Please Stop This Hard Mode

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The long, long rows that extended from Izel fort were headed towards the road to the Chris fort.

The knights and the adventurers were headed towards Chris in order to defeat the Monster King.


I was also riding on Argo-san’s horse, positioned as the vanguard of the group.

The one leading was none other than the golden-haired  Leon-san whose face was looking grim. Slightly behind him was the grey-robed Serena-san.


This time, I formed a party with Leon-san, Argo-san, Serena-san, Georg-san, and Frank-san. If push comes to shove, I can heal them all at once using Healing Wind.


I put a lot of MP Potions inside my cat-faced bag…

P…perhaps this should be alright.


Argo-san was also galloping his horse with crossed mouth, without even cracking any joke.

Everyone was desperate in going to save the knights of the Chris fort, to defeat the Monster King as soon as possible.


The Monster Flood…

The thing that I only heard from the stories.

The Monster King that I had only heard from the stories.


Just what kind of creature would it be…


In order to conceal my trembling hands, I tightly hugged Noir who was in my arms.

Although Noir would usually sweetly cry, it only fixed its position this time, amidst the queer atmosphere.


Actually, I hadn’t wanted to bring Noir along…


But when I tried to leave it behind, I received a huge protest from it, going as far as to scratch my one-piece dress with its claws.

Frank-san also experienced the same predicament, and when our eyes met, he only shrugged his shoulders helplessly.


Please, Noir.

Don’t change even after we meet the Monster King…!


We only headed towards Chris, without even taking a break.


Midway, Argo-san read the paper he received from the magical bird and we modified our route subtly.

It seemed that the Goblin King and its herd managed to defeat one village near the Demon Forest, and they were marching to the next village.

Incidentally, the monsters at various places began to activate, as they seemed to be attacking the villages. That was why the members of the Izel fort were divided into the people who were headed towards the Monster King and the ones remaining to subjugate the monsters at the circumference of the Izel fort.


We also encountered herds of monsters en route to Chris, but some of the knights remained there to deal with them as we continued to advance.


And then, by the time we arrived, the land was meandered in red and black.

They were thousands, no, tens of thousands—a large quantity of goblin herds.




“Area Protect Shield. Target is all the knights, adventurers, me, Noir, and Luan!”

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After chanting Area Protect Shield, small red shields floated around everyone. I didn’t know if they also applied to the members of the Chris fort that were headed towards the goblin herd too, but I couldn’t check it now, so it couldn’t be helped.

I shall pray that the magic also applies to them safely…


“O power of Flames that dwelleth in me, I beseech thee. From my sword, burst forth, Flames!”

“O power of Wind that dwelleth in me, I beseech thee. From my sword, burst forth, Wind!”

“O power of Water that dwelleth in me, I beseech thee. From my sword, burst forth, Water!”

“O power of Thunder that dwelleth in me, I beseech thee. From my sword, burst forth, Thunder!”

“O power of Earth that dwelleth in me, I beseech thee. From my sword, burst forth, Earth!”


When we arrived, I heard people chanting to clad their swords in magic.


“O power of Wind and Flame that dwelleth in me, I beseech thee. From my sword, burst forth, Windflame!”


Leon-san somehow clad his sword in the power of Flame and Wind at the same time.

The flame that gushed forth from his sword spread so high until it could stab the heaven.



As a result of the double element of Flame and Wind, the flame gushed out with such great vigour.

This was perhaps the magical sword that only Leon-san could do. As expected of the hero.


Then, the knights simultaneously put out their swords.


“Let’s go!”

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Under the order of Leon-san whose sword was a combination of Wind and Flame, the knights and the adventurers simultaneously headed towards the goblins while still riding on their horses.

The knights were headed towards the goblins as if they were silver arrows that were shot into the herd of dark red goblins.


The mounted knights were kicking the goblins with their horses as they killed them with their swords as well. The goblins were immediately defeated, but the other goblins came attacking.


Before long, the silver-armoured knights were mixed among the herd of goblins, going forward and forward.


At a slightly distant place from the other party members, I was riding on Georg-san’s horse this time. Noir was under the horse I was riding as it was defending against the attacking goblins along with Georg-san.


I was looking over Argo-san who had let me ride on his horse until just now, as Argo-san was lining up with Leon-san as they cut through the lines to head towards the Goblin King.


Perhaps due to Leon-san’s sword being clad in both wind and flames, one swing of his sword managed to defeat the goblins in his surroundings.

But the number of the goblins was too many, that it seemed like they couldn’t go forward as planned.


Area Protect Shield required 50 MP, one Healing Wind required 20 MP. My initial MP was 165, so the remaining MP would be…uhm, 95. It should be alright, there’s supposed to be a surplus.


“O wind gushing forth from the sky. Become numerous sharp lances that destroy the enemies before me. Wind Lance!”


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Serena-san’s voice resounded from a slightly distant place. She defeated the goblins in one go using the intermediate level wind magic.


Behind her, another magician chanted.


“O great wind that passes through the sky, become a sharp arrow and shred the enemies before us. Wind Arrow!”


The goblins were noisily defeated by the magic. But other goblins stepped on the corpses as if nothing happened as they advanced.

Even if we defeated and defeated them, countless goblins surged from the Demon Forest.


And beyond them, the Goblin King—whose size was double the normal goblin’s—was seen.


That is…the Goblin King.


The Monster King born from the Monster Flood.

Its dark red skin was covered by the rising muscles, its head was decorated with a crown of thorns.




Each time the Goblin King howled, the surrounding goblins regained their vigour in response. Even though we defeated and defeated them, we couldn’t think that the number of the goblins decreased.


I was relieved when I saw Noir not reacting at all in response to that Goblin King’s howling.


Thank goodness…

Really, thank goodness…!


“Healing Wind!”


As I looked at Leon-san and Argo-san’s condition as they moved towards the Goblin King, I chanted Healing Wind for the second time. My remaining MP was 75.


But a wall of goblins kept Leon-san and the others from advancing, and they were still struggling to reach Goblin King.


If things remained like this, we won’t be able to make any progress!


“Fire Crash! Targets are goblins. Wind Lance! Targets are goblins.”


I recited the intermediate level magic boldly towards the goblins which didn’t seem to decrease even after we defeated and defeated them.


An extensive flame danced about, as the wind further fanned its power.






T…the power was even stronger than I thought it was…

…Was it just my imagination or the goblins’ number just decreased in half?


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I looked up as I felt someone’s gaze on me, and I was met with Georg-san’s surprised face.




Here, I should just smile and push the matter aside!


And while doing so, I should drink MP Potion to recover my MP!


Ah, that’s right. Shall I also take a look at my status right now? I might have levelled up after just now.


Yuuri Kujou. 8 years old. Sage level 10.


HP 216

MP 205


Skills Possessed:

Magic 100

Healing 100

Alchemy 100

Subjugation 27



Magic Master

Healing Master

Stray from Another World

Fortune Bringer


A…amazing! I levelled 8 times into level 10!

I wonder if it was because of that? Due to my earlier magic and the fact that I was in a party with Leon-san and the others, so I gained lots of experience points.


When I tapped the arrow on the bottom of the window…


Available Skills:

[Thunder Element] Thunder Arrow, Thunder Lance (Thunder of Judgment)

[Wind Element] Wind Arrow, Wind Lance (Destruction Tornado)

[Fire Element] Fire Ball, Fire Crash (Crimson Blaze)

[Water Element] Water Ball, Water Crash (Blue Torrent)

[Earth Element] Rock Fall, Earthquake (Meteor of Annihilation)


[Subjugation] Status Control


[Recovery] Light Heal, Heal, Extra Heal

[Ranged Recovery] Healing Wind

[Abnormal Status Recovery] Cure


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Protect Shield

Magic Shield


[Area Magic]

Area Heal

Area Protect Shield

Area Magic Shield



What is this ‘Status Control’?


“Status Control.”


When I tried to whisper, the party window opened.


Eh? What does it mean?


When I looked closely, there was a red HP bar and blue MP bar next to Noir’s name, just like that of a game’s.



If I have this, it will be really easy for me to manage its HP~! It’s a pity that I can’t see the other party members’ HP…

Ah, for now, let’s heal Noir.


“Heal to Noir.”

A silver light rained incessantly on Noir.



Noir let out a loud cry, perhaps it was happy because I healed it.


Ah, that’s right. The Area Protect Shield should be worn out soon, so I have to pile it now.


“Area Protect Shield. Targets are the knights, the adventurers, me, and Noir, and Luan!”


The number of the goblins had decreased, and with this, Leon-san and the others could barely reach the Goblin King, won’t they?


Just right when I thought of that…


“A herd of werewolves has come!”

The adventurers who just defeated the herd of goblins from the left side shouted.


When I turned around, I saw a herd of werewolves, followed by a herd of dark panthers behind them.


“N…no way…”


Just when we had decreased the number, it increased even further, what’s with this hard mode?!

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