Chapter 170: The Raging Dark Tide

The matter of the tournament was thus decided.

As the banquet ended, the excited vassal knights brought them out of the official residence. In an extremely short period of time, the news spread throughout the Stone Pass, making those gentries, celebrities, and landlords hear about this news.

The tournament was not a small matter.

Even if it was a small-scale tournament, which was limited to the Stone Pass, it still made many people crazy about it.

The vassal knights were all rubbing their fists, intending to show off their skills.

Even those landlords and merchants with small assets had to prepare their families’ most outstanding children to go on stage. After all, this was a performance stage. If Baron Dylan recognized their abilities, it would be possible for them to become knights.

Even the southern village of the Stone Pass had spread the news in the shortest amount of time.

However, the main character of tomorrow’s tournament, Kant had already returned to his room, sat on the chair, but his expression was very calm.

It was the same room he had stayed in the last time he came.

The tables, chairs, and armoires were all new, but the biggest difference was that the bed was covered with a soft velvet quilt and a with a thick wool blanket. The overall layout was much more shabby than his first visit.

Baron Dylan had really earned a lot of great silver coins in this short period of time.

The profits of the table salt trade could be said to be terrifying.

Kant naturally understood.

Even the vassal knights who were once wearing the coarse linen robe had changed into brand-new soft clothes and thicker mail armors. From this, it could be seen that the table salt brought by Manid last time had greatly increased Uncle Dylan’s appetite.

Otherwise, the atmosphere would not be so harmonious this time.

And he had even held a tournament for Kant alone.

One had to know that back then, when Kant was escorted through the Stone Pass from the Castle of Leo, this Uncle Dylan did not show up.

He did not even greet Kant as he should have.

It was like he did not know who Kant was, nor did he know about this matter.

This was the way of the world.

Kant curled his lips slightly. They could not be separated from the profits involved.

The so-called family and friendship were often weak in the front of profit. Moreover, this was a world where power was paramount. The so-called moral were just ridiculous principles to bound ordinary people.

For the sake of the title of nobility, even brothers in blood could turn against each other, and they could even poison their biological father.

It was all because of the profits involved.

At the banquet, Baron Dylan’s various attempts to probe him were all temporarily suppressed due to the interests involved.

“Hehe.”, Kant could not help but laugh mockingly.

Thinking of that scene, Baron Dylan sowed discord between himself and the South County, revealed the fact that Princess Sofia was Kant’s biological mother, all of it was to let him, who was once his mother’s follower, became Kant’s reliance.

Obviously, it was for the natural salt mine that Kant controlled.

No problem, Kant would also cooperate.

With such a shield in front of him, attracting forces for him, why not use it?

Face? Dignity? The dignity of a noble?

Kant disdained it.

If even his own development was so weak, what was the point of caring about these things? He was afraid that those greedy nobles would have eaten him until there was not even a residue left. Where would he prove his dignity?

These were words that only the strong were qualified to say.

“Dang dang dang.”

There was a knock on the door. At the same time, Manid’s voice was heard, “Lord Kant, Can I come in?”

“Come in,”, Kant replied.

The door was pushed open.

Manid walked in and carefully closed the door behind him. He whispered to Kant, “Lord, it’s all done. There are a lot of silver coins and they have been placed on the camels. Ten Sarrandian horsemen have been specially arranged to look after them.”

“Well done.”, Kant nodded.

“I plan to buy some iron tools to bring back tomorrow.”, Manid said. “We are very short of these materials now, but there is a limit to the amount sold to us at the Stone Pass. It seems that they are afraid that we will melt the farm tools and turn them into weapons. We need you to negotiate with the Stone Pass.”

“I’ll take care of it.”, Kant nodded and exhorted, “Buy more axes.”

“Yes,”, Manid agreed.

The two talked about some common topics, but they didn’t have a deep conversation. Manid took his leave and returned to his room.

He couldn’t talk too much in other people’s territory.

Even though their rooms were all connected.

But who knew if the soundproofing was good? Kant was very vigilant about revealing secrets during such conversations. In the films and television shows of his previous life, things like cubicles, secret rooms, and secret eavesdropping passages were quite common.

Walls had ears.

Kant naturally prioritized caution and could not reveal his power too early.

He needed to maintain a fragile balance.


Kant’s vigilance was reasonable.

After the two of them finished their conversation, until everyone fell asleep, a thin and small figure slowly squirmed in the narrow secret tunnel under the lower floor. Without making any noise, he quietly returned to a room at the corner of the official residence.

Soon, he left and came to another room in the mansion.

Baron Dylan was sitting there with two vassal knights, waiting for him expressionlessly.

The thin and small figure bent down and reported everything he had heard at the same time. Then, he quietly stood in the middle of the room with his head lowered, not daring to say anything.

“Well done. Go down.”

Baron Dylan waved his hand, indicating that he could leave.

The skinny figure bowed and immediately turned to leave. It was very straightforward.

The door was closed.

There was no sound of footsteps outside the door.

Baron Dylan nodded in satisfaction and said, “These rats are still useful.”

“Of course.”, the two most trusted vassal knights nodded.

The rats were a spy organization at the Stone Pass. They had just developed in recent years. Initially, they were members of the trade caravan of Baron Dylan’s wife’s family. However, as their financial resources had increased recently, they had also recruited many capable people to help them. It could be said that these rats had given them a lot of useful information, which was very effective.

And today, Baron Dylan was very satisfied with Kant’s secret surveillance.

“This little Kant is really young.”, he chuckled as if victory was in his hands. “After we obtain more power, we will be able to control him.”

“You are wise.”, the two vassal knights flattered him.

“Haha.”, Baron Dylan smiled.

However, there was a hint of hatred in the depths of his eyes. “His father assigned me here, but he did not expect that I would actually obtain the help of his son. I really want to see if he will regret it in the future.”

Thinking back to the humiliation he had suffered in the past.

And the humiliation of not being able to integrate into the noble circle of North County, he was filled with resentment.

The vassal knight complimented, “Lord Dylan, now that you have the salt mine and the table salt trade, you will be able to develop quickly. You will definitely have the power to improve further.”

“That’s right.”, the other vassal knight nodded.

If he had the table salt trade, he would have in control of great silver coins as well. There would be an endless income of great silver coins.

Baron Dylan smiled again.

However, he still rubbed his eyebrows, he instructed the two of them, “Be careful recently. Our table salt trade has attracted the attention of many noble families. As far as I know, Viscount Wayne of Logue Castle is very curious about why we have so much fine table salt. I think he has already sent a secret agent here.”

“We will remain vigilant.”, the two vassal knights nodded.

“Very good.”, Baron Dylan nodded in relief.

He was very reassured by the two knights who had followed him from the very beginning.

At this moment, he said to them, “Don’t look at the fief village. If I can obtain a better estate, or even contact the hidden forces of Princess Sofia, I can even overthrow the Dukedom of Leo. When the time comes, the richer South County will be our choice, not these barren North County territories!”

“We are absolutely loyal to you!”, the two vassal knights immediately expressed their loyalty.

“That’s right.”

Baron Dylan pondered for a while, but he still said to them, “Perform well tomorrow and test out the cavalries that Kant brought. These guys are definitely not ordinary people. I reckon that they were once elite knights.”

“What do you mean?”, the vassal knight asked.

“It would be best if they could join us. If they don’t join us, we can still show our goodwill now.”. Baron Dylan lowered his head slightly, he said, “It might be the power of the Silver Platter Kingdom. After all, when Princess Sofia was still alive, she personally helped Cameron to become the Archduke. However, before the Silver Platter Kingdom could intervene, this princess died suddenly. Some hidden spies have yet to be activated.”

The vassal knight nodded. “Understood.”

Baron Dylan was reassured by them, but he still exhorted them, “Don’t show any hostility at the moment. When we are strong enough that we don’t need to rely on others or Kant, we will be able to shed all pretense of cordiality.”


A storm was brewing in the Stone Pass.

Even in a secret room in the city, the spies who had plotted against Kant were also discussing this topic.

The spy leader seemed to be digesting the information carefully.

After hearing the report, he made a decision in his heart. “Don’t be rash.”

The five spies looked at him in confusion.

The spy leader limped up and waved at them. “You can leave now. Remember not to be rash and continue to lurk. What happens next is not something you can get involved in.”

“Yes.”, the five spies left the secret room.

The leader of the spies pushed the door open and entered another room. He took out the crystal ball again.

As the light bloomed.

A mysterious connection appeared.

“Cherff, is there anything that you need to report to the Lord Count? I want to inform you that you have been using the magic crystal ball to communicate quite frequently recently. I remember that I once said that you can just send letters to report the ordinary things.”

A cold female voice sounded from within the crystal ball.

The leader of the spies quickly replied humbly, “I have important news to report.”

“Speak.”, the female voice was still cold.

Swallowing his saliva, the leader of the spies quickly reported Kant’s matter. He also pointed out that Baron Dylan had recently developed the table salt trade and his strength had increased rapidly. He also guessed the relationship between the two of them and the source of the table salt trade.

“Is that all?”, the female voice answered coldly. “Continue to monitor. I will report this news to the Lord Count.”

After the female voice finished speaking, the crystal ball immediately dimmed.

It was obvious that the other party had cut off the connection.

The spy leader’s face carried a hint of humiliation. He snorted coldly and turned around to leave.

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