Chapter 48

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Slime Race


“Yosh. Next is number two!”

“…Priest Frank. Please make this the last. I won’t lend you any more than this.”

“Aah, wait. I’m going to repay double the original amount next. Believe in my sixth sense.”

“You say that every time, and I think you’re going to be penniless at this rate, though.”

“Wahaha. I won’t become penniless. Simon, you remember the words of commoners, huh? You’ve grown.”

“Whose fault is it, huh?!”

“I’m deeply moved as your teacher. Besides, don’t you feel glad that you’ve gained experiences that you couldn’t have gotten as a noble? …Oh. It has begun. Number two, come on!”


Upon hearing the conversation between Frank-san and Simon-san, Amanda-san covered both of my ears. ‘Why?’ I thought as I looked up, and Amanda-san—who was slightly bending forward—had her hands that were covering my ears slightly slip.


“It will be a bad education for her if she were to hear your hopeless adult conversation. I don’t want Yuuri-chan to hear that.”

But, even if my ears were covered, I could still hear the loud voice—


“Seriouslyyyyy?! You’ve got to be kidding, right?! Why did number four overtake it?!”

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Frank-san, what are you doing?

Then, at that time, I saw the grim-faced Ar-niisama finally arriving.


“You guys, what are you doing? It’s forbidden to gamble inside the fort!”

Since Amanda-san was slightly leaning over and I was but a small child, they seemed to not notice us as we pushed through the crowd and moved forward.


“Ah, Argo-san. No, we’re only looking…”

“If you’re just looking, then won’t you stop?”

“We’re sorry.”

“Other than those who gambled, go!”


The spectators hurriedly scattered in all directions, and the ones who remained were Frank-san and Simon-san and Karin-san.

Furthermore, there were three Izel fort’s knights left, with their faces clearly showing their guilts of being found out.


“Whoa, this is bad. Let’s run.”

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“I think it’s useless even if we were to run now…”

“That’s right, Simon. Your teacher is still going to run. I’ll leave the rest to you!”

“—It’s not ‘I’ll leave the rest to you’, Priest Frank.”

Ar-niisama was standing with his arms crossed right in front of Frank-san who was about to run.


“Ou, isn’t it Argo? Did you also come here to see the race?”


Argo-san looked at Luan who was on top of Frank-san’s head and then heaved a sigh.


“Good grief, what are you doing? You’re a priest. Gambling is prohibited here, don’t you know?”

“Don’t say such stiff things like that, Argo. We’re finally able to return home after the Monster Flood ended, right? Don’t you think we can let things loose for a little bit?”

“…Simon. You were there, why didn’t you stop them?”

Simon-san shrugged his shoulders upon hearing Ar-niisama’s low voice.



”I just want to lend Luan for a little bit.”

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Aah, speaking of which, we knew that we could tame a variant child by using Cure, but we couldn’t really find a monster child, so we were talking about having Noir and Luan search for them.

That’s why, he didn’t need to do that and we’d look for a variant child along with Luan, I think.

Though Simon-san should have understood that already, and he might only be hanging out with Frank-san.


If that was the case, Simon-san was quite the adult, huh?

…It was just right, since Frank-san didn’t have any ‘adult’ vibe.


“More importantly, this slime race is really interesting. Do you want to watch it too, young lass?”

Ar-niisama turned around at Frank-san’s words, noticing that Amanda-san and I were there.


“Yuuri and Amanda. What are you doing at this place?”

“We went to see it since there were lots of people… Just what the heck is this?”

Amanda-san was asking Karin-san.

Then, Karin-san puffed her chest with pride as if saying ‘Good question!’


“Ooh, isn’t it Amanda? Fufufu. Were you asking what is this? Would you like to hear it? This is the great invention that I thought of. The name is [Slime Race]!”

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Slime Race?!

Such a thing existed in Elysia Online, but Karin-san was the one who invented it?!


In the game, there was a place called as ‘Casino Island’ where we could play with slot machines and roulette. There, the [Slime Race] was being held every Saturday.

It was a race where a total of ten slimes would be competing in terms of their speed, and the slimes who were participating in it were all the slimes that were bred from fast-type slimes that the players who were called as slime breeders did.

To qualify for Saturday’s [slime race], one had to enter the top 10 rank in the preliminary contests that were happening from Monday to Friday.

Since we would be able to tell which slimes would be participating right at midnight on Saturday, people would be able to bet on which slime who would be winning from that time until 9 PM.

Of course, there was a system where the slime breeder who raised the winning slime would be receiving a prize money.


The first slime that one can buy for the purpose of entering the slime race can only be bought at the casino stall, but the ability of the slime is random, so one has to breed it with the fast-type slimes that you bought in order to make faster slimes.

Speaking of which, we couldn’t trade slimes between players, so one had to diligently breed a fast slime by themselves.


Sometimes, an outrageously fast slime would appear, but after winning in the [Slime Race] for 20 times, it would be added into the hall of fame and couldn’t participate in the race again, so one couldn’t keep winning with the same slime forever.

Slime breeders had to breed that fast slime with another slime, creating another slime, but it wouldn’t always be better than its parent, but this system was passionately supported by the players who loved rearing games.


Whoa, I’d be happy if I can watch another [slime race]!

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