Chapter 160: The Newly Obtained Council Hall

Kant’s voice confirmed that the system had popped up a dialog box on his retina.

The five-colored treasure box was slowly opening.

[ Ding… The system lottery has begun. ]

System prompt.

The multicolored light became more and more intense, and at the same time, more and more dazzling.

Finally, the treasure box was completely opened.

The dialog box on his retina quickly popped up.

[ You received a construction pack: Stable ]

[ You received a construction pack: Tavern ]

[ You received a construction pack: Stone paved road ]

[ You received a construction pack: Linen workshop ]

[ You received a construction pack: Salt workshop ]

The dazzling five-colored light faded slowly.

Kant raised his eyebrows slightly.

What appeared on the dialog box was five construction pack.

The list continued to pop up.

[ Item pack: Date palm jungle × 25 arcs ]

[ Item pack: Wheat field × 50 arcs ]

[ Item pack: Chee grass beach × 15 arcs ]

[ Item pack: Alfalfa field × 20 arcs ]

[ Item pack: Flax field × 10 arcs ]

The five-colored light disappeared.

There were five item packs in a row.

“This is interesting.”, Kant raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced at the list in the dialog box on his retina. He thought to himself, “It seems that the item pack that I have received in this lottery is all related to construction and agriculture.”

There were only these two kinds of item packs.

They were indeed the basic elements of construction and agriculture that could allow “Drondheim” to continue to develop.

And the various kinds of fields.

Date palm provides the raw material for food and sugar, and it forms a forest that petrify the desert land, lowers the temperature, creates an oasis climate, and protects the plants and animals in the oasis from the sun and cold nights.

He obtained 25 acres from the lottery, plus the previous 5,30 acres of date palm jungle, is enough to form a large-scale forest.

Kant was slightly excited.

There were also 50 arcs of wheat fields from the system, 15 arcs of chee grass beach, 20 arcs of alfalfa fields, and 10 arcs of flax fields that could be used as cash crops with the linen workshop.

In Kant’s view, these fields were more important than the buildings obtained.

The combination of the two.

Agriculture, animal husbandry, handicraft industry.

Everything was in place!

It completed in the foundation of “Drondheim” Fortress.

At this moment, the dialog box of the system popped up in Kant’s eyes.

[ Ding… You have acquired a “Special gift pack”]

[ You open the troop class pack and find that it is “The growth of all living things (all plants grow into mature stage)”]

His eyes were slightly stunned.

Kant subconsciously looked at the north.

Through the window, in the desert outside the attic, there was a sandy land that was obviously darker in color. There seemed to be some trees growing there, but in the end, only rows and rows of neat stumps were left after trees were cut down.

That was the date palm jungle.

The five acres of date palm jungle that Kant once had.

But because of Kant’s order, it was completely cut down and became a large amount of wood that was currently stored in the fortress.

But most of the time.

These excellent woods that should be used as pillars were not used for construction, but were chopped into firewood and stuffed into the stove in the kitchen to be burned, turning into wisps of green smoke and dissipating into nothingness.

“Is that so…”, Kant muttered slightly.

He already understood the effect of using it.

It was the miraculous power that restored all the date palm jungle that he had ordered to be cut down.

[ Ding… The 10 consecutive draws this time are over. ]

The system gave a notification.

“Very good.”, Kant’s lips curled into a smile as he looked at the gift pack on his retina. His heart was still a little restless, because in his inventory, there were still 10 honor points that could still be used!

Taking a slight breath, Kant said in a deep voice, “Continue the draw!”

[ Ding… system lottery begins. ]

On the system dialog box, the five-colored treasure box appeared once again.

Dazzling light blossomed.

The list on the dialog box immediately began to refresh.

[ You have received the hero pack: James ]

[ You have received the item pack: Commanding power ]

[ You have received the construction pack: Warden camp ]

The first three gift packs were very normal.

Kant’s lips curled up.

He was very satisfied with this. After all, he had never seen a bad pack from the system.

But then his eyes were filled with shock.

And the shock was getting bigger and bigger.

[ You have received a special pack: Double the number of recruits (constant)]

[ You have received a special pack: Harvest week (double the agricultural output)]

[ You have received a special pack: Terrain modification (Lake)]

[ You have received a special pack: Refugee tide (500 peasant)]

[ You have received a special pack: Migrant tide (500 peasant)]

[ You have received a special pack: Level up (Council Hall)]

[ You have received a special pack: Level up (Castle)]

Seven in a row.

All of them were special packs!

Kant’s eyes widened slightly, and his mood was even more agitated than the previous ten consecutive lottery.

In the system’s rules.

Special gift packs were much more precious than other regular gift packs!

This was because these gift packs with special effects were directly affected by the rules. Compared to ordinary gift packs of buildings, troop class, items, and so on, they were very much better!

But before Kant could take a closer look…

The dialog box popped up again on his retina.

[ Ding… you have acquired the construction pack ]

[ You have opened the construction pack and found that it was the council hall (village)]


Kant’s eyes were filled with shock.

So much so that he stood up on his chair.

His breathing was a little hurried.

His gaze was fixated on the dialog box on his retina. He used almost all of his restraint before finally sitting down again. The depths of his eyes were still filled with shock and disbelief as he looked at the final construction pack.

It was as if he had sensed Kant’s agitation.

The system popped up an introduction.

[ Council hall (village): This is the foundation of a village. When you have this council hall, it means that you can build a village. Remark: this council hall will randomly select a kingdom’s village. Please use it carefully. ]

Kant swallowed his saliva.

Kant’s lips curled into a smile. He couldn’t help but want to laugh out loud.

This was really a surprise that came out of nowhere!

Just this council hall alone was already worth the 21 gift packs that he obtained from these two lucky draws. In Kant’s opinion, even if he completely gave up these gift packs in exchange for this council hall, it would still be worth it!

This represented a new village.

A new beginning.

As well as the continuation of a new power!

“Good, good, good.”, Kant sat down again. His face was slightly red, and he could not help but mutter in a low voice, “Very good, very good, very good. This is really too good.”

His 16 years of etiquette training had been almost completely defeated at this time.

But he could not help but be excited.

Kant could have chosen another reasonable area, built the council hall, and developed a new village.

And one in the light and one in the dark.

Let the Oasis Lookout “Drondheim” become the focus of everyone’s attention, but in the dark, for his own safety and faster development, he could develop a new village, just like the two wheels of a carriage, driving side by side.

Most of the time, it was a cunning rabbit with three burrows.

If an irresistible accident happened, then there was still a chance to save himself.

It would not be the same as now.

If he made a wrong step, he would lose the whole game.

Kant, as the leader, knew the dangers of walking on the edge of the cliff very well. If he had not chosen the right route, had the system provided absolute help in the initial stage, and had some luck, perhaps his bones would have been thrown into the sand under the Oasis Lookout.

“It really is luck.” Kant could not help but sigh.

He held back his excited thoughts.

Kant forced himself to regain his calm.

His gaze swept across the list of gift packs that had been drawn ten times in a row. He smiled and said, “These rewards are not bad.”

A hero pack.

An item pack.

A construction pack.

And seven special gift packs with the power of rules.

He muttered to himself.

Kant communicated with the mind system said, “Open the hero pack and item pack!”

In his mind.

The 22 golden cards he had just obtained started to flip, and two cards with a man figure and horn on them suddenly exploded into a golden data stream, dissipating into nothingness.

One of the cards formed a data stream and appeared behind the dune on the eastern side of Oasis Lookout.

A figure appeared.

Riding on a horse and wearing a black linen hood, he slowly rode up the dune.

However, he was not an enemy.

He did not have any weapons on him, and the only thing that could be considered a weapon was perhaps the two meters long stick on his back. However, although the clothes on this slowly approaching rider were clean, he gave people a sense of dejection.

He came to the top of the dune and lifted his hood.

It was a face of a middle-aged man. Looking at the city gate and the city wall, where people were still cleaning up the blood stains, he frowned slightly.

However, when he saw a figure who was only commanding under the city wall, his face also showed some excitement. He lightly knocked on the horse’s abdomen and urged the horse down the dune, walking toward the fortress not far away.

In front of him, 10 desert bandits had already received the news of the arrow tower and were rushing over on their horses.

Kant wasn’t sure about all of this at the moment.

But in his room, an item that looked like an enlarged version of the ox horn appeared on the table. It was wrapped in silver and gold and had exquisite gemstones as decorations.

Introduction popped up.

[ Commanding power (Horn)]

[ Attribute: 1. The morale of your side within a 500-yard radius of the horn will increase. 2. When the horn is blown, the troops will gain a 10-minute “Excited” status and maintain morale. 3. When the troops are ambushed, the morale of the troops will not drop. 4. When the morale of the troops collapses, the sound of the horn can reignite the fighting spirit of the troops. ]

[ Introduction: this is the legendary horn. Having it means having victory. ]

Kant looked at the horn that looked like a work of art.

His eyes were filled with joy.

Because it this [ Commanding power ] had the same origin as [ Intimidation ] . It was derived from the title of the MOD of “Mount & Blade: Light and Darkness”.

There was only a difference.

When it was used as a title, the two would never appear at the same time.

But now, it could be used as an item, as a strange object.

It just happened to appear in Kant’s hands. As a divine weapon on the battlefield, it was supposed to display its strongest effect!

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