Chapter 174: Complete Silence On the Scene

It was obvious that Baron Dylan was drooling over Kant’s Sarrandian horsemen.

Completely obedient to the order.

This motto may looked simple and comprehensible. However, for these troops in the era of cold weapons, as long as they could follow this motto, they could be considered as elites. This was because this motto represented discipline, a discipline that should be strictly obeyed in military operations!

“They are all good.”, Kant seemed to be smiling modestly.

However, this deepened Baron Dylan’s guess that Kant had a force behind him to help him.

If there was no force to help him, then how could these 40 completely obedient knight-level guards follow an exiled baron, who had lost the love of his family and was struggling to survive in the desolate desert?

If he went to seek refuge with any noble…

He would be able to obtain even more!

“It really makes me drool. What kind of great power does the legacy of Princess Sofia have?”, this thought arose in Baron Dylan’s mind. His eyes were filled with fanaticism and stared straight into Kant’s eyes.

Then, two teams were ready at the arena which located at the bottom of the city wall.

The 10 vassal knights on the left and the 10 Sarrandian horsemen on the right.

They were not riding horses.

Instead, they were walking for the sake of convenience. After all, the size of the entire arena was not large. If all 20 of them were to ride horses, they would not be able to display their powers. If they wanted to watch the horsemen charge at each other on horses, involved only two competitors were the best choice.

“It’s about to begin.”, Baron Dylan’s eyes were filled with satisfaction.

Although these vassal knights looked undisciplined, they were indeed had capability and worth kept by him.

There were many monsters in the Senwaya Range. Even the low-level Jackalan tribe would attack from time to time.

Usually, they relied on these knights to lead their teams to deal with the monsters. If they did not have some ability, they would have died in the Senwaya Range. If they were able to live until now, their ability could not be underestimated.

Kant was silent.

He also had some doubts about his ten Sarrandian horsemen.

After all, they were all level-4 troop class.

If the level-5 Mamluke was here, he might still have a chance. After all, these level-5 troop class were the strongest force that Kant could have at the moment. Compared to the Level-4 troop class, they were qualitatively better!

“You don’t seem to have confidence in your guards?”

Baron Dylan smiled and comforted him, “Don’t worry, this is just a tournament.”

“Of course.”, Kant smiled and shook his head.

Just below, as both sides were ready, the servant responsible for the shouting repeated the rules.

Then, he raised the flag in his hand and waved it down heavily.


The battle officially began.

The originally hyped crowd was very focused on the two teams in the arena.

Even the retired rookies were watching solemnly. This was a competition of the true knights. As long as they learned a few useful techniques from watching, it would be of great help to them in the future, and it would be more beneficial to their growth!

However, the expected collision did not happen.

The ten Sarrandian horsemen stood shoulder to shoulder, holding shields in their left hand and spears in their right hand. They carefully moved forward in formation, but their speed was not fast.

It was just like the most common formation of the long lance soldiers.

It made the vassal knights who had spread out and rushed forward a few steps, a little stunned. They had no concept of formation to begin with. In their impression, in such a tournament or even on a real battlefield, only footmen would form a formation like this. These knights usually led their troops to charge at the front to show their bravery. They used their powerful combat skills to lead their troops to tear open a hole in the enemy’s formation as the final breakthrough point.

However, in a battle on foot, charging forward in a mess was not that heroic, especially when the enemy had formed a formation like a tight turtle shell.

If they charged forward, it might not be optimistic.

“Hey, are you guys violating the rules? Why are you all gathered together? Come out and fight us one on one! Are you guys cowards? If you’re so timid, people will look down on you!”

The vassal knights used insulting tone to provoke the Sarrandian horsemen.

However, the ten Sarrandian horsemen did not move.

They continued to move forward slowly, holding ten two-meter long wooden spears in their hands as they slowly approached the scattered vassal knights. There was no expression on their cold faces, as though they did not care about the insults.

“Fight! Fight! Don’t dawdle!”

There were people shouting from below. There were many of the residents were waving their fists fervently.

Obviously, these knights moving forward slowly and testing each other was not what they wanted to see.

Even on the city wall, many merchants and landlords were frowning.

Even Baron Dylan smiled and said to Kant, “Little Kant, it seems that your soldiers are very cautious.”

“I don’t know much about them either.”

Kant timely showed his ignorance.

But he still smiled and said, “But when they killed the Jackalans, they were very powerful. Basically, ten people riding horses could chase after hundreds of Jackalans, and they could even win.”

“Well.”, Baron Dylan nodded and didn’t say anything.

In his opinion, his vassal knights could also do it, so it wasn’t a big deal.

However, at this moment.

The ten Sarrandian horsemen under the city wall seemed to have come to an agreement. They immediately rushed forward for about 10 meters within few steps. Meanwhile, the vassal knights were still standing in a mess, each holding a wooden sword and a wooden spear, they were not prepared at all. They could only retreat in shock, but they could not dodge the ten wooden spears that were thrusting straight at them.

The tip of the wooden spears was not made of iron, but was made of wood. It did not have a sharp edge. However, it still caused a little pain when it stabbed someone’s body.

Moreover, the attacks of the Sarrandian horsemen were caught off guard and were not noticed by the vassal knights at all. They hurriedly let go and retreated to both sides. However, there were still two or three people who were unable to dodge in time. They were stabbed in the back of their waists or stomachs by the tip of the spears and announced their lose.


They did not react in time and just stood in the arena in a daze.

Even the people around them did not react in time.

On the city wall, Baron Dylan still had a smile on his face, but this smile was frozen on his face. Looking at the vassal knights who had been completely scattered and chased by the Sarrandian horsemen in the arena, his face suddenly turned red.

Kant did not say anything. He just looked down quietly.


The vassal knights who had been defeated were all declared defeated.

“Lord Kant’s guards have won!”

The servants hesitated. They looked at the vicious gazes of the vassal knights, but they still helplessly said this result. After all, it was the vassal knights who had been defeated, not the Sarrandian horsemen.

“This isn’t fair!”

The vassal knights flew into a rage out of humiliation.

One after another, they shouted, “How can they fought like this on the arena? They should show off their strength in a fair way!”

They were all saying similar words as they raised their heads to look at the viewing platform.

“That’s right, this isn’t fair!”

“Request for a rematch! They can’t do this!”

“We want to watch an exciting match, not something as boring as this!”

“Cheating, this is cheating!”

The audience made up of civilians also protested, saying that the Sarrandian horsemen was cheating. In the arena, it was impossible to compete like this. It should be like a real man, fighting head on head!

Baron Dylan also turned his head slightly to look at Kant.

Hearing the people shouting for the rematch, his expression recovered a little. He teased, “Little Kant, your guards seem to treat the arena as a battlefield.”

“I’m not sure either.”, Kant still did not know anything. He scratched his head and said, “Maybe they don’t know.”

“Then let’s fight one-on-one.”, Baron Dylan smiled and made the decision.

He did not have any intention of letting Kant choose.

Soon, this decision was made, and the people below immediately cheered.

The vassal knights also issued a challenge.

However, the Sarrandian horsemen remained expressionless, just like the everlasting Sarrandian Desert. No matter how the wind blew, they waited.

In the arena, two people appeared once again.

They were a Sarrandian horseman and a vassal knight. Each of them held a wooden shield and a wooden spear, with a wooden sword in their arms.

“Hey, I will crush you under my butt!”

The vassal knight was provoking him.

However, the Sarrandian horseman did not care at all. The vassal knight in front of him lowered his body slightly and blocked the wooden shield in front of him. The wooden spear in his hand was like a poisonous snake hiding behind the shield.

The skills of the Sarrandan people had been honed on the battlefield and in their families.

They were the tribe in the desert.

If they stayed desert forever and ate dust, then the heroic acts of conquering or expelling other races and monopolizing the resources of the oasis would have long disappeared in history. They would not be ruling the Sarrandan Desert like they were doing now, or spread their forces toward the continent of Caradia.


The servant immediately waved down the banner.

The people below were all shouting, cheering for their vassal knights.

“Defeat the outsiders!”

“Go! Let him know how powerful the Stone Pass is!”

“You are the strongest Lord Knight!”

The cheers were very hyped and joyous.

It caused the vassal knight to have a confident smile on his face.

This was the confidence that came from killing several powerful demonized creatures in the Senwaya Range.

“Look at my spear!”, he shouted as he quickly thrust forward. The spear in his hand seemed to be ready to pierce through the Sarrandian horseman at any moment.

However, the Sarrandian horseman still lowered his body.

He looked at the rapidly approaching spear.

He immediately turned around and raised the shield in his left hand diagonally, blocking the direction where the spear was coming from. Borrowing the force of the spear, he raised it upwards, while the spear in his right hand was placed flat on his waist and stabbed into the abdomen of the vassal knight.

It took less than 10 seconds.

The citizens who were cheering and demanding to beat up the Sarrandian horseman were like ducks being choked by the throats now.

Their faces were flushed red, their eyes were wide open and they did not make a sound.

Even the viewing platform suddenly became cold and silent.

After a long while.

“This… is impossible!”. Finally, a merchant opened his mouth with a shocked expression.

He recalled that this vassal knight once killed a demonized creature with ease. He stabbed that demonized creature from its mouth to its spine with his spear. He even stabbed the demonized creature from its butt, it howled for quite a while before it died miserably! But now this defeated vassal knight was just standing on the ground in shock.

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