Chapter 45

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“Uhm…Then, please treat me well from now on.”

As I said that and bowed, a thought crossed my mind.

From now on, Argo-san will be my big brother, right? If that’s the case, wouldn’t the way I address him should change?


Onii-san1… No, it’d sound formal, but since it’s a noble family, calling ‘onii-chan’ is also weird. I wonder if calling him ‘onii-sama’ is the best decision? 2


“Please treat me well too, Yuuri-chan. Aah, since you’re now my little sister, can I just call you ‘Yuuri’?”

“Of course. Uhm, Argo-oniichama…”



I mixed Onii-chan and Onii-samaaaaa!

It’s so child-like, I’m so embarrassed! Ah, but I’m now a child, so it should be okay, I guess?


No, it’s not good, not good. I’m really embarrasseeeeeeedd!

I’m so embarrassed. But when I looked upward, I saw Argo-san’s face reddening as he covered his mouth using his hand.

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“Little sister is… this adorable, huh…?”

Argo-san whispered, and Amanda-san tapped on him with a cold stare like Leon-san’s.


“Get your sanity back, Argo. I think you already get it, but Yuuri-chan is your little sister now. Li-ttle sis-ter! Please treat her within the acceptable moderation!”

“Of course. Since I’ve gotten such an adorable little sister, I won’t let any bad bugs approach her!”

“—That’s not what I mean, but… Well, alright. With this kind of mannerism, you’d be able to deal with Count Rainier well, right?”

“Isn’t it obvious?! Yuuri is still this small. It’s way too early to talk about betrothal!”

Argo-san shouted as he hugged me tightly.

W-wait! Noir and Purun who are on top of my laps will be crushed!


“Nyaa! Nyaa nyaa!”

Noir protested as it climbed on my shoulder, scratching Argo-san’s hand that was holding my head.


“Whoa, wait a bit, Noir. It’s not like I bullied Yuuri-chan. Rather, I promise I’d cherish my little sister.”

“Nyaan, nyaa, nyaa.”

“Of course I’ll protect her no matter what. Noir thinks so too, right? That’s why, let’s cooperate with each othe—”

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“Nyao! Nya, nyan!”


…For some reason, Argo-san and Noir seemed to be talking to each other quite well.

Argo-san, since when were you able to talk with Noir?



Ah, it’s no longer ‘Argo-san’, I need to call him as ‘Onii-chan’.

Hmm… Onii-chan or Onii-sama, which one is better?

As expected, since we’re nobles, it should be [Onii-sama]. But Argo-oniisama is a bit hard to say.

Then, I’ll slightly abbreviate it—



Argo-san was quarrelling with Noir, but when I said those words, his movements instantly stopped.



“No. That’s not it.”


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“C-can you say it one more time?”


As I said it with a smile, I was hugged tiiiiiightly again.

Whoa. Like I said, wait a bit. Purun is crusheeeed!


“Enough. Stop itttttttt!”

At the same time as Amanda-san screamed, there was another sound on top of my head.



“It hurts, it hurts! Like I said, Noir, it’s a misunderstanding!”

“Argo, Yuuri-chan is hurting, don’t you see? Please let her go!”

Argo-san’s head was knocked by Amanda-san, and Noir scratched his hand. Even so, he didn’t let me go.


“Ar-niisama, please let me go. Purun’s crushed.”

“Nyau, nyau!”

“…Aa, sorry.”

Argo-san, no, Ar-niisama let me go in a fluster, then he lightly nudged the trembling Purun on my lap.

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I noticed that the back of his hand was slightly reddening as a result of being scratched by Noir, so I tried healing it.


“Heal to Ar-niisama.”

I chanted heal as my fingertip touched the back of his hand, and a silver light was absorbed by Ar-niisama’s hand.


“Thanks, Yuuri.”

I was so happy as he smiled so tenderly.

Ehehe. We look like a real brother and sister.


“Yuuri-chan. Even if you become brother and sister with Argo, don’t hesitate to rely on me too. Since there will be things that you won’t be able to consult to Argo from now on.”

“Aah, that’s right. I’ll be relieved if Amanda wants to do so.”

“Yes, Amanda-san. If something like that happens, I’ll tell you.”

To me, Amanda-san is exactly like a big sister figure. When push comes to shove and I need to rely on her, I can actually do it. It’s really reassuring.


Amanda-san, Argo-sa… no, Ar-niisama. I can only rely on you for now, but…

But, I also need to become a splendid sage so I will be worthy to be called as the two’s little sister.

Hey, Noir and Purun. Let’s work hard together!

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