sombre, “I think you guys hate it more.”

“I’m willing to serve.”

The two supporting Sarrandian horsemen nodded.

There were only seven of them left.

They looked at each other. Other than the two who were supporting Kant, the other five picked up the spears of their fallen comrades. Looking at the demonized lion that was still crawling on the ground with its claws, ferociously revealing its fearsome appearance. They ran up and brutally stabbed at it.

The tip of the spear easily pierced through the eyes, the pupils, and the eye sockets.

It pierced through its eye sockets and directly into the brain!

The left and right eyes were each pierced by a spear. This was the revenge of the Sarrandian horsemen for their comrades, including the spear that pierced through the ear canals in the left and right ears. Then, they ruthlessly pierced through its ribs, deeply piercing into the chest. The spear pierced through the heart that was still beating rapidly.

The five of them worked together, and the already heavily injured demonized lion instantly died.

The battle ended.

Kant watched this scene coldly.

The thick smell of blood made him frown slightly.

He gritted his teeth and ordered, “Clean up the battlefield.”

Kant opened his mouth, and his tone was a little solemn and depressed. He said in a deep voice, “Dig a grave for the dead Sarrandian horsemen. If they die here, then they will also be here to guard our new village.”

“Understood.”, the remaining seven Sarrandian horsemen nodded.

They did not choose to rest directly. Instead, they went to carry the bodies of their dead comrades.

They understood Kant’s meaning.

The dead Sarrandian horsemen deserved a decent burial.

But Kant took a step forward.

The route shown on his retina was not the edge of the mountain, but deeper, inside the collapsed boulder, deeper into the mountain.

At the center of the ruins.

At the spot where the stone statue had fallen.

[ Ding… Side quest issued ]

[ Side quest: explore the ruins ]

[ Reward: Building transfer card (can change the location of a building)]

[ Introduction: You have arrived at the mountain peak and found the remains of this building buried by vegetation. After your careful observation, even though time had made the remains of the building look like ruins, its former glory could still be shown through the remaining decorations and construction methods. Please explore carefully, perhaps you can find more. ]

The system’s temporary side quest was suddenly released.

Kant nodded slightly. “Got it.”. He himself wanted to explore the ruins.

The ruins of the lost city.

He was very sure.

When he followed the collapsed boulder and entered the building ruins from the direction of the main gate, the stone statue wrapped in vines was revealed in the center of his eyes.

Especially the circular plate in the center that was lifted by the two arms.

Although it had a radiation pattern, Kant still found something at the center of the circular plate with radiation pattern. There was a faint golden glowing under the cover of dust and soil, as if there was a different kind of golden object embedded on it.

“The sun circular plate?”

Kant’s mind instantly recalled the golden circular plate he had in the Oasis Lookout.

He carefully scanned his surroundings.

In the corner of the ruins, there were countless piles of bones.

It seemed to be the lair of the demonized lion. After making sure that there was no other danger, Kant slowly walked forward, holding his knight sword tightly, and came to the side of the slanted stone statue.

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[ Council hall can be built here, and a new village can be built here. ]

A dialog box popped up on the system’s retina.

At the same time, the route that was displayed was also disappeared.

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