Chapter 159: Tragic Casualties

However, when Kant looked at Firentis, the smile on his face disappeared.

His breathing calmed his heart. Since he already knew the happy news, it was time to report the unhappy news. Kant calmly asked, “How are the casualties of my soldiers in this battle?”

“It’s quite severe.”

Firentis stood up, bowed, and looked very solemn.

“Speak.”, Kant narrowed his eyes.

Hearing Firentis’s words, Manid and Joslin also fell silent.

This was indeed a topic that needed to be taken seriously.

Taking a deep breath, Firentis said in a deep voice, “On the city wall, 13 of the 20 Ravenstern rangers were killed, 37 of the 100 Vaegir archers were killed, and 40 of the 50 Swadian archers were killed.”

As the commander of the city wall, Kant was already mentally prepared.

But now, after hearing the report.

His face still started to turn grim. The casualties were indeed beyond his expectations.

With a gloomy face, Kant said, “Continue.”

“Yes.”, Firentis nodded.

After slightly organizing his words, he continued to report in a deep voice, “37 of the 50 Swadian footmen were killed, and out of 500 of the Swadian militia…”, at this point, his tone paused, as if he was hesitating.

“Continue.”, Kant frowned and urged.

Firentis finally sighed and said in a serious tone, “312 of the 500 Swadian militia soldiers… were killed.”

“What?”, Manid exclaimed.

As the commander in charge of the attic, he had led the 500 militia to launch a counterattack against the Jackalans.

When the 500 Swadian militiamen were stationed on the attic, and the five-hundred-man formation was still quite complete. However, when they were sent to support the attic and the city gates, the casualty rate was more than half, almost all militia troops were crippled. If the battle lasted any longer, all of them would probably be wiped out!

Kant was silent, Joslin was silent, and Manid and Firentis were also silent.

This battle was too tragic.

The troops responsible for defending the city had a casualty rate of more than half.

Kant did not feel it when he left the city walls and city gates. Now that he heard the report, although it was just numbers and not seeing the corpses in person, his heart was still very heavy. After all, these were his soldiers.

His breathing was calm. Kant let his emotions relax and continued to ask, “What about the cavalry?”

“The casualties of the cavalry are relatively small.”

Firentis spoke, his tone was finally no longer grave. “10 cavalries, 5 Mamluke, 87 heavy cavalries, 40 Sarrandian horsemen, 40 elite desert bandits, 70 desert bandits. No one died in battle. Only a few dozen people were slightly injured, and it did not affect the upcoming battle. They were all superficial wounds that did not require treatment.”

“Very good.”, Kant finally let out a breath of air.

This was his true trump card.

The level 5 cavalries he had trained previously did not suffer any casualties, and the level 4 cavalries were still in shape. This was enough.

However, out of his expectations, the 40 elite desert bandits, as well as the 50 desert bandits that Kant had won from the lottery, and the 20 desert bandits that he had recruited in the new week, did not suffer any casualties either. This made him feel a little more surprised after hearing the high number of casualties.

Although the desert bandits were only level 3 cavalries, they were still considered as cavalries after all.

These light cavalries formed a group and charged together with the heavy cavalries at the rear. The crushing effect was very strong. Moreover, when dealing with emergencies, they could also rush over as quickly as possible. They were much more flexible than the heavy cavalry.

Looking at the three people across the long table.

Kantian also opened his mouth and nodded slightly. With a calm expression, he said, “At the very least, we have won.”

“Yes.”, the three of them nodded in response.

With an army of around 800 soldiers, they were able to take on 3,000 Jackalan warriors who were at least level 5 footmen. These tragic losses were reasonable. After all, in terms of close combat, these Jackalan warriors were not malnourished, low-level Jackalan with weak physiques could not compare to them. They were like slaughtering machines on the battlefield.

All of them were 2.3 meters tall and weighed 300 kilograms. Because they had sufficient nutrition, their bodies were full of muscles.

They were equipped with sophisticated mail armor and two-handed axes made of iron.

This was the reason why even the level 4 footmen, the Swadian footman who were known for their defensive strength in the game, could not withstand the frenzied attacks of the Jackalan. After all, when they swung the two-handed weapons, the strength was extremely powerful.

It was similar to the bardiche that the troops of the Kingdom of Vaegirs liked to equip the most.

However, the attack power and battle experience of these Jackalan warriors could be compared to the one and only level 6 soldiers. They were known as the strongest and invincible footman in the entire Continent of Caradia, the royal guards of the Nord family.

Kant concluded in his heart.

In terms of the actual situation of this battle, he had won by luck.

If he had not destroyed the supplies of the Jackalan expeditionary force that set up in the Nahrin Desert in advance. Otherwise, the “Drondheim” Fortress would have been conquered and the Oasis Lookout would have been given away.

Most importantly, he had destroyed the low-level Jackalan tribe.

He had destroyed the well.

Not only had the expeditionary force lost all its supplies, but hunger and thirst had weakened them, and they had not rushed to the front during the siege. They also used the low-level Jackalans as cannon fodder and stepping stones.

If none of these had happened, Kant could imagine the situation of the battle.

The well-supplied Jackalan expedition army would be in a high-spirited formation. Just like now, there were 3,000 people in five square formations.

And right in front, there was a chaotic formation of low-level Jackalans. With the tribe’s 3,000 low-level Jackalans at the center, and the 2,000 low-level Jackalans captured from other areas of the desert, there were more than 5,000 Jackalans in total. They howled and began to attack the two city gates of Drondheim Fortress. More and more corpses fell.

As for the high-level Jackalans, they raised the corpses as shields and approached.

Then, they piled the corpses on the city wall and quickly piled up the slopes. This was enough for the expedition army at the back to charge up the five meters high city wall and enter the human fortress to start a massacre.

In the end, the archers on the city wall would be eliminated.

The footmen and cavalries that stubbornly resisted would all retreat into the council hall.

But by then, it would be difficult for them to hold on by themselves.

The best outcome was that Kant could only dejectedly let the existing elite troops use their own lives to fight their way out of the fallen “Drondheim” Fortress, he looked at the Oasis Lookout with a face full of unwillingness. He could only choose to return to the Dukedom of Leo and hide his identity. He might even have a chance to borrow the system’s temporary side quest and make a comeback.

If he was unlucky, he would be chopped into meat paste by the high-level Jackalan that rushed up on the spot.

Kant’s heart was solemn.

This was indeed a fluke. He was lucky that he messed up all the arrangements of the Kingdom of Grey Mane.

Whether it was intentional or not.

The final victor was Kant.

Oasis Lookout.

The southern part of the Nahrin Desert.

This battle was completely under Kant’s control.

“Continue to clean up the battlefield in the afternoon.”

Kant calmed down the bumpy ride in his heart. He looked at Firentis and Manid and said, “Report to me after you’ve done all the statistics.”

“Understood.”, the two of them nodded.

Lunch soon ended.

There were still a lot of trivial matters waiting for them in Oasis Lookout.

Including the treatment of the injured soldiers and the burial of the dead soldiers, both of them had to personally attend to them.

Kant, on the other hand, had more important things to deal with.

The system accounting after the war.

Just as Manid had complimented him earlier, saying that this was an epic-level victory, it was indeed true for Kant. This was because the system had already given the best assessment and prove that he had won the glorious achievement of this battle.

“I’m done eating.”

Kant put down his knife and fork and wiped the corner of his mouth.

After chatting a few more words with the three of them, he pushed his chair away and left, returning to his room.

Now it was time for him to deal with his matters.

A dialog box popped up on his retina.

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[ You defeated a powerful enemy with a weak army. It can be said that you won a perfect victory. ]

[ This is an epic victory. ]

[ You have obtained 10 honor points and 5,000 reputation points. ]

Kant’s breathing was a little hurried.

But it was definitely not because of this dialog box.

Just below, another dialog box popped up.

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[ The result of this battle has been sent back to Caradia, causing a storm of discussion. ]

[ This is a legendary-level comment. ]

[ You have obtained 10 Honor Points and 5,000 reputation points. ]

Looking at the dialog box on his retina.

Even with Kant’s current good mental control ability, he felt a little thirsty.

This was not an ordinary reward.

Two comments.

[ Epic victory ] and [ Legendary-level comment ]

The direct benefits were 20 honor points and 10,000 reputation points!

“Very good.”

Kant sat on the chair in his room with a smile on his face.

This was the real post-war benefit.

If he could handle something today, he would choose to do it today, this was Kant’s usual creed.

The data flow in his eyes started to flicker, and his mind had already communicated with the system. He said in a deep voice, “System, immediately open the lottery store and directly do 10 consecutive draws!”

Kant’s tone was firm.

But the system still followed the usual practice and popped out the dialog box to ask.

[ Ding… system prompt ]

[10 consecutive draws will give an additional reward of 1 draw. ]

[ Yes/No? ]

“Yes.”, Kant did not hesitate.

The system responded.

On the retina in front of him, the dialog box refreshed.

The colorful treasure chest appeared there, and it was slightly opened, releasing a small amount of colorful light. It carried the kind of beautiful light that penetrated one’s heart, as if it wanted to absorb one’s gaze.

This was exactly what Kant needed.

Or rather, it was the system gift pack inside the treasure chest that he desperately wanted!

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