Chapter 44

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Everyone is Together


“T-that’s right. Yuuri-chan has her own family. …But, I wonder how we can escape from Count Rainier…”


If the probability of me returning to my original world is zero, I might become Amanda-san’s family. But I have a hope called as ‘The Sage’s Tower’, so as expected I don’t want to throw away the name of ‘Kuujou Yuuri’.


“Do you think Yuuri-chan can be an adopted daughter to protect herself even if her ‘Kuujou’ surname remains?”

Uhm… What do you mean?

Since I couldn’t understand the meaning behind the words that Argo-san said, I waited for his next words.


“But if it’s like that, wouldn’t it be approved by the members of the adopting family…?”

Since I would still become Kuujou Yuuri.

My only parents are the Kuujou parents, so even if I were to have a new family, I don’t think I can get along well with them…


“That’s why, if having a temporary family until Yuuri-chan’s family comes to fetch her is fine, why don’t you become my little sister?”


“Yes. In my family, there are only male siblings. I think that my parents will be extremely happy if they can have a daughter. That’s why, if Yuuri-chan becomes one of us, my family will all be happy!”


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Argo-san leaned over and made an eye contact with me.

When I looked at the gentle water-coloured pupils, this world’s Yuuri was reflected in them.


As expected, it’s absolutely impossible for a person as small as me to live alone. I wonder if it’s fine for me to take advantage of Argo-san’s words…


“Not fair, Argo! I said it earlier, so she should become my family!”

“But if she enters Amanda’s family, the name Kuujou won’t be preserved, right? If it’s my family, then it can be preserved.”

I wonder why my Kuujou name won’t be preserved if it’s in Amanda-san’s family, but it can be preserved if it’s Argo-san’s?

When I tilted my head, Argo-san gently smiled.


“For nobles, there’s an adoption done when one leaves their homes. In this case, they can keep their original names. So, if Yuuri-chan becomes my family, you’ll become Yuuri Kuujou Owen.”

“Yuuri Kuujou Owen…”

I wonder why. Somehow, the name seems to be very fitting.


“Yuuri-chan, what do you think?”

Argo-san’s gentle voice penetrated the depths of my heart.


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Hey, Father, Mother, Big Brother.

I… Is it fine for me to create a family in this world…?

Since it’s called as the ‘temporary family’, then is it fine for me to take advantage of that term…?



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“Uhm… But is it fine? Since Argo-san’s family is a noble family, for an unknown person like me to suddenly be adopted, will it be fine?”

“Even if we can be called as a noble, my family is a liberal one. They won’t mind about Yuuri-chan. Actually, I’ve already talked with my family about this. That’s why, yes. Give me your hand.”


As I gave him my hand as he told me to, Argo-san put a ring on my left hand’s middle finger.

I thought that it would surely fall since it was too big, but once it was put on my finger, the ring turned to fit my finger.


This is… a magical tool.

When I inspected it, the golden ring had a small blue magical stone embedded in it. Then, there was the drawing of a bird’s feathers circling the stone.


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“Good grief… When did you even have the time to prepare such a thing? There’s no more place for me to compete.”

Amanda-san had an astonished and admiring expression on her face. Argo-san showed his refreshing smile.


“Well, even I’m a member of the Owen family. I’ll gladly receive your praises.”

“You mustn’t be negligent. I wanted Yuuri-chan to become a part of my family, though. It’s really regrettable…”

Amanda-san shrugged. I grabbed the ring that was on my finger with my both hands.


“Yuuri-chan, this is a ring to prove that you’re a member of the Owen family. Please treat it well.”

…Which means I’ve become Argo-san’s little sister?!

Eeh? Since when did Argo-san prepare this ring?


“We can’t formally adopt you unless we go to the royal capital, but as long as Yuuri-chan shows that ring, everyone will immediately understand that you’re under the protection of the Owen family. I think that Count Rainier will not be able to readily interfere.”

“That’s right. Argo’s family is a notable family, so Yuuri-chan can use that authority to the utmost. If it’s Argo, I think he will cherish Yuuri-chan, so I can be at ease.”

If the person I can trust the most in this world—Amanda-san—said so, I think it will definitely be alright.


Argo-san is my big brother, huh…? For some reason, I feel embarrassed.

If Argo-san is my big brother, then Amanda-san is my big sister figure. The father is Frank-san, I think. Then, who will be the mother…?


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Someone who’s very caring and gentle… Ah, what to do? Only Georg-san popped out in my mind.

Leon-san fits the position of the neighbourhood’s big brother, I guess.


It was fun when I thought about it.


“Uhm… If so, can Noir and Purun also come together with me?”

I have to properly ask this. I will definitely refuse it if I have to leave Noir and Purun back at the forest.


But Argo-san’s eyes widened for a moment, before a gentle smile floated in his face.


“Of course. Noir and Purun are also Yuuri-chan’s family. You all can come to become the children of my family.”

Thank goodness!

Noir and Purun will be together with me forever, too!

I’m really glad!



As if it understood Argo-san’s words, Noir who was sitting on my lap rubbed its head against me. At that time, Purun fell from Noir’s head and bounced to my lap.

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