Case Closed

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Amanda-san seemed to have given up on having a companion monster because she guessed that the slime would always be riding on top of one’s head.


Yup. If a slime were to ride on top of your head, somehow, it apparently would cause your hair to get messy.

I meant, a slime’s body was mostly water, after all.


“When I think about it, Noir and Purun, too, as long as I’m with Yuuri-chan, I can spoil them to my heart’s content. Besides, if I were to drop the slime in the middle of a battle, it would be too pitiful. I think there’s no need for me to go through the pains of learning ‘Cure’.”

“Hm? As long as you use this slime pouch, it won’t fall. And if you’re good with it being on your head, look. Right now, I’m in the middle of researching for a way to improve this slime hat for a better slime protection. If the slime likes being on top of your head, as long as it’s in this hat, you don’t need to be worried that it will fall. How do you think of it? Amazing, right?”

Karin-san grinned and boasted.

Amanda-san was looking down at such a Karin-san as she lightly shook her head.


“I’ll refrain from wearing such a hat. …If you were to look at me wearing it from a distance, you might mistake me for Karin.”

…Certainly, this hat had such an impact. When I first met her, I thought that it was a big slime.


“There’s no need to be that reserved! Until Amanda manages to learn ‘Cute’, I’m going to finish improving the hat.”

“No, please let me be reserved.”

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“Ah, Karin-san! This slime doesn’t have any eye, yet how could it continue moving forward?”

I was anxious that Amanda-san would be forced to wear a slime hat if things were to continue, so I tried to distract Karin-san by asking a question about slimes.


“Hmph. About that. You just have to not give it any food and put its food on the goal during the race.”

I see~. In other words, it’s something like making a horse go hungry and put a carrot at the goal, right?!


“As expected, there is no other quick slime to compete with?”

“Hm. This number 2 is fast. Isn’t it slightly smaller than the other slimes? However, if we’re talking about stamina and sturdy stature, it would be this number 3. And then, this number 1—”



Karin-san’s slime talk started.

She won’t stop for a while. What do I do?



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I looked up to seek help from Amanda-san and Ar-niisama, but… The two of them were looking at me as they were grinning, it seemed like they completely had no intention to help me.




As Noir cried, the shaking Purun fell from Noir’s head and descended to the race circuit. Then, it ran in front of slime number 2. Slime number 2 was drawn by Purun and together, they went to the opposite direction from the goal. However, rather than competing with each other, it seemed like they were playing together.


“Oooooooooh. Unbelievable, how is it possible that a slime that hasn’t been subjugated to play like this?!”

“It has never played before?”

Because it was Karin-san who said that, I wonder if she never played with a normal slime that wasn’t subjugated. After all, she understood each slime’s personality.


I could only see all the slimes as the same transparent slimes, but Karin-san was able to tell which was which, and that’s amazing.

It didn’t seem like it could communicate its will like Maximillian Jr., but… But it might be easier to be tamed than normal slimes.


Which means, what will happen if we try to subjugate that kind of slime using ‘Cure’?

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Can it become a super amazing slime?!


“Never. Could it be that since it’s with Purun, it received such an effect? Then, what about Maximillian Jr.?”

Karin-san let Maximillian Jr. out from the special waist pouch that she was carrying and placed it next to the slime number 3.

However, the slime number 3 who was next to Maximillian Jr. then went away from Maximillian Jr. with its movements even faster than the one from the race.


“Wha… Why?! Why is it that when it’s Purun, it will be friendly and play with it, but when it comes to Maximillian Jr., it’s no good?!”

Karin-san was shocked. Amanda-san then said, “Could it be…,” as she put her finger to her own lips.


“Maximillian Jr.’s food is the holy water, right? Could it be because it hates that?”

“What did you saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay?!”

In contrast to Karin-san who was shouting as she held her head under her arms, Ar-niisama and Frank-san nodded as they said, “I see.”


“Putting that aside, gambling inside the fort is forbidden, so you’ll have to grounded for a while—”

“Ah–. Please wait, Argo.”

“What is it, Priest Frank? Since you’re dispatched from the temple and don’t strictly belong to Izel fort, I can’t really give you a penalty, but…”

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“No, listen. At first, we were looking at the slime race that Karin managed to bring here and thought that this was amazing. Then, it was just me and Simon who made a guess on who would be winning. Then, before I even noticed, the onlookers increased. At first, they were only watching, but then they ended up getting passionate on which slime would be winning. The next thing I notice is how we went on wagering. That’s why, don’t punish them, let me receive the punishment in exchange. If it’s just a house arrest, then I’m used to it.”

“Priest Frank always involves the surrounding without any self-awareness, huh?”

“No, Simon is here, so my mind is at peace. If it’s you, you’ll be able to do something about it.”

Frank-san laughed, while Simon-san had a bitter smile on his face.


“Good grief… That’s why I’m no match for Priest Frank. Anyway, Argo-san. Since everything is Priest Frank’s responsibility, please give him any kind of penalty, be it a house arrest or a fine or what.”

“No, wait a second, Simon. Putting house arrest aside, there’s no fine, you know?!”

“With that, you’ll learn from experience even if it’s just a bit.”

Ar-niisama nodded at Simon-san’s words.


“I see. Then, the one that appears to give the most repentance is by giving him a fine. Let’s go with it, then.”

Frank-san who heard it then shouted, “Wait a minute!”, but Ar-niisama completely ignored him.


Haa. With this, case closed, huh~

Noir, isn’t it good~?

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