Chapter 158: A Huge Sum of Money

The peasant women cooked lunch.

The soldiers also used this time to clean up the battlefield.

The main thing was to properly place the bodies of the dead.

However, the casualties of Kant’s troops on the defensive side were evidently better than those of the Jackals on the attacking side.

Just outside the east wall, the flowing blood had dyed the sand red. Not far away, under the dune, the bodies with full of arrows or smashed brains were neatly arranged.

Of the 3,000 elite Jackals from the Mannheim coast, more than half had died in battle. It was extremely tragic.

The surviving Jackals were all injured.

But no one pitied them.

As invaders, these Jackals had to be prepared to accept defeat after defeat.

Instead of food and water, the desert bandits brought flax ropes, scowling and shaking their faces, and tied the Jackals’ hands behind their backs.

Not far away, Firentis was still leading the cavalry to deter the captives from getting into trouble.

But there was no resistance.

The jackalan were actually tied up obediently.

The Jackals expeditionary army, which had not eaten for many days to replenish their strength, and their bodies were extremely dehydrated, did not have any ability to resist.

When the light returned, they retreated crazily.

Their status became weaker and weaker.

Just like that, they were easily tied up by the desert bandits’backs. They kicked and whipped the Jackals captives to the south side of the city gate, because right there, the leader of the trade caravan from Reyvadin, Jocelyn, he was looking at these jackalan captives with a wide smile on his face. Occasionally, he would talk to Manide beside him, and the two of them would laugh even more enthusiastically.

The leader of the trade caravan, Jocelyn, could imagine how warmly he would be treated by the noble and iron mine owners when he returned to Reyvadin after purchasing over a thousand Jackals captives.

The Kingdom of Vikia was located in a snowfield, and its grain output was low, so its population was low.

However, the snowfield had an extremely large amount of iron ore. With a little mining, one could dig out baskets of high-quality iron ore.

This made the Kingdom of Vikia feel a little awkward.

The population of his own kingdom was small, and in the medieval era of cold weapons, mining ore was a dangerous job. Ordinary Vikians would not work at all, and there was no better option than to buy captives and become mining slaves.

And the main economic pillar of the Kingdom of Vikia was precisely these high-quality iron ores.

In order to be able to mine large amounts of ores and turn them into iron ingots, the Kingdom of Victoria would buy a large number of slaves almost every year.

It could be said that.

A portion of the slave trade on the continent of Caradia was hyped up by the Kingdom of Vikia.

Now, the Kingdom of Vikia had a new source of slaves.

It was Lord Kant, located in the land of miracles. As long as there was enough dinar, who was better than human miners used gnoll miners, as long as trained, rest for a period of time, handling well, completely ws the best miners, strong, know the commands, tube belly can day and night the exploitation of mining, was popular with the miners.

Of course, Kant also welcomed this.

These mine owners of the Kingdom of Vikia were his big customers. Otherwise, the endless denar would not have appeared in his pocket so easily, becoming the help of Drondheim’s level up.

It was a good thing that everyone was happy.

Just inside and outside the city wall, everyone was still busy.

The feeling of having a common enemy disappeared.

However, there was no excitement from the victors. Instead, there was a faint sadness.

The familiar faces had been turned pale in the battle, lying on the sand, covered in white linen, a memory that existed only in the public memory.

They were the valiant guardians of the fortress, and the heroes who held the line to the end.

Facing the strong close combat ability of the Jackals.

In fact, even the corpses of these dead warriors were incomplete.

The farmers who were in charge of organizing their appearances had red eyes when they collected the corpses of the dead. Even the civilians who had seen many deaths, such a tragic battle, and such terrible wounds, other than the large-scale battle between the kingdoms, it was rare to see such a tragic sight on the continent of Caradia.

This was the reason why the caravan of Rivadin had purchased so much linen.

Even though they had already died in battle.

But as a Lord, Kant would never forget their contributions.

Even though they had already died in battle, he could use a towel to wipe off the dirty blood on his face and use the pure white linen as a shroud to give them respect and honor after death as compensation.

It was also a motivation for the surviving soldiers.

Lord Kant would never forget anyone.

… …

The sun rose to the center of the sky.

The temperature of the Nahrin desert suddenly increased, forming a billowing heat wave that spread across the entire desert.

At noon.

Sentry oasis, the battlefield had basically been cleaned up.

The corpses were all separated and piled up in order to facilitate the post-battle inventory.

As the main battlefield, the blood-stained ground inside and outside the city walls and gates was also splashed and washed by the careful militia with clean water, restoring the yellow and orange sand to its original color and the rich smell of blood also became lighter.

It was basically finished.

The peasant women also walked over and called for the soldiers who were resting to eat.

In the kitchen next to the council hall, buckets of lunch had already been prepared. It was steaming hot and fragrant.

Because it was made in a hurry, it was no different from the food from before.

However, many soldiers who ate in batches also had looks of anticipation on their faces because they saw that in the kitchen, the batch of sand gazelle that had been hunted at the end of the month yesterday had already been dragged out and hung on the wall. Ten of them were being quickly cut and skinned by the kitchen knives in the hands of the peasant women, moreover, they had cut open their bellies and dug out their internal organs. It seemed that they were preparing for the celebration banquet that night.

And barrels of ale, rolled out by the Rivadin caravans who settled down in the grocery store, were a must-have for tonight’s victory party.

This made the soldiers who had survived the fierce battle and won the battle look a little happier.

They ate their lunch in batches.

In the Council Hall, Kant sat in his seat.

On both sides of the long table, there were Firentis and Manide who had finished dealing with the matter, and the leader of the trade caravan, Jocelyn.

It was lunchtime.

At the same time, it was time for the two of them to report the results of the battle to Kant.

Because it was not a secret matter, the leader of the trade caravan, Jocelyn, did not avoid suspicion and leave. Moreover, to Kant, this merchant from the continent of Caradia could be considered half of his own people, at the very least, he would not secretly collude with the aborigines of this world, much less betray Kant and sell the most important resources.

The four of them ate their food first. After all, because of this battle, they had not eaten their breakfast yet.

After they were half full.

”Hmm, we are almost done eating.” Kant wiped the corner of his mouth and said, ”Who will tell us about the results of our battle?” Looking at Firentis and Manide, the corner of his mouth curled into a smile. ”I am quite looking forward to the results of this battle.”

”I’ll go first.” Manide nodded slightly, stood up and bowed respectfully.

He organized his words, his voice was filled with self-satisfaction: ”Lord Kant, in my opinion, this battle can be considered an epic-level victory. We captured 1,432 jackalan. According to the calculation of 50 denar per person, we received a total of 71,600 denar. To be honest, in my opinion, this is also a huge sum of money that anyone would be tempted by.”

”Of course.” Kant nodded with a bright smile on his face.

When the Jackals captives were escorted to the carriage of the trade caravan, he already knew the exact amount of the money. This huge sum of 71,600 denar had been mixed with the balance of the savings, turning into an even more terrifying number.

[ Balance: 149,130 denar ]

Just under 1,000 denar, Kant’s savings would break into 150,000 denar.

Continent of Caradia.

It could open 15 of the most expensive and most popular velvet dye factories in any town.

And if that didn’t prove the value of the money, then the cost of maintaining the Swadian cavalry pillars, the armored horsemen of the fourth level, the Swadian heavy cavalry, 5,000 men for a week.

And it was in this one week.

These were purely troops formed by armored heavy cavalry, not to mention the continent of Caradia.

Even on Earth.

Other than the modern and modern battlefields of any era, in ancient and modern Chinese and foreign field battles, these 5,000 Swadian man-at-arms would be enough to completely defeat the enemy corps’main force. They would be like a torrential flood, breaking the enemy’s formation into pieces.

Because these 5,000 heavy cavalry could be said to be invincible in a frontal assault.

Even if there were 100,000 infantrymen, they would not be able to hold on. They would be directly crushed by the surging torrent until the formation collapsed.

Kant’s smile became more and more brilliant.

Just thinking about it in his mind was a wonderful moment for him.

For this reason, he looked at the leader of the Trade Caravan, Jocelyn, and said with a smile: ”Tonight, I will hold a celebration banquet. I hope you brought enough malt liquor this time. This time, I will let the soldiers drink as much as they want.”

”It’s completely enough.””Jocelyn nodded affirmatively.

”Very good.” Kant’s smile was thick.

Nothing could soothe the hearts of the soldiers after the war better than alcohol.

If it was the custom in the continent of Caradia, not only would there be alcohol, but there would also be a sum of denar as a reward for these brave people. However, most of the time, it would be thrown into the hands of the tavern owner and the white breasts of those prostitutes, in the end, due to the various taxes of the Lord, it was returned to the Lord’s treasury.

Of course, Kant also handed over the matters of purchasing to Manide to handle.

However, Kant turned his head and saw the solemn expression on Firentis’s face.

He also frowned slightly. Next was Firentis, reporting on the losses of this battle.

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