Chapter 182: The Lost Ruins on the Mountain Peak

The Sun was no longer as scorching as it was at noon. Kant led the team and continued forward.

There was no road to walk through this undeveloped wild mountain. The only place they could move forward was the area where the mountain slope was relatively gradual. However, because they were still leading their warhorse, they must be more careful when they walked.

They did not encounter any ferocious and terrifying demonized creatures along the way.

However, Kant also found a lot of normal wild beasts around.

They were similar to the sand gazelle that liked to go deep into the Nahrin Desert, the forest wolves that lived in the Senwaya Range, and the slightly smaller black bear and a strong wild boar with fangs. In addition to the wild deer, rabbits, pheasants, and foxes that could be seen everywhere, the outer mountain range contained rich wildlife resources.

Kant did not dare to imagine how many resources would be waiting for him to exploit further.

The majestic mountain range was a natural barrier that hindered the communication between the two places.

However, it was also a place that nurtured countless animals and plants. It might not suitable for agriculture development, but just looked at all the resources at the Senwaya Range, the animal resources alone were enough for the development of a village.

Black bear skin, wolf skin, fox skin, antelope skin, deer skin.

These were all good furs for export and were very popular among the human countries, especially the tanned and dyed high-quality furs. They were also the high-quality clothes sought after by the noble families.

A piece of fine clothing made of high quality furs could be worth silver of the same weight.

Once, Kant had a graceful white fox fur robe.

But in the end, because he left the castle, he couldn’t take it with him. Although it was one of his mother’s relics, the final ownership was all belonged to his father Cameron. What Kant could take away were the ordinary clothes with little value, and the 20 great silver coins that he had saved.

He didn’t think too much about it.

The memory of the past was a bit harsh, and it made Kant feel bitter in his heart.

Now was the time for him to work hard.

This was what he could truly do right now.

Looking at the surrounding mountain range, looking at the lush vegetation, as well as the animals that hopped in and out from the dense forest and thickets, Kant’s lips curled into a smile as he sighed from the bottom of his heart, “This place is really not bad.”

He had made the right choice back then.

Even though he had only gone deep into the Senwaya Range for half a day, the rich animal and plant resources had already moved him.

Moreover, even the system had given him a route hint, which indirectly proved that his choice was correct.

It was enough to prove that this mountain range was the best place to open up a new village!

Of course, hidden demonized creatures in this mountain range that could appear at any time, it was indeed a big problem. Kant had a slight headache when he thought of this problem.

“I hope the Ravenstern rangers can help to solve these things.”

Kant thought of the building in Drondheim, it made his face became a little calm. He needed to kill these demonized creatures as many as he could. Even if some of his soldiers died, as long as he trainned a group of level 5 top-tier archers like the Ravenstern rangers, that would be enough.

They could even easily kill the elemental giants.

Although these demonized creatures were ferocious, they were still flesh and blood. There was no way they could not do something, right?

The bows used by the rangers, were the huge and powerful heavy bows.

Compared to the longbows that the Vaegirs liked to use because they pursued their shooting range, these Ravenstern people preferred to use heavy bows that pursued power. That way, they could kill any enemy within a short distance in the shortest time possible. At the critical moment, they could instantly make the enemy lose the ability to resist. This was the best choice they could make in such a complicated environment like the dense forests and mountains.

They continued to lead the warhorse forward.

The peak of the mountain was not far ahead, and they were about to reach their destination.

The faces of the Sarrandian horsemen were already stained with sweat.

Even Kant, who had the body of a knight, was breathing slightly faster. His face was flushed red because of walking on the complicated mountain path.

They had exhausted a lot of physical strength.

There was no road at all in the strange and wild mountain range, so it as not as easy as traveling on the soft sand in the desert. If it wasn’t for the cold weather in Senwaya Range due to the faint cold current form the underground, Kant and his soldiers would have a harder time trekking through the mountains.

At this moment, Kant thought of the Rhodok people.

These mountain people who also lived in the Rhodok’s mountain area might be the same as the people of Ravenstern. They had sufficient adaptability to the mountain range environment. After all, they grew up in the mountainous region.

“My lord.”

While they were walking, the Sarrandian horseman suddenly spoke.

“Hmm?”, Kant frowned and clenched the knight sword in his hand.

Subconsciously, his eyes scanned the surroundings cautiously, but he didn’t find any danger. He couldn’t help but ask in a deep voice, “What’s going on? Did you find anything unusual?”

“Under the foot.”, Sarrandian horseman said.

“What foot?”, Kant lowered his head, but his pupils shrank slightly. “This is…”

Under his exquisite cowhide boots, there were stone slabs appeared on the rugged hillside.

The stone slabs extended one after another along the mountain slabs, all the way to the peak of the mountain a hundred meters away.

It was like a staircase.

Kant’s expression was solemn. He clenched the knight sword in his hand tightly. This was not like a staircase. These stone slabs covered by a large amount of soil and fallen leaves were the stairs leading to the peak of the mountain!

“How is this possible!”

Slowly exhaling, Kant stared at the peak of the mountain in front of him.

According to the route he took, he did not find any other places with such buildings as stairs.

Kant had never read about any forces at the border of the Nahrin Desert and the Senwaya Range in the library of the academy and in the study room of the Castle of Leo. Especially with the lofty and magnificent Senwaya Range, crossing the mountain range from the direction of the Dukedom of Leo was extremely dangerous. Even without the threat of demonized creatures, the mountain was still fraught with all kinds of dangers!

Instead of establishing such a hidden force in the mountains north of the Senwaya Range,.

It would be easier to establish it in the south.

“Lord, looking at these stone slabs, it should be over a thousand years old.”

Sarrandian horseman suddenly opened his mouth.

He slightly squatted down and knocked on the stone slab. It was full of potholes and had been weathered quite badly. However, he could vaguely see the excellent technique used to cut the stone. He could not help but speculate, “It was not built in recent years.”

“Thousands of years?, “Kant frowned.

This was an incredible number. It was even longer than the founding of the Dukedom of Leo!

The Dukedom of Leo had been established for less than 300 years since the first Grand Duke of Leo. Its first 50 years belonged to a separatist warlord force of a dying kingdom.

“It must be thousands of years.”

Sarrandian horseman nodded and said, “In the Sarrandian desert, there are also ancient ruins. According to the scholar’s assumption, some of them are even older than the Caradia Empire.”

“Is that so?”, Kant’s brows were still tightly furrowed.

The origin of the continent of Caradia was the Caradia Empire.

Be it the Kingdom of Swadia, the Kingdom of Rodock, the Kingdom of Vaegirs, the Khergit Khanate, the Kingdom of Sarrand Sultanate, or the Kingdom of Nords, which was a foreign merchant at the time, they were all part of this massive empire.

And the Caradia Empire might be the first empire to unify the mainland.

But right before the empire, there were countless forces that had existed, each leaving their ruins in certain areas.

What the Sarrandian horseman was talking about was the ruins left behind by the desert people who had lived in the Sarrandian Desert in ancient times. After thousands of years of decay, there were still some traces left behind.

Just like the stone stairs leading to the peak in front of Kant.

“Stay alert.”

Kant took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Let’s go up and take a look!”

Since they had discovered it, they had to go up. Moreover, the route on the retina indicated the peak of the mountain. Even if it was a dragon’s den or a tiger’s den, Kant had to go over and take a look before he could feel at ease. Otherwise, wouldn’t the system’s instructions be in vain?

The group maintained their vigilance and quickly walked up the stone stairs to the top of the mountain.

“This is…”

Kant was slightly stunned when the expectation of of a desolate mountain peak did not appear. “How is this possible…”

The eyes of the Sarrandian horsemen behind him also widened in surprise.

It was right at the top of the mountain in front of them.

It was not a dense forest, nor was it a lush thicket, nor was it a desolate land filled with weeds. When Kant and the others came to a corner of the mountain peak and really saw the whole picture, they realized that this was a of thousands of acres of flat land, moreover, it was full of collapsed stone buildings!

After countless years of erosion, there were dense shrubs wrapped around the collapsed huge stones.

However, Kant could still see the faint patterns on these stones. They had a mysterious and exquisite appearance. Through thousands of years, they brought to anyone who came, displaying the glory that originated from them.

The patterns were still somewhat familiar.

“This is… This is the ruins of the lost city!”

Kant swallowed his saliva and looked at this building.

Because right in the center, in the middle of the area where countless huge stones had collapsed and fallen, countless shrubs and vines were twining around an even large stone pillar. It seemed to be a human body, and it was wearing a unique armor, it was holding a circular plate that looked like it was emitting sunlight, as if it was once receiving the scorching sun in the sky!

At this moment, Kant finally knew why the patterns on the stone pillar were so familiar.

Even the circular plate held high in the hand of the stone pillar gave him a familiar feeling.

That was because this was the lost city.

In the legend, the city was cast in gold, and it housed the bloodline of a god. It represented the inheritance of the sun god, the lost city, the Holy City of Gold! The fascinating legend that appealed countless people was right in front of Kant.

And the one that came was even more impressive than the sun disk that was found in the well!

Because this was a real relic!

“Roar –”

But just as Kant and the others were shocked, a violent and crazy roar came from the ruins.

A faint sound wave came.

Kant’s eardrums were hurting slightly.

In between in the ruins, there was a three meter tall black lion which was even stronger and more ferocious than the demonized black bear. It was stepping on the scattered giant stones and propping up the thick black mane on its neck. It slowly walked toward Kant and the others, and its pitch-black eyes were filled with the most terrifying brutal killing intent.

“This is…”

Kant gritted his teeth in disbelief and squeezed out, “Demonized lion… Savage species!”

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