Chapter 171: The Beginning Of the Tournament

“Bang, Bang, Bang.”

The sky was still bright when there was a knock on the door.

Kant immediately woke up.

He turned his head slightly and realized that there was someone standing outside the door.

He did not answer. After waiting for a few seconds, he asked, “I’m here. What’s the matter?”

The person outside spoke. It was a gentle female voice. “Respected Baron Kant, Baron Dylan asked me to bring you clothes. The clothes are for the banquet and the tournament. I hope they fit. If they don’t, I’ll immediately ask the tailors to modify them.”

“Okay.”, Kant nodded, but he did not get up from the bed. “I understand.”

He casually answered, just like a young noble who lived in luxury.

Kant’s voice was calm, but it also carried the impatience as he was woke up early. “Let Manid handle it. He should know my figure. If it’s not time for breakfast, remember not to disturb me.”

“Yes, respected Baron Kant,”, the gentle voice outside the door answered quickly.

At the same time, the sound of the door opening was heard.

The Sarrandian horsemen in the next room walked out with an aggressive manner.

The owner of the gentle voice was so frightened that she let out an “Ah” sound. It was obvious that she was a delicate girl. She had not seen such occasion and had never experienced such a shock.

However, Manid said, “Leave.”

“Yes.”, Sarrandian Horsemen answered in a deep voice and then closed the door again.

Then, Manid comforted her, “You are the new maid, right? I didn’t see you last time. Come with me. Don’t disturb Lord Kant’s sleep. You came a little early.”

“I… I’m sorry…”, the soft female voice replied in a trembling voice.

The conversation and the footsteps gradually faded away.

Kant closed his eyes and revealed a mocking smile, but just only a instant.

He was lying on his side comfortably as if he had fallen asleep again.

It was another honey trap.

This kind of probe really made him felt that it was child’s play.

But thinking about it, he knew that since ancient times, the only things that could move men were beauty, wealth, and power. Perhaps in this world, they could add strength, but in the end, they were almost the same.

He had come into contact with many people from the Castle of Leo in the Dukedom of Leo.

His experience in his previous life made his mind as bright as a lamp.

He had the system.

He felt a sense of danger in his heart.

These little tricks were like a joke that made people laugh.

Kant obviously would not be fooled.

He closed his eyes and meditated for nearly half an hour before the door was knocked again, at the same time, Manid’s voice appeared outside. “Lord Kant, it’s almost time for breakfast. If you wake up, we will go to the Lord’s Hall in 30 minutes and have breakfast with Baron Dylan and his vassal knights.”

“I understand.”, Kant replied in a lazy voice.

Manid also said, “These are your clothes. Baron Dylan sent you to wear them at the banquet.”

“Well, Uncle Dylan is thoughtful.”, Kant nodded. He lifted the velvet silky quilt and sat on the bed in his pajamas. He said to Manid, “Come in. Put my clothes on the table.”

The door was pushed open.

Manid walked in. He was also wearing a well-fitting gentleman’s suit. He was holding two sets of more gorgeous clothes in his hands. They seemed to be made of velvet, fine linen, and wool.

Kant took them and put them on.

The common noble’s clothes in the Dukedom of Leo were red and blue.

“They fit you very well.”, Manid praised. “Lord Kant, you look quite heroic.”

“I like that word.”, Kant nodded and smiled.

After washing up a little, he walked out of the room. The ten Sarrandian horsemen outside also finished their preparations and were waiting in formation.

Kant said to Manid, “Lead the way. Let’s go to the hall of the lord. We absolutely cannot let Uncle Dylan go ahead of us. After all, I am a junior. We need to go ahead of him to show some respect.”

“You are right.”, Manid nodded and led the way.

Soon, they arrived at the hall.

However, there were already vassal knights arrived first.

Few groups of them formed small circles around each other and were talking excitedly.

The topic of course was about the tournament.

When they saw Kant and the others coming over, all of them lowered their heads to pay their respects. However, when they looked at the Sarrandian horsemen behind Kant, their eyes became even more fiery. It was like they had seen their lifelong opponent and wished that they could have a battle in the hall. They wanted to beat the opponent to the ground and show off their valiant side.

“Cough cough.”

Baron Dylan let out a light cough and entered into the hall.

The vassal knights hurriedly saluted and greeted him.

Baron Dylan nodded, but when he looked at Kant, he smiled. “Little Kant, this outfit fits very well. It looks really good. You looks much more handsome than when I was 16 years old.”

“You flatter me.”, Kant quickly lowered his head in gratitude, this junior’s attitude was very good. “It was all thanks to your help that I left Castle of Le…”, his tone was a little depressed and angry. “My previous clothes were all taken. Other than a few limited pieces, there are almost no clothes that can be worn at banquets and competitive events!”

“Don’t talk about that. It’s all in the past.”, Baron Dylan’s eyes were a little proud. Didn’t he give Kant the clothes to show that he was trying to win him over and be friendly?

Baron Dylan sneered in his heart, especially when he looked at Kant’s young face.

A certain throb was shaking in his heart.

This son of Princess Sofia was in fact the abandoned child of the Silver Platter Kingdom. If he could use this opportunity to reconnect with those hidden forces, or even directly replace them after he reached a high position, becoming the spokesperson of the Silver Platter Kingdom in the dukedom of Leo. In addition to the help of the table salt trade, he might be able to develop further.

“Let’s start breakfast. The banquet at noon and the tournament in the afternoon will definitely be more lively.”

Baron Dylan’s face remained calm. He still had a bright smile on his face, and he even extended his hand to invite Kant. He looked very free and easy. “This is the greatest courtesy I can give you. We are the closest relative, and we are also close neighbors. We should be even closer in the future.”

“You are right, Uncle Dylan.”, Kant put on a big, bright smile.

Breakfast officially began.

But this breakfast was very well-prepared like a grant banquet.

The candlesticks were filled with candles.

Although it was daytime, the dim fortress building made it impossible for the light to shine in. They could only use other means to make the hall brighter, making it seem as bright as the daytime outside. At the same time, there were many candlesticks and many burning candles. It also meant that the lord’s wealth and strength were strong, and it could reflect the dignity of a noble.

Baron Dylan had received a large amount of great silver coins, he would not be as stingy as before.

Breakfast was quickly over.

He invited Kant into the reception room to chat.

The servants took the opportunity to hang up a large number of velvet flags. Baron Dylan’s badge was on those flags, the pattern was made of a sword and a shield. It meant that he was a baron who had just been promoted of his battle achievements, and it was a symbol of military strength.

However, this flag could only be hung proudly in the remote northern county.

If it was hung in the southern county, those blossoms of flags that represented the hundred-year-old or thousand-year-old families were even more magnificent. A simple and crude flag with sword and shield on it was too embarrassing to hang out.

However, in the barren northern county, the Baron’s flag could already be considered noble. Whether it was the warrior noble or the palace noble, they all had to display their glory and power in front of the merchants and landlords.

Before noon.

The lord hall had been decorated with velvet and various handicrafts.

The long table was also decorated with a new tablecloth.

It was made of the finest linen and was filled with fine silver cutlery. Under the illumination of the inferior beeswax candles on the candlestick, it sparkled and dazzled the eyes of the gentlemen and celebrities who came.

Although they were gentries and celebrities, their fame were only limited to the northern county.

Compared to the truly wealthy people in the southern county, they were much worse.

Moreover, they were all swallowing their saliva in their hearts after seeing all these silver tableware. If the event was not held in the residence of the infamous brutally and fiercely Baron Dylan, and that the guests were all locals, they would definitely steal one or two silver cutlery or small bowls.

This was very common in large-scale banquets and tournament events. After all, no one could resist these silver luxury items.

These luxury tableware were all silver coins!

At noon.

The banquet was held as scheduled. The celebrities and gentries at the Stone Pass laughed and chatted in the Lord Hall.

They looked very happy.

But most people were absent-minded about this.

They were most concerned about the tournament that would be held in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, the vassal knights were also talking to each other. They were eating the food on the table, but didn’t really enjoy the taste in their mouths. Especially when they saw the Sarrandian horsemen standing at the corner in a group, they were irritated.

Finally, it was almost time.

The crisp bell rang.

The joyous chubby butler stood in the center and said, “Everyone, the banquet was held successfully. Next, Baron Dylan would like to announce something. Everyone, please be quiet!”

Everyone in the Lord Hall immediately looked at the high platform in the middle.

And Baron Dylan walked up.

The crowds gave a warm applause immediately, and everyone looked at him eagerly.

“Thank you all for coming to this banquet.”

Baron Dylan had a smile on his face, the bearing of the noble baron was unquestionable. “In order to welcome my dear nephew, the Lord of the Nahrin Desert, Baron Kant, there will be a tournament held at the Stone Pass in the afternoon. Everyone will be able to participate. As for the top three winners, I will give out 100 great silver coins, 50 great silver coins, and 20 great silver coins respectively!”

“Oh!”, the people below cried out in surprise.

However, their eyes lit up even more.

Especially those vassal knights, their breathing quickened.

Even though they were gentries and celebrities of the north county, they were unable to earn 20 great silver coins in a year, let alone 100 great silver coins.

Thinking back to that time, the 20 personal cavalries from the southern county were willing to sacrifice their lives for 20 great silver coins. Although it was because of Kant giving up the last of his drinking water, the value of 20 great silver coins was unquestionable.

One had to know that in this world, the poor were still in the stage of bartering.

For those who able to use small silver coins to trade, they were at least wealthy free citizens.

As for great silver coins, they were used among the lords, merchants and landlords to trade. Ordinary civilians probably had never seen a great silver coins in their entire lives. It was even more impossible for them to possess these coins!

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