Chapter 177: Knight’s Body Of Kant

This was a tournament.

It was not a life-and-death battle on the battlefield. Terrence had indeed shown mercy.

The Sarrandian horseman thanked him for this.

“You’re a good fellow. If you think it’s alright, Viscount Wayne’s Logue Castle welcomes you to join.”. Terrence put away his shield and looked at the Sarrandian horseman from where he stood. He smiled and asked, “How about it? Think about it.”

“I’m not interested.”, Sarrandian horseman shook his head, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and returned to his companions.

They were loyal to Kant.

They had no intentions of the recruiting by any local powers.

On the viewing platform.

“As expected.”, Baron Dylan narrowed his eyes slightly.

His expression was rather pale, but he had also noticed Terrence’s weakness, he turned around and spoke to his two most trusted vassal knights. “He just became a grand knight not too long ago. It seems that he wants to come here and establish his authority. I think that he seems to have misunderstood something. He thinks that there are no grand knights at our Stone Pass.”

“He will regret it.”, the vassal knight on the left nodded and stepped forward.

“Very good.”, Baron Dylan nodded with a smile.

His expression calmed down.

The vassal knight moved forward to the direction of the city wall and stepped into the air. Like a zippy cheetah, he stepped on the stone wall and landed in the middle of the arena.

“This is that Lord! He also jumped down!”

“Edmund the God of War, what kind of power is this…”

“This is… the legendary grand knight!”

The civilians around the arena were still watching and cried out in surprise.

Even the other landlords and merchants on the viewing platform on the city wall widened their eyes in surprise.

However, those vassal knights looked calm and expected. Although these two vassal knights did not display the power of grand knights, these two were capable to deal with the crisis in the Stone Pass and stabilize the situation very quickly. If it was not for the legendary grand knight, it would definitely be impossible to do that.

In the arena.

This vassal knight held a wooden shield and a wooden sword. His eyes flickered with a faint blue light. He smiled and said, “Knight Terrence, I did not expect that you would also become a grand knight. This is really something worth congratulating.”

“Yes, I have only become a grand knight for less than half a year.”

Terrence nodded, but his eyes were a little more solemn. “The Stone Pass has a strong foundation. Could it be that you guys have colluded with those rebels?”. He paused and looked up at Kant who was standing beside Baron Dylan on the city wall, and he looked a bit disdain. “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot. Baron Dylan was originally from the rebellion. How could he collude with them, he’s just return to where he’s from!”

“Shut up!”, blue light flashed in the vassal knight’s eyes. He said angrily, “If you continue to speak rudely, I will officially propose a life and death duel to you as a noble to defend the honor of Baron Dylan!”

“What a good dog!”, Terrence mocked, but he did not continue.

He had already said so.

There was nothing more to say.

Both of them were a little angry during this tournament.

Draw the swords and begin!

The reddish heat wave was like fire, colliding with the light blue waves like water. Both of them carried extraordinary power and an oppressive aura. Even the surroundings of the arena formed a current of hot and cold air, this caused the surrounding civilians to retreat. Even the lance footmen, who were maintaining the order, were also a little messy.

The eyes of the celebrities on the viewing platform, as well as the children they brought along, including the vassal knights, were filled with fanaticism. This was the magnificent extraordinary power that they were pursuing!

This included Kant.

His eyes widened slightly as he looked at the figures of the two knights crossing each other.

Their speed, agility, and explosive strength had not only doubled, it was almost three times stronger than the Sarrandian horseman. It was just like the movements of the best athletes who only wore thin clothes.

There was also the heat wave and cold current released from their surrounding.

Extraordinary power was surging out along with their fight.

“Could it be…”

Kant looked at the red and blue extraordinary strength, and combined it with some novels and movies that he had read in his previous life. He seemed to have thought of something.

However, a dialog box suddenly popped up on his retina.

[ Ding… After your unremitting efforts, the mission has been completed. ]

[ Side mission: ‘Contact with extraordinary power’ completed. ]

[ Reward: Body of a knight. ]

[ Introduction: extraordinary power is unique and mystery in this world. You have already come into contact with its essence. As a result, your physique has changed. Perhaps your physique now was comparable to a Swadian knight. ]

The dialog box popped up, but it disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Although Kant knew that it would not be discovered by others, he still remained cautious.

Just as the dialog box disappeared on his retina, the mission reward that he had obtained, the golden card with the faint figure on it, suddenly shattered, turning into a data stream that instantly entered his mind. Immediately after, a heat wave formed in his body, causing him to swallow a mouthful of saliva. His face was flushed red due to the heat in his body.

“Huff Huff Huff…”, Kant’s breathing was extremely rapid.

Fortunately, everyone’s attention was attracted by the tournament in the arena.

No one cared about this ridiculous puppet-like baron.

Even Baron Dylan, who was beside him, took a few quick steps forward. His eyes were solemn as he watched the tournament that concerned his dignity and stared at the movements of the two grand knights,.

Even when he heard Kant’s rapid breathing.

He was treated it as a normal reaction of shock when Kant saw the grand knights. Instead, he felt even more disdain in his heart.

However, Kant’s body became hotter and hotter.

A large amount of cold sweat appeared on his forehead and back. It was like his entire body was drenched.

In the end, the heat spread to his entire body. Only then did Kant finally calm down. His breathing gradually became calm. However, the redness on his face and the cold sweat on his body made him look extremely disgraceful as he stared blankly into the space. He looked like a pitiful child who had been shocked.

He was indeed only 16 years old.

It was natural for him to have such a reaction when he saw a grand knight who possessed extraordinary strength competing.

Even the descendants of the noble families on the viewing platform, who followed behind celebrities and were about the same age as him, had the same reaction. Their faces were flushed with red and sweat as they stared straight at the actions of the two extraordinary grand knights below, and their breathing quickened.

However, Kant knew that he had become different under the heat that spread throughout his body.

He slowly clenched his fist.

Under the body of a weak young man, there was an endless amount of power.

Kant even felt that his current strength could destroy an ox with a single punch!

Of course, this was a joke. However, the power that was contained within his body, and the various longsword, knight’s sword, footman sword, bastard sword, awl lance, military lance, and spear that were all instilled in his brain. There was also kite shield, fan-shaped shield, round shield, square shield, and even all sorts of warhorse techniques.

It like if he was born with all these knowledges, or had gone through 16 years of arduous training!

“Knight’s body?”

Kant understood in his heart that this was the reward from the system’s temporary side quest!

And in the arena below the viewing platform, this match came to an end with Knight Terrence retreating, as well as the wooden sword in his hand that was wrapped in ice.

“I lost.”, Knight Terrence was unwilling, but he still admitted defeat.

“Ha.”, the vassal knight revealed a smile, he looked at him and said faintly, “We will continue to hold a banquet tonight. If you are interested, why don’t you continue to participate and we can talk about this match together? You have just advanced to be a grand knight, this is probably your first time participating in a tournament right?”

“There’s no need for that.”, Terrence’s face returned to a smile.

He casually threw away the wooden sword that was wrapped in a faint layer of ice and fell onto the stone platform. With a crisp sound, the wooden sword instantly shattered into pieces, just like the sawdust that was wrapped in ice.

He raised his head to look at Kant and directly turned around to walk outside. Below the tournament stage, there were already attendants who brought warhorse over. The two of them quickly hopped onto their horses, at the same time, Terrence shouted to Baron Dylan on the viewing platform, “Respected Baron Dylan, Viscount Wayne has entrusted me to greet you. He also wishes to cooperate with your trade caravan. If possible, he hopes that you will visit him at Logue Castle another day. He will be very happy.”

On the viewing platform on the city wall, Baron Dylan’s expression was calm. One could not tell whether he was happy, angry, or sad. “I understand.”, Baron Dylan nodded

“Let’s go!”

Terrence turned his head, pulled the reins, and rode away.

His knight attendant followed behind him and soon left the Stone Pass.

He rode away quickly. Hearing the faint cheers coming from behind, Terrence loosened his grip on the reins. A cold current spread from his hand, it actually caused his palms to the rein as if his palms were frozen.

However, Terrence did not care at all. With a slight heat wave in his hand, he forcefully pulled off his palm on the reins. Fresh blood immediately flowed out along with the broken skin. The attendant beside him was surprised and quickly took out a pure white linen cloth to bandage him up, having not seen the damage caused by extraordinary power before, he looked a little terrified.

“This is a minor injury.”

Terrence chuckled, his expression calm.

He turned his head to look in the direction of the Stone Pass, but his expression was solemn as he said, “We need to return quickly. Viscount Wayne must be very curious as to know why Baron Dylan’s power has erupted so quickly in just a short month.”

The two of them quickly rode their horses and disappeared on the rugged dirt road.

Meanwhile, at the Stone Pass.

The tournament in the arena ended, and the entire competition ended as the sun gradually set in the west.

Many civilians left while chatting and laughing.

Today’s tournament was a feast for their eyes.

Meanwhile, those celebrities and gentries brought their most outstanding family members and rearranged the banquet in the Lord’s Hall at dusk. They began to show unusual enthusiasm to those vassal knights, especially that grand knight, they even expressed their goodwill in a humble and respectful tone.

Kant and the others were still the same.

The Sarrandian horseman just lost the match, There were not many celebrities merchants and landlords came over to greet them.

Obviously, for them Kant’s guards were not qualified enough to let their outstanding sons and daughters join them.

However, it allowed Kant to avoid nagging.

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