Chapter 179: The Route To the Village

The next morning.

Kant woke up on his own and opened his eyes. He was extremely energetic.

He had drunk quite a lot of alcohol yesterday.

Although the alcohol content was low, it was still similar to beer. With his 16-year-old body, he could not withstand too much alcohol. However, he was now refreshed and did not seem to be any different.

This was because the system had modified his body and infused it with the body of a Swadian knight.

He had peed a few times last night.

Basically, he had expelled all the alcohol in his body.

After putting on his clothes, Kant felt as if his entire body was filled with endless strength. He shook his neck, and the faint “Ka Ka” sounds kept ringing in his ears. This morning activities brought him comfort.

“Dang Dang Dang.”

The door was lightly knocked.

At the same time, Manid said, “Lord Kant, according to the plan, we should set off.”

“Got it.”, Kant nodded.

“Good morning, Lord Kant.”

He looked around the room and did not leave anything behind. Then, he opened the door. Outside, Manid and the ten Sarrandian horsemen were waiting. When they saw Kant come out, they hurriedly lowered their heads to greet him.

“Okay.”, Kant nodded.

He walked quickly in front, at the same time, he asked Manid, “Have you told Uncle Dylan about us leaving? I don’t want Uncle Dylan to wake up in the morning and find out that we left without saying goodbye. This is a very rude thing. It will make things very difficult for me.”

“Everything has been arranged,”, Manid replied. “Baron Dylan should be waiting for us at the entrance of the official residence.”

Kant said, “It’s good that Uncle Dylan knows.”

Early in the morning.

The servants in the official residence had also woken up.

They were cleaning up the already clean and tidy passageway and the handicrafts placed on both sides.

It had to be said.

Baron Dylan had recently made a huge fortune. The handicrafts in the official residence had been replaced with brand new ones. In Kant’s opinion, there were also quite a number of the most famous silver handicrafts in the Silver Platter Kingdom. Although they were just imitations, all kinds of exquisite animals and plants that were made of silver were placed on the exhibition platform, they still represented wealth.

This was not common in the originally poor Stone Pass.

Kant came to the entrance of the mansion after greeting him respectfully.

As soon as he walked out of the mansion, he saw Baron Dylan standing outside with more than ten vassal knights behind him. Baron Dylan put a smiles on his face, he also came over and gave him a hug. “Little Kant, you’ve only arrived at Uncle Dylan’s for such a short period of time, and you’re already leaving the Stone Pass. It really makes me feel a little reluctant for your leave.”

“There were still complicated matters in my territory. I don’t want to leave so early either.”, Kant also hugged Baron Dylan. His face was filled with shame as he sighed softly. “I really don’t want to go back.”

When Baron Dylan heard this, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

However, he still reminded Kant in a seemingly friendly manner, “That is your territory. If you go out frequently and the nobles of south county find out about it, they will strip you of your right to be a lord. They are very cruel.”


Kant snorted and said somewhat unwillingly, “Even if I am not the lord of the Nahrin Desert, who would go to that desert to be a lord? Those damned fellows would never abandon the rich south county and go to the desert to eat sand!”

The smile on Baron Dylan’s face grew even wider.

However, he still turned his head and pointed at the pile of things behind him. “Little Kant, I know that your estate is dangerous, so I’ve prepared a gift for you. I hope that you will like it.”

“Thank you so much, Uncle Dylan.”, Kant was grateful.

“50 iron swords, 150 spears, 200 sets of leather armor, 10 bows, and 1,000 arrows.”, Baron Dylan smiled. “Although it’s not much, it can be used by many people.”

“Thank you very much!”, Kant nodded gratefully. “Uncle Dylan, these can already arm 200 soldiers. This is really important to me now.”

Pausing for a moment, Kant continued to ask with a difficult expression, “Uncle Dylan, can you provide more arrows? I also lack such things now. Those Jackalans are like wild beasts. If we don’t have bows and arrows to shoot, they will charge straight at me. People don’t have much time to react. After all, there aren’t many soldiers protecting my estate. It all depends on the archers.”

“Oh, arrows?”, Baron Dylan looked troubled. “Back then, Manid also mentioned it to me.”

“Uncle Dylan, I can pay!”, Kant sighed. “Other than you, I don’t know who else can buy these arrows, especially now that we are leaving the estate. If the remaining soldiers don’t have the help of the archers, they can only fight those Jackalans. There will be casualties every day. I can only rely on you.”

“There aren’t many arrows in my estate either.”

Baron Dylan seemed to have made up his mind. He said to Kant, “I’ll arrange a trade caravan to purchase a batch of arrows from other lords. When the time comes, I’ll sell them to you at the original price. That way, you can protect your own estate.”

“Then I’m really grateful!”, Kant bowed his head in gratitude.

“We are very close after all!”, Baron Dylan repeated this sentence.

The two of them continued to laugh.

Kant was sincere, while Baron Dylan was somewhat pleased with himself, as well as the mockery and disdain in his eyes.

For him, it was really easy to purchase arrows.

But why did he want to buy too many arrows for Kant? Only when Kant’s power was consumed in the Nahrin Desert, he would then able to show up as a more useful savior and secretly come out with more plans!

The two of them exchanged a few words and then said goodbye to each other.

Baron Dylan sent Kant to the city gate.

It was not until Kant’s 40 Sarrandian horsemen escorted the 30 camels that were full of food and disappeared into the slightly rugged canyon. After that, Baron Dylan finally returned to the official residence. His face was full of mockery and satisfaction while listening to the butler’s rereport of the thousands of great silver coins he had obtained this time. He laughed happily.

In his opinion, he had undoubtedly made a fortune.

And that was indeed the case.

Kant left the gap in the Senwaya Range and returned to the vast desert.

He continued to move forward along the road he had come from.

However, after walking for two to three hours, he directly changed the team and walked towards the east. Looking at the towering Senwaya Range not far away, Kant sneered.

“Look at my Uncle Dylan. Do you think that this will make me feel grateful enough to join him?”

Kant shook his head and smiled, the mockery in his eyes became more and more intense. “He is indeed a martial arts noble. Even in the southern county, those cunning hundred-year-old noble would not use this little trick because it is simply too deliberate. If it was not for my perfect performance, my Oscars-level acting skill to perform this act, I would have been exposed long ago.”

Manid on the horse behind him and shrugged slightly.

He did not know what Oscars was.

However, he knew what Kant meant and could not help but laugh. “But he helped kept us out of sight, especially that so-called Knight Terrence, who was sent by Viscount Wayne to probe.”

“It’s not us who are worried.”, Kant chuckled. “It’s my Uncle Dylan.”

As the trade in table salt increased, the huge profits were swallowed by Baron Dylan, and he became fatter and fatter.

Those greedy nobles would definitely not choose to be mercy on him.

They would definitely test him.

Even all kinds of tricks, schemes, and even force would all appear near the Stone Pass, causing Baron Dylan, who had taken three-quarters of the profits, to suffer tremendously.

But he would never give up on these profits.

Especially since he had already tasted the sweetness of these profits, it was even more impossible for him to say that he was giving them away.

Those noble families would not be willing to share a small amount of the sweetness.

Greed had no end. If one got a little, one would try to get more. Even if Baron Dylan split a small portion of the profits, for others, they just wanted to eat more profits and nibble away at them bit by bit. In the end, Baron Dylan could not take it anymore and would react.

Or he could turn against those noble families and use force to decide the outcome of the battle.

Or he could choose to be patient with the noble families and instead take Kant’s salt mine in his hands.

There were only these two choices.

However, according to Kant’s understanding of Baron Dylan, he would definitely choose the second method. After all, turning against those noble families was equivalent to turning against the entire Dukedom of Leo. It was better to take this opportunity to take out Kant and take control of the natural salt mine, just like what Kant did, he left a small portion of the profits and gave away the rest.

Slowly developing, slowly accumulating, and eventually becoming an even more terrifying behemoth.

It was just not that simple.

Time would not allow him to reach this stage sooner.

It would take at least three years.

Within these three years, almost all of Kant’s malicious intentions would be blocked by Baron Dylan.

Perhaps three years later, Baron Dylan be able to withstand the greater pressure and would choose to let go at Kant and against him. But would it really be as simple as Baron Dylan thought?

What a joke!

By then, Kant would have already grown into an even more terrifying colossus!

“Come, let’s go there!”

Kant rode in front, leading the camel caravan and the guards forward at the edge of the desert.

Looking at the towering Senwaya Range in the east, data streams flashed in his eyes. A route given by the system appeared in his vision.

Just like how he had looked for the posthouse.

Now, the system had also given him hints and routes to guild him to the Senwaya Range, to build his new village.

It was in the eastern part of the mountain range. According to the estimated distance, it was about half a day’s journey. Kant did not have to worry about the issue of supplies. The caravan was already full of food and water sack, which had been replenished at the Stone Pass in order to find the village, Manid had secretly prepared three days’ worth of supplies.

Obviously, the merchants in the Rock Pass did not know.

They were also not clear about how much supplies they needed to bring from the Stone Pass to the Oasis Lookout.

They had never ventured deep into the desert.

Walking along the edge of the Nahrin Desert and the Senwaya Range, the undulating mountains became more and more majestic, allowing Kant to visually feel the vastness of the mountain range.

The mountains near the desert were rugged, with ridges and cliffs everywhere.

And most of them were bare without much green.

This was the cause of the desert heat wave, but it was also convenient for Kant and the others to climb, they could find a barely passable mountain path, and they entered the Senwaya range under Kant’s lead.

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